Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the Iyers discussing about Mihir and his sister. Ishita praises him and says he is perfect for Mihika, don’t know what is he hiding. Soumya says I m Mihika;s mum, don’t I have right to ask. Mihika says you have, but I want Akka to talk to her. Mihir says he won’t explain anyone, of Mihika has a problem, I can’t help. I can’t let Mihika meet her. Raman says but now things are out. Mihir says what does she think, she will object and stop my marriage. Ishita comes and talks to him, asking him to think about Mihika’s marriage. She says tell her about your family, tell us. Mihir says no, you trust me, if not, then clear it, she has objected me, I don’t know what will she do, I know she can’t stop my marriage, we can marry in a temple with your blessings. Raman says Mihir, if the matter came out then… Mihir says no way, I won’t marry Mihika now. He leaves.

Ishita questions Raman and he does not answer her. Mihika hears everything and leaves annoyed. Ishita talks to her. Mihika says this time everything ended, is this a joke, I convinced Amma with lots of difficulties, what is this Mihir’s attitude, its bad luck, why so many problems. Ishita says Mihir loves you a lot, else he would have not supported you. He says his patience is love, so he told this in anger. Mihika says fine, how should I explain Amma. Ishita says does Mihir have his family, everyone is against him, he is totally alone, he has only us, we are his family.

She says we have to support him, I will explain Amma, but Mihir needs you. Mihika says yes, you are right, I was thinking about me, that why did Mihir hide this from me, I know he is upset, he was more excited than me. Poornima calls Ishita and says I will come tomorrow and sign the papers. Ishita consoles Mihika and asks her to go office to divert her mind. Ruhi talks to Ishita and shows her drawing. She asks why is she worried. She says she has an idea, you can talk to Mihir’s sister and make things fine. Talk solves things, not fights. Ishita says you have grown up. Ishita says I don’t know who is his sister. Ruhi says you find out, Papa calls you Jagga jasoos, you can do anything.

Ishita laughs. Ishita says she will find it, Jagga jasoos is ready. Ishita talks to Raman about Mihir and Mihika. She says Mihika is in tension. He says shall I talk to her. She says no use. He says Soumya is thinking from her point of view, but we need to understand Mihir too, as I know it hurts when relations breaks and it needs lots of time, I have to save their relation. She says yes, I have also seen this. They both get upset. Raman looks at her. Ruhi comes and says you both have to come in teacher meeting. She asks them if they are thinking about Mihir. Raman says no, I m thinking we will not take Ishita in meeting. Ishita says Inwill come. Raman says what will she say, she breaks teeth. Ruhi says she joins, not breaks. Ishita says I break Papa’s teeth. Ruhi laughs and leaves.

Shagun talks to a costume designer and the lady shows few designs. Suraj comes there and sees them. He says do what you want Shagun, Ashok will not marry you. Shagun sees some options for Ashok. Suraj says good choice Shagun, I m thinking what if you get ready and something happens before marriage. Shagun asks them to leave. Shagun asks him to remember that Ashok said, he loves me and he wants to marry me, as he values me, bless us and go back. He says Ashok’s words opened my eyes, his happiness is everything for me. I m worried for you. He gives her a paper. She says this? He says its 6 year old news. She asks how did you get this paper. He says its important whats written in this, your family has disowned you, people will question now, if my family accepts Ashok is marrying a divorcee, what if they know your family abandoned you, will my family make you their bahu.

He says Adi was small when this news came, what if he knows this now. He taunts her for breaking relations. He gives her the paper and leaves. Shagun gets angry and says I won’t let you come in between me and Ashok, he thinks I m alone and my family is not with me, he does not know Shagun, I can do anything.

Mihika calls Mihir and Ashok sees her being stressed. He thinks it looks like she has some tension, he can’t see such beautiful girl in tension. Parmeet tells him that her marriage got some marriage, someone objected in her court marriage and now its like breaking. Ashok smiles. He says he has to help her in this situation, she is so sad and depressed, she needs me. Mihika says with whom is Mihir talking. Mihir talks to his sister and says you showed your true colors, why did you send me Rakhi, if you can’t understand relations. He asks her to be away from his life, and not interfere. He sees Mihika’s missed calls.

Raman tells Soumya that he trusts Mihir. Soumya says you are Ishita’s husband and you did a lot for Amma, its about Mihir, does he not trust us, he left his family, can we be sure he will not leave Mihika. Mihika defends Mihir. Soumya says she did not tell anything when she loved other community girl and gave her freedom to come here and work, despite doing duties of her dad. Mihir comes and says you are right, we will not go against your decision. He sits in her feet and apologizes for reacting wrong. He says I know you have many questions.

He says it happens in love marriage, that two people love selfishly and forget others. He says your fear is right, when I met Mihika, she knew Raman is my brother and his family is mine, you might be feeling I will leave Mihika too, I can’t leave her. She is everything for me, I will die without her. He assures her that no objection can come in between him and Mihika. He says I don’t have anyone, but Bhalla family is his family. He says he is begging her to give him Mihika, as he loves her a lot and wants to marry her. Mihika cries. Ishita looks on.

Mihika asks his boss can she leave. He says yes. She starts leaving. Ashok holds her hand and stops her. Parmeet smiles. Mihika gets offended.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. end this parmeet and shaguns case fast and please bring some good moments or happy mihir’ s marriage

  3. shagun’s epi will not end that easily. she will play a spoilsport from now on. the central pair ishra r not given much importance these days. they hardly spend any time together now. together they r visible just for a few seconds. Mihir convincing his mother in law was very pleasing. He loves Mihika so much. Wish it was the same with Raman loving Ishita so much. let’s wait and see wat the makers do to Ishra.

  4. I think Shagun is Mihir’s sis & dat recipe book write is da mother.

  5. oh c’mon, its high time nw. Everyone knows shagun is mihir’s sister and poornima ji is der mother. Bring sum progress in d story. And wy d hell is Mihika still working fr Ashok ?

  6. Its same old pattern of indian tv show… Just simple things are made so complex n a way of increasing episodes not intrest of viewers

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