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Ishita: Disgusting ……

Raman: Hello, Me disgusting ….. do you think u r the only person who is perfect.

Ishita: No, i dint say that i’m perfect, but i think u r the first worst person to meet in my life.

Before Raman say anything lift stopped at one floor where people entered into the lift.

Raman is staring at Ishita. One Aunty staring at Raman and finally she asked

Aunty : Why r u staring at her like that, there are so many girls here , y only that girl.

Raman: i just fought with her . Jhansi ki rani

Ishita made disgusting face , lift stopped at ground floor, ishita soon she came out .

Aunty: oh she is ur wife… good ur relationship is in perfect condition.

Raman: oh hello she is not my wife , and she is my neighbour…….sadook kahi ki

Aunty: then u will have nice neighbour , always entertainment.

Raman: wat !

Raman get into his car. on the way he saw ishita waiting for bus. but he went on his way.

Ishita finally reached home and she saw Raman waiting for Ishita near his door, When she passed his door he stopped her.

Raman: Excuse me, take this bag and please ask ur milk man from now onwards to use this bag.

Ishita: No thanks, (she show her new bag which bought from stores)

Raman: Wow! good yaar , u have brain too.

inside the house

Ishita preparing her bed  as few more items yet to come , all three sleeping on floor.

Raman is in thoughts and finally smiling as he was thinking about lift aunty who said ” neighbours with entertainment”

Raman finally saw Ishita’s design which he  liked very much and called at that time

Ishita: who the hell are u idiot , cant u see the timing also its 12 midnight , how can u disturb a working women who is tired of doing so many things.

Raman saw the watch and its 12 midnight, and felt very ad, suddenly cut the call and messaged her

Raman msg” I’m Sorry , Hi, I’m Raman ur Boss, and i liked ur design, So, in excitment i called u without looking into time also.

Ishita received msg and after reading” pappaji, wat is this” she immediately called Raman

Raman: Hello

Ishita: I’m sorry sir, i was in deep sleep and i dont have ur number also so please forgive me.

Raman: Relax its ok it was my fault, u no need to sorry.

Both came into balcony where they face each other.

Raman: its nice talking to you, chudel agayi.

Ishita: excuse me.

Raman: no not u, my neighbour who always fights with me i saw her, i named her as chudel.

Ishita: even i have one neighbour like who is very much sadook just for small things.

Raman: BY the way where do u stay.

Ishita: me sir…….

Toshi: are e Ishita, puttar go sleep tomorrow u need to go office early.

Ishita to toshi: ji mummyji.

Raman: oh ur mother called , have a nice sleep.

Ishita : Ok good night.

THey had nice conversation.

Raman came to office early as he had meeting so he want to meet Ishita.

But becoz of traffic she came late to office by the time Raman left for meeting.

Deeksha came to Ishita

Deeksha: Ishita why u came so late.

Ishita: y any problem becoz of traffic i could not reach early

Deeksha: No, no, he just left a note to u… (handing her note which raman gave)…. good , i have never seen raman like this before. ur designs impressed him.

Ishita: Thanx….. (she goes to her cabin, after relaxing she opens the note)

Raman’s note” i thought i will meet u , but becoz of my meeting time and ur traffic time matched very badly , so please carry on with ur work will meet u soon”

Ishita: Thank god Design saved me…..

Ishita sends message: Thanks for considering my problem with the traffic………

Raman after reading her message he smiles and texts her back ” its ok, i know how bad traffic in delhi is”

Ishita started working , Raman into the meeting…….

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  1. Superb update

  2. Rashita

    Awesome story… I’m reading it.. Will comment too.. Raman the sadu has got some soft corner for Ishu…? it’s really cute..

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