Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 12th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Aman wants revenge

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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 12th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jinn attacking Chotu. Chotu falls. Aman shouts no Ada, please please no……. He cries, bounded in the chains. Roshni cries and says no, I can’t fall weak, I have to reach Aman, else he will kill Aman also. Jinn/Ada says I have taken their lives, but I have to take your life at the right place, black jungle, I know you will come there. She gets a glass jar. She takes everyone’s souls in it. She says if you don’t come, their souls will join the red moon, you won’t have any way to get them back.

She sees Baazigar and says I forgot to give you the last gift. She stabs Baazigar. Aman cries and gets angry. Fake Ada/Jinn says I know you will come. She takes injured Baazigar and the souls with her. Aman looks on. She goes to the jungle and comes to Kabir’s form. Kabir goes ahead. Aman shouts and breaks his chains. He holds his family members and cries, thinking about them. He hugs Chotu and shouts. He gets up and goes out of the house. A sand clock is seen. Jinn/Kabir comes to the red moon. He says I will put their souls into the red moon, then they will never come back. He gets the souls out of the glass bar. The bodies in Aman’s house disappear. They are seen resting on the clouds.

FB shows Tabeezi giving a thread to Dadi. She says Jinn will kill everyone, this thread will save you all, this thread will put your lives in your shadow, and your real bodies will be safe in the clouds, Jinn will kill your live shadows and think he has killed you, but this won’t happen, you all will get saved. She says but turn this sand clock, until the sand is left, the thread magic will be intact, Aman has no danger in the house, you have to tie him in the chains so that he doesn’t reach the red moon. Dadi quickly ties the red thread to everyone. They all faint. Dadi turns the sand clock and ties the thread to herself. Their bodies reach out to the cloud. FB ends. Dadi and everyone return from the clouds. Aman was leaving. He stops seeing Dadi back.

He happily cries. Jinn laughs and says humans don’t forget cheat and Jinn doesn’t forget revenge, no cheat can save Aman, red moon will attract him here and burn him, then Aman and his story will end, it will be just ashes. Roshni comes to the road. She says how shall I reach Aman. She sees a car. She shouts please stop. She asks him to take her to Lucknow. He says it will take 15-20 hours. She says please take me in 15-20 mins. He smiles and says then you have to fly and go. He goes. She shouts Baazigar. Aman says I thought I lost you all, I can’t think of this moment again, Tabeezi saved my family today, but I can’t live with this fear that my family will go away, this fear will end today, I have to end the story today. Dadi says you won’t go anywhere. Aman says either I or Sifriti Jinn will be there. Dadi shouts no Aman. Aman holds the chains in his hand and leaves.

Aman is attacked. Roshni comes in between and holds him. She takes all the arrows in her back. Roshni cries on her grave. Kahani hamari….plays….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. In this episode YJHJK has turned into a usual saas-bahu drama, 🤣🤣🤣 where a whole SASURAL will be under danger when their SUPERSTAR 😂😂😏 RaJNIKANT😈👀 BAHU will save everyone.
    I know Roshni’s character is supposed to be a Angel 👼👼👼heart girl❤️😇 while in reality she had been acting like LUCIFER 😅😅😅, but this overdrama is just worsening the show👎👎👎, coz it’s the same thing of the past saas-bahu dramas to make their bahu Mahaan. Disgusting 😨😫
    Only good thing about the episode was Jinn 🤭🤭 🤭. Arhan behl is doing a great job as a jinn with monosyllabic dialogue and evil grin.✌️👍😉

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