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Time flies

Both were little bit uncomfortable.later, Raman was happy with her work and Ishita doing her job and was happy as he was taking care of Adi very well.

Finally hearing day came.

Raman arranged successful lawyer.

Prateek cased as she cant take care of Adi and he wants to give better life to Adi , so he opened custody case.

But Prateek failed and Ishita won the case  as they submitted Marriage certificate of Raman and Ishita to the court, who can take care of Adi better than prateek.

And adi too requested judge that he want to stay with his mom and Raman .

But Judge gave 6 months time and they have to proove judge that can take care of Adi very well and for that purpose judge will assign a police constable who will stay with them to monitor them all the time.

Raman Lawyer: But  u can arrange CCTV too.

Judge : S i know , but i need a person to observe them. Footage can be managed with editing too.

Raman: No Problem , when time will start….

Judge : from Tomorrow.

Raman and Ishita nod their head with  fake smile.

All came out.

Prateek: Raman u were my best friend, and how can u do that to me.

Raman: even i dint expect u to be so cheap, how can u betray he that leaving ur son  with her, how much she has gone thru’.

Prateek: i Gave her all money everything and also my family stays with her only.

Toshi:(gave tight slap), u idiot… u know how much she suffered when u betrayed her, she started doing job, today Romi is in good position becoz of her, from the day u left till today she dint take even single day rest….. the time she has to rest she studied and she came to this position so that she wont lean on another man. becoz of u she lost her precious post pregnancy time. today just becoz ur wife cannot become mother u came here to take her son. i wont spare uanymore. if u stay  for one more minute i dont know wat i will do.

Prateek: stop it mom, i need money and wealth. and now my wife need son, why we have to adopt i can just have my son….!

Ishita: How can u be rock hearted person and Adi is my son , not ur son.

Prateek: i doubt is he my son or not.

Toshi  gave nice slap to prateek.

Raman: Maa….. y  r u getting for this useless and characterless person, lets go…

All came Home……

Ishita: wat we have to do…now…..

Raman: why wat happened now.

Toshi: Dont worry puttar, i’ll manage. u wont be at home till evening , after that Raman will come to our house and he will have food . whenever he need he will got his house. and we  can manage , 6 months will go just like that. so dont worry.

Raman: Ishita is right and maa u too

Next day Mr. Kiran Came. knocked the door

TOshi opened the door

TOshi: who are u . and r u he or she .

Kiran: MY name is kiran i’m lady constable who will stay with u.

TOshi  express “Oh”

Ishita came out from her room and asked toshi

Toshi signed her that constable came.

Ishita couldnot understand so she went to her and asked ” who is this”

Kiran: i’m kiran constable.

Ishita: oh aap , so soon u came i thought u will come late so early.

Kiran: i’m very strict , i like to observe people, who will betray kids. where is Mr. Raman.

Ishita: Mummyji where is Adi.

TOshi: they both went out to park.

Ishita: Please sit down kiran, they will come and u can talk to them . meanwhile i;ll prepare some tea.

Adi and Raman came, toshi grabbed and introduced him to kiran.

Ishita came with tea, immediately asked: Raman u need tea.

Raman (saying no turning his head): s, get me if u have.

Kiran: so u r Raman.

Raman: s, me .

Ishita: raman ur tea.

Raman tried tea, he felt something wrong.

Raman: Ishita come with me, i have some work with u.

Kiran: go go, i’ll be here for another 6 months.

Both raman and Ishita went to kitchen

Raman: How can u give me such bad tea, only water with tea leaves.

Ishita: stop it , i dint do it purposely there was no milk , just to make up infront of her i did like this.

Raman: oh god , when 6 months will complete.


We recommend
  1. Superb update………. bring ishra closer within this 6 months….eagerly waiting for da next update

  2. Superb update………bring ishra closer within this 6 months………… eagerly waiting for da next update

  3. Superb update…….. bring ishra closer within this 6 months……. eagerly waiting for da next update

  4. superb update

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