YEH ISHQ NAHI AASAN – Swaragini (Recap)

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Hey guys i m back..this is not an episode bt a quick recap of my story as per my dear readers demand…guys i hv read all ur comments bt couldnt reply because now i m writing frm my phone and after reading ur comments i understood how badly u missed my ff and i m really sorry for not updating any episode till now.mmmi apologise frm the bottom of my heart i m really sorry.and thank u so much to u all now also u guys are supporting me through ur valuble comments…once again sorry guys?????????

Swara is living in Mumabi away from her family.she has changed her name to sonakshi(I haven’t revealed the reason behind it but u ll come to know soon)she is a music day the principal of her college asks her to accompany the students to Kolkata in order to take part in a competiton.swara was sharing a good bond with her neighbor whom she addresses as Tai ma.Tai ma tells her hat her son Arjun will take care of her at Kolkata.(swara haven’t seen arjun till now)

On the other hand Ragini,Laksh and sanskar is living in Australia and they run a company known as SLR construntions.(ragini is laksh’s wife).Ragini is very strict and loyal towards her job.but there is something that happened in the past which made ragini change…(yet not revealed)their company launches a new project and it is all set to began in first ragini refuses to return to india but at last sanskar convinces her.

A small girl named Aashi (guys i changed her name )is living with sharmishta and shekhar in the baadi…she addresses them as mishti and shekhar…ab who kuan hai…yeh bhi aage reveal hoga….

Ragini and sanlak reaches Kolkata… on the way back to home ragini meets Aashi and they share some cute moments….everyone welcomes ragini home….laksh and sanskar returns from office…and raglak have a small fight in her room which is witnessed by sanskar…on the other side swara reaches Kolkata but doesn’t find arjun in the railway station.she gets trapped by some goons but somehow escapes.on the way she collides with a man and asks for a lift …helps her to reach her destination safely but he still keeps on following her and she finds something she scolds him and asks him to get lost.she reaches arjuns house and rings the bell she is shocked to see the person standing in front of her.later she finds out the person who helped her to escape from goons was none other than Tai maa’s son Arjun.

sanskar on the other hand who was depressed to see raglak fighting was seen talking to a photo later the photo is revealed​ to be of SWARA’s. .Arjun who is an employee (project manager ) at SLR constructions comes to MM to handover a file to sanskar and is shocked to see SWARA urf SHONA’s picture there.

Sanskar decides to make everything normal between raglak and takes ragini out for a coffee at the same place were they used to hang out during their college days.they cherish their college days bt ragini isnt comfortable thinking about her past so she excuses herself frm that conversation and goes out.there outside the cafe she collides with Aashi nd yet again both enjoy some cute moments sanskar sees this nd adores their bond.DP nd RP decides to welcome their children by throwing a huge party nd sanlak and ragini decides to launch their new project in this party.Arjun who is an employee (project manager ) at SLR construction is given the responsibility to organise the party.

shona and arjun doesnt bond well and both of them tries to find ways to tease each other and in that process shona unknowingly hurts arjun and he gets a sprain on his hes not in a state to arrange the party shona feels bad for him and decides to help shes goes along with him to the party venue.Something happens in the party which changes both sanskar and shonas life to change upside down.sanskar meets shona lookalike of swara.he goes and hugs her and pours his heart in front of shona doesnt react she stands there being emotionless.CHATAK!!!!!! Shona slaps sanskar and shouts at him for misbehaving with her.she further clarifies that her name is sonakshi sengupta and not swara.arjun also supports shona,shona walks out of the party leaving a shattered sanskar behind.sanskar gets an attack and hes taken to advices the family to keep him out of stress stating that there was an improvement in his condition when he was in Australia.ragini decides to find out the truth and confront shona tells her about swara her sister and how sanskar loved her.she even shows her a pic of swara.shona is shocked to the core seeing that pic and she apologises to soon ragini doubt are clarified since shona doesn’t show any concern for sanskar.

In an unknown place 2 men are seen talking about someones health condition which is becoming worsened day by day.soon they call their boss and ask to meet him/her.

A dark room a girl is seen in total shattered state her face is revealed to be shona or u can SWARA yes she os swara….she admits that she is swara and is doing this drama since 7 yrs for some unknown motive.a person calls and swara assures to meet him in 2 hrs.swara thinks about the party and about sanskar the happy time both spend with each other


Sanlak is doing final yr MBA aftr completing civil engg.sanlak and gang are very popular in clg and a vry gud grp of frnd on the other hand their rival grp kavitha malhotras gang is the most worst gang in the clg.kavitha has an eye on sanlak and gamg knows her intentions and hate her to core.

Swaragini was studying in london for the past 5 yrs they completed their civil engg there and now returned to india along with their parents shekhar nd shramishta .both of them are business tycoons and are very rich bt never showed off their richnesd they lived in baadi along with swaraginis dada nd dadi nd swaragini are very good at studies so they got admission at the middle of final yr through entrance at maheshwari institute of sciene nd management where sanlak also study
Swaragini reach the clg for 1st day in auto as their car brks down.kavitha and gang insults both swaragini and her parents without knowing they ate rich actually very rich….
Swara decides to teach kavitha a lesson.their clg hosts a welcome for freshers were all the students are welcomed swaras plan become sucessful kavitha is insulted in front of all…

Guys this is a quick recap of the story till now i hope those who hv lost touch with the story and those who are reading it for the 1st time got an idea about my story… guys dnt wrry frm now on i ll post my episodes so c u all…..nd dnt 4get to cmment….love u all…

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  1. Jayanti

    i read all the episodes of this ff today only…hehe just in time….and loved it…so different concept…please continue and yaa the next episode super fast please

    1. JITHA

      Thank u so much and the episode is on its way….ll be updated tonight.keep reading

  2. Phoniex

    Thank for the recap dear

    1. JITHA

      U r welcome dear…..are u there on wattpad…i think i hv seen u…

      1. Phoniex

        Yes I am in wattpad at phoniex2794

  3. Sus

    thanks now i got to know this is same story
    Actually i thought these are two different stories
    i hope now you will be regular dear and waiting for further parts

    1. JITHA

      Yeah since i update episodes regularly u might hv got confused??jst kidding…..i know i hv updated last episode very very late and u might hv lost touch with the i m glad to get my readers back….love u all

  4. Awesome

    1. JITHA

      Thank u dear

  5. Nice……plz be regular…I miss ur FF so much

    1. JITHA

      Glad to know that u missed my ff…..nd i m really sorry… i couldnt help it i was stuck in some personal issues….bt now i ll update my chappies dnt worry

  6. Simi

    Interesting ?

  7. Awesome

    1. JITHA

      Thank u anu

    1. JITHA

      Thank u dear

  8. Arshaanya

    Continue soon

    1. JITHA

      I will…keep reading

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