Yeh Ishq Hai (Episode 32)

Hello guys! I am back after ages. I don’t know how a different cover was selected for the previous episode. It’s still the same story so don’t worry. This story will finish at 34 episodes because I am running out of ideas for it and I am also busy with other stuff. So I hope you enjoy the last few parts of this story!

Scene 1
Anika and Naira help Gauri and Shivaniya pack. They share some fun moments together. On the other side, Shivaye and Kartik help Ritik and Omkara pack. They share some fun moments together. Jhanvi helps Dadi and says that I will miss you. Dadi says it’s only a matter of a few months, I’ll be back before you know it. Downstairs in the hall everyone is spending time with one another, Lafzon ka yeh rishta nahi plays in the background. While dancing Kartik pushes Shivaye closer to Anika, Naira also pushes Anika and Shivaye holds her. They all have fun and enjoy their time together. Soon it is time to go, everyone says goodbye to Ritik, Shivaniya, Omkara, Gauri and Dadi. Anika hugs Shivaniya and says that I will miss you a lot, do you have to go? Shivaniya cries and says that I will miss you too Anika but if I don’t go then who will look after Gauri?

Anika says Dadi is there everyone laughs, Shivaniya says Dadi won’t be able to manage everything alone, just remember that I am always a phone call away. They hug, Anika is still upset but Shivaye says I will handle her. Shivaye and Kartik go to drop them off to the airport with Manish. Anika goes to her room and Naira goes after her. Anika sits on the bed and cries, Naira comes there and comforts her. Anika says I thought that I will have to live all alone after Shivaniya got married but look I got married into the same family as Shivaniya and we were together, now that she’s gone how will I manage? Naira says I am here with you we will manage together don’t worry, she hugs her. At the airport Shivaniya is worried about Anika but Ritik calms her down.

Scene 2
Shivaye comes in the room and finds Anika sleeping on the sofa. He says she’s so weird, who sleeps on the sofa? Naira comes from behind with Kartik and says that Anika does! She then says Anika was waiting for you, I even came in a few times to see whether she was ok or not and she said she’s waiting for you to come back. Shivaye smiles and says for me? Kartik says no for the neighbours! Shivaye looks at him and Kartik runs away. Shivaye and Naira laugh at him. Naira says to Shivaye that he should tell Anika how he feels about her and then goes from there. Shivaye goes over to Anika and gently picks her up and puts her on the bed. She wakes up and says what are you doing? He says you fell asleep on the sofa so I brought you to the bed.

She smiles shyly and turns over to sleep on the other side. Shivaye goes to freshen up. Naira comes to the room and wonders where Kartik went. He comes from behind and hugs her. She says what are you doing Kartik? He says can’t I spend some quality time with the love of my life? She says of course you can! She then says we should do something to make Shivaye and Anika come closer too. They get thinking. Manish comes to Jhanvi and says what’s wrong? She says the house feels so empty now, he asks her not to worry, time will fly so fast you won’t even realise. The next morning Shivaye wakes up and sees Anika sleeping on his chest, he moves her hair out of her face and says my Anika!


Kartik and Naira decorate the store room for Shivaye and Anika. Later Kartik brings Shivaye to the store room while Naira brings Anika.

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