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Raman with the clients Mr. Agarwal after looking into the design …

Mr. Agarwal: Perfect , this is wat i need. and whoever has designed this must have done with whole heartedly. Raman u r lucky u have such a nice designer with you.

Raman feel very Happy .

Ishita: Oh !god wat to do this small part i’m not able to think about the design.   (bang her head to desk)

Ishita called Toshi

Ishita: Mummyji  i’m getting headache one small portion not able to do.

Toshi : Ki hui puttur, u need to give today only

Ishita: no not today i have time till tomorrow.

Toshi  Then, dont worry u get the design will decide..

Ishita: the moment i talk to you my problems will solve .

Ishita left her cabin to have coffee. and when she came back her design has got spoiled somebody scribbled on her design.

Ishita : oh! god wat is all this, good that this is just my copy wat if main design got spoiled. i should be alert from now on.

Raman finished his meeting and with a big smile  he came out

Raman: Thank god that u sent her to me for my survival only.

He immediately messaged to ishita.

Raman ” I’m really thankful to you , ur design got selected and approved and asked to start the work”

Ishita saw the message and got happy…..

Ishita : wow boss . thank you and congrats to u

Ishita messaged him thank you and congrats.

Deeksha came into Ishita cabin and congratulated her.

Ishita: So , soon Raman informed everyone.

Deeksha : Veryfast in spreading the news

Ishita want to meet Raman before leaving to home.

Raman got a call from Orphange , so he left immediately.

Deeksha informed Ishita that he is not coming office today.

After coming home Ishita sat with toshi and finished her design with toshi’s idea.

TOshi: Ishita i need to talk to you . come to balcony after adi sleeps

Adi selpt and Ishita went to close the door, she saw raman in full drunked state and she felt bad about him

She called security to help him to enter in to his house. and she made him sleep on floor . locked the house. came to her house

Ishita: Mummyji wat u want to talk.

Toshi : y so late wat happened.

Ishita: woh neighbour  na, he was lying on floor in front of his house , full drink .

Toshi: forget that, i heard from prakashji tere sasur, that woh insan  prateek coming to india and to delhi.

Ishita: But mummyji.

Toshi: dont worry , prakashji uske saath hai he keeps informing me. and i have one good news , woh romi haina he got job in nice company in mumbai, he is also coming back but after joining and working for few days .

Ishita: wow! thats a amazing news.

Toshi: everything will be fine Ishita, from past 5 years u r bearing all burden ….. i’m really thankfull to you.

Ishita: mummyji  why are you becoming so emotional please, dont cry……

Toshi: how i forget the things happened with you,, that prateek my son and got married you to him and wat he did after 1 year he went to US there he got married to someone and betrayed how. and you being a girl u took all responsibity and u made romi study well and now he is settled.  Puttar even u get married to some nice person.

Ishita: MUmmyji even ur son was good , but he changed. I have adi … romi got settled and now i want to concentrate on Adi and give hime good and healthy life mummyji , i dont want anything else.

Toshi:Ishita please think about adi also.

Raman is doing his jog in the park where adi playing in kids area. Adi was surrounded by some goon kids who want to snatch his bag.

Raman came  and helped him in fight with goons.

Both sat on bench and asked about him…

Adi: I’m living with my mother and dadi

Raman: Ur father…

Adi : he left us and married to forigner in US.

Raman: Wat, BUt why… is ur mother bad.

Adi: She is very good, my left us with his family , we stay with my dadi and chachu, they are my father side only.

Raman: very bad

Adi: u know uncle my mother is so sweet, she listen to dadi always and even chachu also likes my mother, dadi always tell that my mother is goddess..

Raman : where do u stay.

Adi : i know u uncle, i’m ur neighbour.

Raman : Jhansi ki rani , son u r .




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  1. superb update poor ishita pratik left her and got marreid someone else toshiji is ishitas mother in law ishita is taking care of romi an toshiji loved toshiji and ishitas bond raman saves adi from ragging raman got to know adi is ishitas son

  2. Rashita

    Nice update.. So Ishita’s husband is prateek who left her and married a foreigner.. Felt vry bad for ishu… She took the responsibility of his family… Made Romi study.. Took care of her in laws.. Adi and Raman met.. He saved him from goons.. Adi told about his mother’s story.. Raman also felt bad for his mother.. He came to know tht Adi is jkr’s son.. I’ll read next part soon and comment there..??

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