Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Roshni challenges Parveen

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 14th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni saying children maybe good or bad, but mum isn’t bad, why… Parveen says every why doesn’t have an answer, Aman married you, don’t know why, you don’t get away. Roshni asks why are you trying to make me away. Parveen says I m doing my duty of a Saas, why are you surprised. Roshni says don’t do this with Aman. Parveen says you don’t need to come between this, Aman will always choose me, he is a son before being a husband, my truth will never come out. Roshni shouts Khan baba…. Parveen asks her to shut up, else she will regret. Aman and everyone come.

Roshni says I know you love your mum a lot, it won’t be easy to hear this. He asks her to say. Roshni says your mum is trying to make me mad. Aman asks what are you saying. Parveen starts drama and cries. Roshni says you are a professional liar. She says I m saying truth, she said she wants to make me out of the house, she has magic in her hands, I have seen it myself, really. Roshni says I spoke to Rubina, I will prove I m not lying. She asks Parveen to show her hand. Aman says calm down. She asks him to understand, Parveen is lying and playing games. Aman says I know you are upset, don’t blame my mum. Parveen says I was against you, but I love you now as a daughter. Roshni gets away. Aman asks her to take rest. Dadi asks Parveen not to feel bad, Roshni is ill. Parveen gets the gold powder in her hand. Roshni sees her smiling. Aman turns. Parveen hides the powder.

Roshni says I m sorry, I will apologize to Parveen, I m not well and got hyper. Aman says you are so nice. Roshni goes to Parveen. They argue. Parveen says you should have not involved Aman in this. Roshni asks her to do anything, don’t underestimate the power of a bahu, everything is fair in love. Parveen says and in war also. Roshni does shayari about love. Parveen says your love to lose in front of hatred. Roshni says the love enemies will always get defeated. She goes. Parveen thinks I will use your love to kill Aman, thanks to give me this weapon.

Roshni comes to room and smiles seeing the lights and decorations. Aman comes to him. She asks why did you light so many candles, why are you raising eyebrows, oh, it means its suhaagraat tonight. She jumps happily. He looks at him. She asks why do you feel awkward, the word is used in films also. He says don’t use this word. She says we will keep some code word. She sees clothes options and asks what’s all this. He says for you. She says I think you didn’t understand the concept of suhaagraat. He says no need to say this. They get ready. He says you are looking cute. She says thanks, but why did we get ready as if we are going to Switzerland. He lifts her and takes her. He goes the magic and makes the house turn into icy place for her. She likes to see the Switzerland locales in the house. She says its so good, you are very nice. They enjoy. They fall and roll down. Ye haseen wadiyan…..plays… They romance.

Parveen goes to some tree and says I want some poisonous seeds. She chants and says once I become the queen, I will free you Zehrili. She gets the seeds in her hand. Prveen puts the seeds in the pool. A giant tree comes out of it. It goes out of the house by breaking the roof. Parveen smiles. Aman and Roshni have a moment. They get close and smile.

Aman goes close to Roshni and kisses. Parveen drops the black apple in the pool. Aman’s eyes turn black.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Saas bahu drama started like other serials. Roshni is fool. How could she think that Aman Wil believe her. It’s obvious that no son Wil doubt her mother that too suddenly if someone tells. Roshni shud plan something to bring Parveen’s truth out, but differently as she’s ayana, not like in other saas bahu serials

    1. @Palchin
      Whatever you said I completely agree with you. I feel like Saas bahu drama is soon started in the show,where bahu tried to reveal her saas evil face in front of his son and family,beacuse of this misunderstanding create between the couple leads to the separation of couple.I don’t wants this to happen in yjhjk as this show is doing great in trp charts.

  2. Verma4

    Now that was some germination. Jack and the beanstalk.

  3. Today’s episode was awesome I loved the ROSHAN’S cute moment???? they look so cute together. Snow in the house was something new for me and I like it⛷⛷?☺☺?,song selection was also awesome and suitable as per the scene??.Entire episode was filled with ROSHAN cute moment, they spend some quality time together,but now we have to watch the saas bahu drama ????in which the son always trust his mother no matter how much he loVe his wife and this create misunderstanding between them .I hope in this show nothing like this happen ,I request the maker not to spoil the storyline
    I don’t like praveen as a jinn
    I really miss kabir he is way better jinn than praveen ,seeing praveen as a jinn my sis says to me “baat yaha kuch Chubh se gyi hai”.oh man I really miss kabir.

  4. MaddieDaddie9966

    Yaar, what is this???? Saas Bahu drama has started…….Roshni is AYAANA and Ayaana itself is the one who defeated the Sifriti Jinn years ago…I want this legend to be linked to the battle between Roshni and Parveen…If Ayaana can defeat the Sifriti years ago, then definitely the same Ayaana would be able to defeat the Sifriti now…
    Now Roshni must understand the fact that Aman is not going to believe her truth of Parveen being evil…After all Aman truly loves his mother a lot and he wouldn’t bear to hear a word against her….Be it Roshni or anyone else, he would never stand to hear anything against his mother…Roshni is AYAANA and I expect her to be SMART, INTELLIGENT and SENSIBLE…Instead of just blabbering to Aman about Parveen’s truth, she must come up with a WELL ORGANIZED plan to trap Parveen and show her evilness with SOLID PROOF….(Those Certain words that I have written in block letters are very important as our Ayaana, at present, LACKS these qualities a lot…)
    And I loved the Roshan Moments a lot..They truly look very cute together…
    That last scene of the growth of that giant tree was somethng like Jack and the Beanstalk..

  5. MaddieDaddie9966

    I really don’t like Parveen as the Jinn….The real Jinn with a TERROR was Kabir….And he was just fabulous…His entry as the Jinn with that BG music was something extraordinary…His expressions are apt as well…I have never liked a negative character of any show a lot…A humble request to the makers to bring him back on to the show…

  6. Why is Roshini so dumb ??????? Couldn’t she come up with a plan instead of blabbering to Aman . I agree with Maddie ,that like years before this time also ayaana can defeat the sifriti jinn . Kabir should have been here instead of Parveen. The evil look just suits???? him a lot . Loved ?????the ROSHAN scenes. They both look extremely cute ???? together . Perfect couple ????????????. The ROSHAN moments were the hero of today’s episode for me ?????

  7. This show is just goin in the LINE of NAZAR, ???
    The same things are happening,???
    *there Mohana, here Parveen,
    *there Mohana wanted to kill Ansh to inc her age, here Parveen wants to kill Aman and become Malikayan!!!
    *There Piya was saving Ansh, here Roshni
    *Even the zehreli vrish concept is SO SIMILAR to DAAYAN VRISH!!!
    Why is this serial goin again and again BACK to the concepts of NAZAR????????????
    The other concepts, THE BUSH GROWING OUT OF THE SEEDS, from Jack and the beanstalk, while THE BLACK POISONOUS APPLE from Cindrella!!!???
    ROSHAN moments were cute???, but I really don’t like the bgm of that OLD ROJA SONG!!!???
    Gul Khan has this taste of OLD SONGS???, she uses them as bgm both in NAZAR & YJHJK, which I really don’t like!!!???
    Both ROSHAN were looking gr8 in winter clothes???
    And Roshni’s smile is realy cute???, but her STARE, when she is giving DARE LOOK IS WEIRD!!!!???
    She is not able to GIVE THAT KINDA STARE!!!???
    She is raising her eyebrows and growing her eys but something is INCOMPLETE in that DARE STARE of hers!!!!???
    However Parveen and Kabir enact that DARE LOOK perfectly ???

  8. Today’s episode is superb & Roshni’s shayari is amazing

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