Yeh hai PunarVivah (Intro)

Yeh hai Mohabatein and PunarVivah…. Yeh hai PunarVivah

April 2…
Happy wedding Anniversary to Yash and Aarti of Punarvivah.. And a treat for Punarvivah fans… Is this 10 parts FF of YHM and PunarVivah(PV)
Hope you ll enjoy this…

Character sketch..
Yash Scindiya – A wedding planner..
Parithi Scindiya – Yash’s sister.
Pankaj – Yash’s elder brother
Vidhi – Pankaj’s wife
Suraj Pratap Scindiya – Yash’s dad
Gayathri Scindiya – Yash’s mom

Aarti Chopra – A cute lovely student.
Arpita Chopra – Aarti’s sister
Prasanth Dubey – Aarti’s best friend.

Pratheek Bhalla – Parithi’s lover.

Sathyendra Dubey – Prasant ‘s dad
Shoba Dubey – Prasant’s mom

Raman – ???
Ishita – ???

How Chopras,Scindiyas,Bhallas and Iyers gonna unite?
Whats the relationship between them??

A glimpse of starting episode…
A wedding hall is shown… Wedding hoardings are displayed showing bride and groom’s names.
Both Scindiya and Dubey family were in the wedding hall…

Can you guess who is the couple?

Ishra ( Ishita – Raman)
Parik (Paridhi-Pratheek)
AarYa ( Aarti – Yash)

Stay tuned…
Dont worry guys
This FF is only of 10 parts…
Tere Meri love story won’t get collided with this…

Please share your comments here whether I can continue this or not

  1. nice concept
    pls continue soon

  2. Rashita

    Nice one nivu …….but a bit confusing…….and no intro for ishra???
    Maybe the couple who’s gonna get married …….are they ishra?????
    Update soon dhi……. ohhhh this is only 10 parts…..hmmmm….and yes it should not get collided with tmls

  3. Nice intro

  4. waiting for first episode..

  5. wow super intro and my most favorite couples yash n aarthi, raman n ishita.. im waiting for the update early..

  6. Awesome intro waiting for frost epi

  7. Sorry dear frist epi

  8. Zaira

    The into is awesome Akka…Raman n ishita ????I think it’s their wedding only ….??waiting for next..

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