Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Can we ever be Adliya again? — Chapter 1

adliya’s roo

adi was busy with some office work when his phone started to ring. he picks it up without looking at the caller id and said: hello.

voice: hello adi!

adi stopped what he was doing scared.

adi: ro..rosh…Roshni?

Roshni: I hate having to remind you again and again but when will I get my daughter back?

adi: never!

Roshni: but why?

adi: sita is mine and aliya’s daughter. not yours!

Roshni: but it’s been 8 years! how long do I have to wait? adi, I am dying inside. I want my daughter back!

adi: please Roshni. if I tell aliya, then she will be in a big shock!

Roshni: just go to hell! you will never understand what it is like when a child says ‘maa’ for the first time. is like magic! magic which you will never understand and you gave aliya to hear the magic!

adi: I don’t know what your problem is with aliya but just stay out of my life.

Roshni: never!

adi was getting so angry that he threw the phone against the wall ending the call.

a few seconds later, he felt someone kissing his neck.

adi: aliya?

aliya: how did you know it was me?

adi: one you are so short that you are on your tip toes to kiss me and two no one in this house is as eager to kiss me as you are. now let’s finish the business we didn’t complete last night. is the door locked?

aliya nods shyly. adi wrapped his arms around her waist tightly, biting her neck leaving purple marks on it. then he started to unwrap her sari as aliya unbuttoned his shirt. once the clothes were on the floor, he lifted her up in bridal style and carefully laid her on the bed as if she was a delicate china doll. as aliya’s eyes were engaged into adi’s, their lips met. their tongues mingle in and kiss each other passionately. then he moves down to her neck and buries his face inside her neck and leaves wet kisses all over her neck again.

soon he entered her….

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  1. Mansi

    Wow???Totally loved it❤❤❤Why this Roshni says she wants to see Sita?What has happened between AdiRosh?Does Aaliya knows about it?Adilya scene was hot???Update ASAP?Whenever u update the next part do send me a PM?

  2. Jasminerahul

    shocking that adilya daughter sita is actually adorosh’s daughter n now roshni wants her back.loved adi shouting at roshni.adilya scene was so romantic. this story is so different

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