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Raman again thinks ” What r u thinking Raman eventhough  u have to marry , i should get someone who comes only for short time till i get my daughter. Later  she has to leave, no one will do that unless there is a need of money”

Ishita designing for her friend marriage saree design, She is supposed to send her friend and she sent it to Raman.

Raman was not in mood to check his message and even Ishita thought she sent it to her friend and dint check that she sent it to Raman.

Morning Ishita got call from her Friend Shalini

Shalini: Hello madam, utgayi……where is my design , waiting for that mail till now, u know i could not sleep properly also and u disappointed me .

Ishita: Wat r u saying , i sent u design, let me check, Yesterday i was so tired, slept off .

Ishita checks her mail she has sent it to Raman.

Ishita: oh god ! i sent it to Boss.

Shalini: gaya mera exclusive saree ka design.

IShita: oh god , i’ll send u another one.

Ishita sent her mail from her personal collections.

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Shalini: but this is lehenga

Ishita: But see the color and design , so simple and gorgeous, and its my personal collection.

Shalini: if it is from ur personal collection then it must be the best.

Raman got up checking his mails saw ishita mail

Raman: wat she sent this time. her target is over.

Raman saw the design he liked it, immediately he got message from Ishita that she sent by mistake , she is suppose to sent it to her friend.

But raman was desperate to use this design, but he said he dont want to loose such a nice designer grabbing her design which was made for her friend.

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they both came out together from their houses.

Raman: Hello jhansi ki rani.

Ishita: Hi Kadoos kumar.

Immediately she remember that she has to meet Prateek that evening,

Ishita messaged Raman” Raman can i get 2 hrs early permission evening ”

Raman immeadiately : Yeah please carry on”

Evening Ishita is very tensed to meet prateek.

Prateek: HI, Ishita how are you.

Ishita: I’m fine how are you

Prateek: we are fine…… i’ll come to the point… My wife she cannot conceive, so we need a son. As i dont want to adapt anyone, i planned….. that.

Ishita: So , wat Prateek , u came here to grab my son from me. How could you do that.

Ishita slaps prateek.

Prateek: How dare you, i’ll c u in court, i’ll proove that u r not capable of maintaining him and bad character female.

Ishita left from there and came home crying home.

Raman was opening the door,

Raman: helloooo….jhansi ki rani………….wat happened….?

Raman saw her crying……

Ishita went crying to toshi

Ishita: Mummyji…… prateek ……prateek….

Toshi: Haan bol puttar…….

Ishita: Prateek ko adi chahiye, kunki uska wife maa nahi bansakti.

Toshi : how dare he is….. dont worry…. i wont allow him to take our adi with him.

Ishita: and he said he will prrove i’m bad female and i’m not capable of taking care of him.

Toshi: Ishita , court will give importance to adi words also , and i know he cannot leave without u.

Ishita: wat if…..

Raman heard everything standing outside the door .






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  1. superb update prateek is disgusting

  2. Rashita

    Superb part.. Ishita sent her design to Raman by mistake..? prateek is soo cheap.. He’s asking adi from Ishu.. Raman heard toshi and ishu convo.. Will see wht happens next..

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