YEH ISHQ NAHI AASAN – Swaragini (Episode 14)

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Hey guys….i hope still some of u might remember me…nd my ff i m really relly very very sorry guys ….i told u i ll be regular nd i ll post mu ff on week ends bt couldnt keep up my promise nd i m really sorry regarding that…actually i was stuck in my academics iske beech mein mene course change kardi diya nd a whole lot of things happened thtas y i couldnt update fr a while …bt nw since i m free i ll update my ff….pls do read forgetting all the anger…nd pls do forgive me…
.Sanskar notices the whole gestures happening between swaragini

Sanskar:there is something fishey…Suddenly someone places a hand on sanskar,he turns to find laksh standing with a questioning face

Laksh: (raising his eyebrow)ooye kya hua

Sanskar tells him about what happened between swaragini



Laksh ; (thinks)BHAI….. kai iska matlab yeh toh nahi ki jo kuchi bhi ander chipku malohtra ke saath hua …..woh sab kuch….

Sansksar: (doubtfully)SWARA NE KIYA HO?

Laksh:perfect…..waise I must tell bhai usne jis tarah kavitha ke guroor ko thoda hai na …vakey kabhilyath tareef hai….

Sanskar;yup that’s true…bt do u think she ll be able to survive here after taking panga with MISS MALHOTRA nd jitna mein kavitha ko jante hoon use zaroor pata chal gaya hoga ki yeh kaam swara ne kiya hai…nd she might be planning for something big.

Laksh;oh bhai I totally forgot about it….ab bhagwan hi bhachaye swara uss CHIPKU se….


A car comes and stops in front of the masion.Kavitha gets down from the car and angrily goes inside the mansion.she throws her bags away and angrily sits on the couch.servant comes with a glass of water

Servant:mam water…

Kavitha angrily throws the tray way

Kavitha:did I ask u to bring water for me ….no right then y the hell did u bring it….if I want water I ll ask for it no need of showing ur sympathy to me(pani dene mein kya sympathy :P)DID U GET IT…NOW GET LOST U POOR MIDDLE CLASS……

The servant is still standing there with her heads down and sobbing….


And she pushes the servant she falls and her head hits the table nd it starts to bleed she stands up holding her bleeding head…hearing all these noises a women comes to the hall

Women:wats happening kavitha?(notices the servant)nd roopa wat happened to u

Kavitha:I pushed her and do u have a problem?

Women : ( to servant)roopa u go nd take rest….

she comes and keeps her hand on kavithas shoulder

kavitha tell me what happened ?y r u so angrily…u left happily for the party and now ……

kavitha:ha mom (Yes Its Kavithas mom Sakshi Malhotra)I was happy when I left for party bt that cheap middle class girl she just ruined my day…(and tells whatever happened in the party)


Kavitha:ha mom principal insulted me in front of the whole college and the management committee members….all becz of that cheap girl…

Sakshi: How dare she?how dare she insult my daughter sakshi malhotra’s daughter…I wont leave her dont worry beta I ll teach her a lesson

Kavitha:no mom…this time no….iss bar usne meri nahi balki poori Malhotra Empire ki insult ki hai..iska badla toh mein usse lekar rahoongiii…..aur yeh KAVITHA MALHOTRA ka vaada hai…..(wipes her tears with a determined look)


Sanskar was sitting in his room and was thinking about all what happened in the party

Sanskar:SWARA GADOIDA this name seems to be quite familiar bt I m sure I hv never seen her before…then how come I get this feeling ki I knw her well…cant understand anything

Sanskars chain of thoughts were broken by a knock on the door

Sanskar;lucky come na

Lucky:bhai what r u thinking about?

Sanskar was yet again lost in his thought

Lucky:bhai…..what r u thinking about

Sanskar : (without sense)SWARA

lucky:swara?…..dont tell me bhai aap swara se….Oh my god!!!

Sanskar who was back in his senses due to this stupid lucky’s over acting

Sanskar:abhe…overacting karna band kar….u knw wat I was think about

Lucky:yh bhai I knw ….even I was thinking about the same thing…bt bhai ladki mein dum toh hai…usne kavitha malhotra ke guroor ko thoda…jo sab ki bas ki baath nahi hai

Sanskar: (raises his eyebrow)matlab ?

Lucky:matlab bhai we were trying our level best to teach that kavitha a lesson bt hamari saari koshish flop ho gayi (pouts) bt bhai swara she just came only an within a day she could turn impossible Into possible

Sanskar;lucky I do agree she did a good job by making kavitha learn a lesson bt do u think that kavitha itni jaldi badlegi woh toh aur kuch naya tamasha karne ke bare mein sochegi….waise maana padega ladki hai badi cheez

Lucky:our bohot beautiful bhi….(wink)

Sanskar:aur bohot cute bhi….

Lucky notices sanskar getting lost somewhere he takes advantage of the situation .(kameena…..)


Sanskar:aur bohot bubbly bhi…


Sanskar:aur bohot sun…..(widens his eyes)

Lucky who was controlling his laughter burts out into laughing

Lucky: (laughing)agar ….hahaha…agar…aisa… hahaha..hi chalta raha na toh apko ek din zaroor usse pyaar ho gayega….

Sanskar:abhey lucky and starts to hit him and laksh began to run in the whole room after few min both of them sit on the bed being tired

Lucky;bhai waise I hv an idea


Lucky;y don’t we involve swara nd ragaini in our gang…

Sanskar gv him a confused look

Lucky;bhai look anyway all our gang members hv prblm with that chipku malhotra nd we r finding new ways to teach her a lesson n ab jab swara aayi hai hamare team mein..

Sanskar raises his eye brows questioning him’

Lucky;acha….jab aayegi …I mean agar aagayi toh we ll surely form a wonderful team against her..nd I think both of them are quite frndly and….u knw…

Sanskar:waise idea boora nahi hai….

Lucky raises his collars

Lucky;mujhe pata tha…toh kal hum sabse pehle jaakar unse baath karenge aur unke sath..

Sanskar;dosti karenge

Lucky and sanskar gives hifi to each other..


Shekhar is seen talking to someone on phone

Shekhar:yh that’s right…anyway we are quite impressed with your proposal and ur company is undoubtedly one among the best….and I m sure jintni profit aapko iss project se hogi our company will also reap a huge profit….yh that’s fine …..i ll meet u tomorrow in the office at around 10 am….yh we ll talk further about in the office…ok then c u Mr.Rajnath…..Bye

Shomi:wat happened shekhar?is there any new deal happening in the company?

Shekahr:yh mishti…our company got an offer from ……..(before shekhar could complete)

Swaragini:dad mom we are home…

Shekar: (smiles)aagayi meri princesses..aur kaisi rahi tumhari party

Ragini looks at swara and swara gives her wat the hell look.shekhar notices it

Shekhar:shona……wat did u do today

Swara:wat ?wat did I do?

Mishti:shona dnt lie….we knw u …tumne zaroor kuch kiya hai..tabhi toh ragini tumhe who look de rahi thi

Swara: (monologue)ragini ki bachii..tumhe toh mein baad mein dekh loongi…(to shemish)ab pakdi gayi toh aur joot nahi bolungi (pouts) and explains whatever happened in the party

Shemish were standing with a serious face after listening to swara

Ragini:hame pata tha….hame pata tha ki dad n mom wont like it…jante ho dad I had warned this girl not to do all these….(ragini was keeping on blabbering and swara was standing with her head down suddenly they here laughing sound and sees shemish laughing)

Shona:mom dad iska matlab

Ragini: (giving up)u guys are not angry with her…

Shemish nods.tabhi toh…yeh itna utpatang harkate karthi hai and hits swara’s head


Shekhar:beta this is the time to do all these stuff and rahi baath uss ladki kit oh I think sh deserves to get some punishment and mjhe lagtha hai swara ne jo bhi kiya who bohot kam tha..

Ragini gives and unbelievable look shemish laugh.and swara shows some funny actions to ragini



Swaragini reached the college entrance and were walking towards the classes(guys let me tell u it is an integrated campus and have lots of colleges within the compound and they have to walk a huge distance to reach their college and today also they came in auto becz their car was not repaired and they don’t like to use shekar’s or sumis car )sanlak and gang saw them

Lucky:bhai look na swara nd ragini come na lets go

Sanskar:haan lucky chal

Both sanlak were moving towards swaragini suddenly a car comes and stops in front of them.kavitha get down from the car

Kavitha:hai swara hi ragini

Swaragini gave each other a confused look.

Swaragini(confused):hi kavitha

Kavitha:look swara I m really sorry….i know I behaved every rudely with both of u…infact I insulted u not only u I even insulted u parents I m really sorry swara…I knw swara I was wrong….mein apne paise ke goroor mein itni andhi ho gayi ki I coudnt even see ur good side..tum logo ne apne mehanat ke dum par is clg mein admission liya hai air mene apne paise ke dum par…mujhe tumhare saamne attitude dikhane ka koi haq nahi pls swara muje maaf kardo

Swara: (murmurs to ragini)isko itni jaldi akal kaise aa gayi
Kavitha notices their convo nd ragini hits swara
Kavitha:i kbw u must b thinking mujh mein itni badi change kaise aagayi air woh bhi ek din mein actually swara mein ghar bhoth gusse mein chali gayi thi bt when i reached hone and talked to my mother regarding this matter my mom told that u were right (jhooti kayinki?)air unhone mujhe samjhaya.then i realised ki kitni galath thi mein…infact my mom has come herself to ask u forgiveness frm my side….Mom…
Sakshi gets down frm the car

Sakshi:so u r swara nd ragini..beta meri bedti ko maaf kardo…usne jo kuchi bhi kaha woh uski naadani samajhkar maaf kardo ……hamari hi galti hai ki kavitha aisi ho gayi hum apne business mein itne busy hogaye we couldnt give ache parvarish to our children….bt now after meeting u both i m sure mere woh galti tum log sudharoge hai na?

Swaragini gave a confused look
Kavitha:mom meant to say that will u become my frnds…swaragini look at each other….plz…swara. ragini bolo na….ragini nods to swara nd swara inturn nods to kavitha in agreement….the trio hugs each other and saakshi adores their bond.soon 4 of them get inside the car nd leaves to clg
Sanlak were standing there with their mouth open
Lucky:bhi pinch me …..
Sanskar doesn’t respond so lucky himself’s takes sankys hand and pinches himself nd winces in pain

Sanskars chain of thoughts are broken by luckys voice
Lucky:this means this is not a dream….bt hw come chipku malhotra change so much that too in 1 night,??
sanskar:something is nt right lucky nw i m sure kavitha is upto something


I knw its fr quite a long while i hv nt updated so u might have forgot the story or sometimes there might be new readeraso i m giving u a link to all previous episodes nd if u demand i ll post a quick recap of whatever happrnd in the story till now…tell me ur views via comments ….PLS DO Comment i want all ur love nd support back

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  1. I don’t know why authors put ragini pic to confuse raglak or ragini fans if she nothing to do with the story at all plz it’s a request dont confuse readers by putting ragini pic I thought ragini character has equal importance

    1. Mica

      i dunno what the exact happened but sometimes it’s not author fault….. sometimes TU admin change the pic as the author forgot to put the pic or sometime the size of pic which author’s provide didn’t match with the size, so, TU admin change it…..

    2. JITHA

      I m really sorry to disappoint u with this episode…bt let me tell u i have written this ff by giving importance to both the pairs of u want u can take a look at the previous chapters and in the beginning u can see a only ragini….nd i promise in the upcoming chapters also ragini is having major role…pls dnt be disappointed nd if u like my ff continue reading….thank u for ur comments

  2. Thank God u come….I seriously miss ur FF….In Facebook also search u madly……Plz don’t disappear again ……..
    Before reading I comment in it…..Plz it’s my request don’t go anywhere

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    Finally u come plz don’t stop writing.
    In my dream also thought about ur story ..What is reason swasan separate raglak fighting etc….
    Plz update soon

  9. Amazing……
    Finally u come plz don’t stop writing.
    In my dream also thought about ur story ..What is reason swasan separate raglak fighting etc….
    Plz update soon

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