Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone finding Shravan. Amma says where is he hiding. Vandu asks him to come out. They ask other kids and watchman about Shravan. The man says he did not come here. Bala says he said he will come in compound and his football was there. He scolds the watchman. He says go and find him, tell me when you get him. Vandu says she is scared. Bala says don’t say anything. Vandu says find him. Bala says he will go to police station to report. Bala sees the black car and Shravan coming with a bag. Everyone is shocked seeing him. Vandu asks where did he go. Appa asks who was in car. Shravan says see my new toy. Bala is tensed. Vandu asks where was he. Bala says shut up, don’t say a word, and scolds him.

Vandu says relax, he has come. Bala asks him not to say any word, go to your room. Vandu asks whose car was it. Bala says I will find it out. Vandu and everyone go. Bala says she reached my home, if I don’t do anything, the matter will be serious, I have to do something. Raman is at home and says where did you make me stuck Lord, how to kiss Jhansi Ki Rani, how, actually why am I afraid, its just a kiss, think its Ruhi or your sibling. If she feels bad, she will kill me, what to do. Romi asks him what did doctor say, when is Ishita coming. Raman says tomorrow and gets an idea.

He talks to Romi sweetly shocking everyone around. He asks why are you seeing like this, I love my only brother, and hugs him. He says brothers can kiss too. Romi stops him and says I m not like that guy. Raman says I will slap you, what will happen if I kiss on your cheek. Simmi says what happened to him. Raman says he is showing love, if he did not allow, then no pocket money and nothing. Romi says fine and closes his eyes. Raman kisses on his cheek. Romi says Yuck….. and leaves. Raman says he is strange, and takes Ananya to shower love on her. He kisses on her cheek. Simmi says see him, his Punjabi came out. Raman says whom will I love if not my family.

Raman murmurs its not tough to kiss, I will do this way. Mihika, Mihir and Shagun are together preparing to watch a movie. Shagun says I was going with Ashok. Mihika says when I came to know your plan got cancelled, I too cancelled it, and we will see Shagun’s fav movie together at home. I got everything at home. Mihir asks them to have fun and he will make French fries. Shagun thanks Mihika for being friendly as she does not have good friends, now she feels she got a friend, thanks. Mihika says its ok. Shagun says I know our relation is awkward, you are my Sautan’s sister and I m your to be Nanand, lets name our relation, friends. Mihika says yes. Mihir sees them and says he is so glad to see Shagun making new relations.

They start seeing the movie. Mihika smiles seeing Shagun happy and thinks why did she not think before, if she become Shagun’s friend, she can save her from Ashok’s trap and cheat. Bala scolds the lady on phone and asks why did she involve his son, this problem is their’, he won’t be quiet if this reaches his home. Vandu sees him worried. Bala says I did not wish this in life, and the matter has come till my home, I have to stop it. Vandu asks him why is he worried, about Shravan, relax, our son is back, thank God for that, come lets have dinner.

She goes. Bala thinks. Its morning, Romi wakes up Raman with love and asks him to brush. Raman says just go. Romi says you said brothers should have love, so I m also showing. Romi says get up, we have to go to get Bhabhi. Raman sees the time and gets up. Romi kisses him and Raman says are you mad. Romi says you were kissing yesterday, caught you. Raman says I was practicing. Romi asks him to keep teeth clean and cheek kisses are fine for brothers and he has to do extra for Ishita. Raman gets angry and Romi laughs. Romi leaves and Raman prepares to go. He comes to the hospital ward and says firsts step to become good husband, kiss your wife, what am I doing, will I do this. He says she is sleeping, if she sees me, then….

He sees she is not on the bed and says where did she go, did she go out to give lecture to anyone. He hears sound from washroom and says I will just kiss her when she comes out, I m world’s best husband, she is coming. He kisses on her cheek and says yes, I have kissed her, and is shocked to see whom he kisses. It’s the warden and she scolds him. He says sister, I was kissing someone else, listen to me. She says she does not like this and calls him shameless, and getting food in hospital, and how can he kiss being a father of a child. Ishita comes and asks what happened. The nurse says your husband misbehaved with me. Raman asks Ishita to defend him.

Ishita says Mam you are mistaken, he is not like this. The nurse says he kissed me. Ishita says what? Raman says I wanted to thank her for taking good care of you, you are like my mum, so it was motherly love, I m regarding you mum, she is mistaken. The nurse leaves. Ishita asks Raman are you ok. Raman says rest now, my BP is raising because of you. Ishita says whats his problem, kiss?

Shagun makes brownies and shows Mihika. She says its Mihir’s fav, and pack some for Ruhi, she did not have it from me. Mihika says yes, Ishita is getting discharged today, I wanted to take for her, will you teach me. Shagun asks her to take this one, its eggless, if she knew its for your Akka, I would have added wine, she needs to loosen up and chill out. Mihika says she is not like this, she enjoys when she is in mood. They have a laugh.

Amma talks to Ishita at home and tells about online shopping. site promotion is done, for Diwali Dhamaka. Amma asks her to download the mobile app. Ishita likes the set. Mihika comes with brownies. Amma says she got gifts for everyone and will bring it. Mihika shows the brownies. Ishita says if I knew I will get lavish treatment when I get ill, I would have got ill before. Mihika says Shagun made it as its Mihir’s fav, she asked me to take this for you and Ruhi, she is being nice to me, why should I be rude to her, I have to do this to make her relation with Mihir. This does not mean I don’t love you.

Ishita says its sweet that you are bringing them closer, I m proud of you. They have it. Ishita tells Romi and everyone about Raman kissing nurse and getting scolded, she enjoyed it a lot. Mani laughs and says she was very cute. Raman looks on. Ishita says I did not find her cute, but Raman found her cute, so he kissed her, then he used his rare charm, as we did not see it before, and warden got flat. She says she then said she will come home to visit me. She says she said if handsome guys kiss them, she will not discharge their wives. Raman asks her to use her mind and understand that husband should be like him. Ishita laughs. Mani notices his behavior.

Raman kisses Ishita on her cheek. She is stunned. Kabhi kam na hogi yeh chahatein………………pal pal badein yeh hai mohabbatein………………plays…………….. She looks at him and he melts with shyness.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. wow raman precap tho superb duperb hit hai was amazing,superb.fab and i dont have words yaar.and when coming to shyness raman ur expression yaar.finally the day aagaya which we were waiting.and now raman now confess ur love also.and overall what to say it was excellent.egarly waiting for trm yaar.

  2. i laughed very much alone waiting for 2morrow luv u ishra

  3. Best part of Yhm!
    Raman kissing romi!
    Romi kissing him!
    Raman kissing warden!
    Now finaly kissing ishu!
    Best best best epi!
    Kiss u raman i mean luv u raman!
    Lol 😛

  4. mohabbat hai


  5. awwwwwwwwwwwww…
    so cute 🙂 ramann u deserve a kiss :*
    all i can say is aww <3
    precap is awesome!! ^.^

  6. Mighty sweet….so so so cute….

  7. this is going so worst unable to bear this

  8. Missed the episode… But still if update is so funny thn god knws wat will happen seeing the epi…. Raman is too cute when he comes to shyness

  9. raman so cute but he know everything bcz he already xperience
    with shagun noo

  10. Best epi ever waiting 4 to marrows epi

  11. finally the day has come. but y r the makers projecting raman in a silly way. we need some serious romance. how come raman doesn’t know abt love. did he lose his memory or wat. he loved shagun so much, did romance with her, fathered 2 children with her. Y is he behaving so stupid. if the makers r sticking to this new image of raman, then this last forever. no serious/angry raman plz. we need a smiling and full of life raman. karan u r one of the best actors of all times.

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    so romantic :*

  15. “<3"
    what this sign means?

  16. wow raman that was a good practise on how to kiss and precap was rally aweoen and i loved it a lot and hope it is real and not a dream i really loved todays precap mainly : ]

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