Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita returns to Bhalla House

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi thanking Roshni. Roshni asks why are you thanking me. Ruhi says I know you will bring Ishita and Raman together, they will surely unite for this child, they got together for my sake too, I m sure that history will repeat itself this time. Simmi talks to Parmeet on call. She says I don’t know what to do, Mani and Shagun are here, I think something big is going to happen, they will not accept Roshni, I will call you, take care.

Judge says discussion time is over, get the clients in. She asks Raman and Ishita what did they decide. Raman says we decided to stay together for the sake of baby’s future. Ishita says yes, I m ready to stay in Bhalla house as per Roshni’s wish, we both will look after the baby. Ruhi says I m so happy. Judge says I m glad, its really

commendable that you have sorted your differences for the baby’s sake, Ishita will live in Bhalla house now. Ruhi hugs Ishita and says our family will become like before. Ishita sees Mani and goes after him. Mani asks what was all that. Ishita says I didn’t know anything. He says I helped you till now, I gave you a good lawyer, so that Roshni doesn’t go to Bhalla house, you ignored it and accepted her decision, thank God Aaliya isn’t here, else she would have got shattered, Raman has asked Aaliya about this and she agreed, but no one thought about her pain.

She asks him to listen. He asks how will she live with Bhalla house, she will be humiliated. She says so sorry, I tried my best, the case was slipping out of my hand, I can’t separate baby from family and Roshni, Roshni has kept this condition, sorry. He says you don’t deserve to be called Aaliya’s mum, you just have her pain, you snatched her husband and now this, we have no relations now. Ishita says please, I m sorry. Shagun comes and says I m worried for Aaliya, just make sure that you don’t hurt Aaliya. Mani asks Shagun to come. Ruhi says Pihu will get mad knowing this, she has kept many toys. Simmi says your plan to get an entry home got successful. Ishita goes. Raman says just pack your bags and call me, I will come and pick you. Ruhi says yes, call your landlord and say that you don’t need the house now, I m so excited. Raman says I will come and pick Roshni, so that its convenient for her.

Ishita goes home. She packs her bag. Roshni comes and apologizes. Ishita says I m worried for Aaliya, I m her culprit now. Roshni says its matter if few days, then I won’t be in front of her, I will stay in room and not face her. Ishita sees Adi’s pic and says he would be happy that we are taking his baby home. Mrs. Bhalla says we will make many dishes today. Neelu says all the preparations are done. Ruhi tells Pihu that Ishita and Roshni are coming home. She says you would be missing them, but concentrate on your spelling bee competition. Neelu and Simmi’s cook argue. Mihika stops them. Simmi comes and asks Neelu to leave. Mrs. Bhalla throws the utensil and scolds Simmi. Simmi goes with her cook. Ruhi hugs Mrs. Bhalla and says you are best grandman. Mihika says too good, I got a gift for Roshni. Romi and Aaliya come home and look on. Mihika asks how was your trip Romi, Roshni and Ishita are coming home, I got this gift for Roshni. He says I don’t want to see it.

Raman asks Aaliya how was the business trip. She says it was fine, Mani told me everything. He says I had no other option. She says its better not to talk about it again. He says thanks, I will always be there for you. He goes. Romi says I have work, I have to go. Mihika says you don’t even have time for me, Ishita and Roshni are coming home, please do it for me. He says you are giving your time to them, I don’t care for them, keep me away from this. Amma gets laddoos. Ishita and Roshni come home. Mrs. Bhalla feeds laddoo to Roshni. They get roshni inside. Ruhi stops Ishita. She asks Raman to stand with Ishita for grahpravesh. Simmi thinks their drama never ends. Raman says whatever. Ruhi does their aarti and grahpravesh. Yeh hai mohabbatein…plays…. Ruhi welcomes Ishita. Raman holds Aaliya. Ruhi says I will take you to your and dad’s room. Ishita says I will stay in guest room. Ruhi says there is leakage by rains, you will just stay in your room, lets go. Raman looks on.

Ishita says its difficult for me as well, its matter of few days till Roshni’s delivery. Aaliya says I will snatch your baby as you snatched my Adi. Roshni gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Don’t know about others but I loved today’s episode for all the wrong reasons – Mani’s speech to Ishita, Romi’s indifference to IshRo & the precap.

    Mihika is becoming irritating day by day. I appreciate her being concerned for the family. But when Romi is repeatedly saying he’s not interested, she should give more time with him instead & find out what’s bothering him.

    Mani was completely justified. As a father he couldn’t force Aliya to return but he helped Ishita only to ensure Aliya’s place. He was totally vocal about it. Ishita saying I didn’t see it coming wouldn’t seem real to anyone. As far as their friendship is concerned, Ishita along with Raman planted Vidyut in Shagun’s life so that they can gain Pihu’s custody. At least Mani said & did everything in open & didn’t try to sugarcoat his act like our JAGATMATA.

    I still don’t understand what Aliya is trying to achieve. But I loved when she told she would snatch. This is one character, I am expecting to turn grey.

    1. yes I too liked the episode ! Manis concern understandable . Bringing Roshini with the EMA with Adi and taking this twist to bring back Ishra under one roof is not at all acceptable . No body is interested in their romance … initially how beautifully Ishitha used to save Raman from Ashok and Shaghun … where is that matured and independent Dentist Ishitha .Both Ramans and Ishithas roles are becoming so third class now to watch . They are not justified to what they were initially . It is soo sad to see the Ishra fading from our minds .

    2. Aliya wants to be the adi’s baby mother the same way ishita was raman’s children mother to the extend adiru only follows and listen to ishita instead of their biological mother. We didn’t have any problem with that because the old ishita was more capable and secure as mother than shagun. This time aliya is more capable and responsible as mother than roshni after all she was brought by ishita and mani, the old ishita was a strong women with good values and mani has always been a good man and father. At least aliya can give good values to the child like not sleep with a married person… anyway roshni looks so fake and played dirty behind everyone back (still don’t understand how she getting away with this) , whatever aliya is doing is in infront of all. Even though her motives seems to be revenge driven, Knowing her character she will probably fall in love with the baby as soon as she sees him/her. Yhm concept was based on “giving birth doesn’t make mother, it is the one who loves you and raises you, that is your mother” if aliya loves the child, is able to raise him well then she is the mother just like ishita was.

    3. Mani and Aliya are not mature enough. They are not thinking wisely but to ruining other family happiness like he was about to shoot Adi when Aliya get acid attack and had made huge mistake.

  2. Hate isthitha

    I am just hating ishitha day by day. She is such a liar , saying she disnt know n cant do anything. She herself told to rishini go to bhalla house n blah blah. She disnt thought about aaliya till today. All of a sudden shee is feeling bad. This jagmata is so stupid that she is thinking that aaliya will get hurt if she goes to BH NO lady she is much hurt when u supported roshini n roshinis dhoka. Bt all r only concerned about KGC no one omis bothered about aaliya feelings. Atleast raman is little sensible he is making sure aaliya is ok in every situation. Forget about this RUHI i just hate her she is not at all concerned about aaliya atleast once. I just wanted to c wht this BH n so called JAGATMATA will do if the same happens with RUHI. Will they allow to happen everything to RUHI as well.

    I truly n strongly say no one wants a mother like ISHITHA N frankly she is not a mother at all. May b thats why god dint gave her that. He knows very well who deserves wht. Whatever it is no mother will do this with her daughter. For a mother daughters happiness n sadness matters nothing else in th world.

    Finally isitha achieved what she wants. She is back to BH family. Now suddenly she is showing concern towards Aaliya.

    I really hating this serial lot.. just hate ISITHA N RUHI More than anyone else. PIHU is small so we cant expect maturity from her when her mother n sister r not sensible at all.

    Shagun is far fat better than this so called JAGATMATA.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Ishra are not worthy to be parents they are just obsessed over children. Will fight long difficult battles but as soon as they “win” the child they will ignore the latter and go behind another. Shagun had a bad past but she definitely changed for better her loyalty, love, care for her step daughter is praiseworthy. If it was not for shagun aliya would have break down by adi’s betrayal and ishita’s abandon. She in true sense at least in this track is a mother and gives faith on step-mother step-children bonding even better than current ishita-ruhi bonding

    2. You should think before commenting. Whatever you are saying is wrong. You have no idea what is happening in This is Love! Such as where Ishita and Raman life are happy whereas other emeny want to destory Ishra happiness. Ishita have taught children the value whith are in the right way but not wanting t kill or harm children. Ishita and Raman fight with each other over children and now grandchild. When Bhalla and Aliya will realised that Adi is alive and Roshini baby don’t belong to Adi but an imposer is the father of Roshini baby. You think that Ishita is not concern Aliya, that is not true and Ishita had to look after Roshini as Roshini don’t have people to take care of her while she is pregnant. It is true that Ishita want to end her life but stop by Roshini and informed her that she is pregnant. Roshini don’t want to sleep with imposter but this imposter want to threaten to hurt Roshini and will ruin family happiness. The imposter is workiing and helping Suraj to steal Raman business. You are saying that Mani is the good man and father but he is not. I had read the update that Mani had shoot the imposter to deframe Ishita. But I am not sure who other is involved maybe Kiran, Param and be unknown person work for Suraj to kill the imposter to save himself. Suraj is the one who plan to revenge on Ishra. Ishita save Raman company and will protect Bhalla. Suraj will return to revenge on Bhalla again and he won’t give up.

  3. I just knew that they will make Alia’s character a villain. If it will happen then I shall stop watching this serial

    1. Ofcourse they will do that afterall they cant show there JAGATMATA N great Roshini as wrong. So they will butcher Aaliyas character to an extent that viewers stop feeling sad for her.

      I feel bad to say but this storyline making me to think worst of everyone. I doubt this roshini (vidisha) has given some commitment (physical) to directors or some one like CVS. Thts why they r hell bent not to change story line even though trps r very low.

      1. Riana

        Trp low ?????…There is no trp of this only dear ????????…Ekta’s cvs family had ruined the show and finally this is thr outcome !…

  4. Now to show ishita and roshni mahan they will show alia as a villain. She was the only genuine person in that serial. But now cv’s would make her character pathetic as well. Alia shud never forgive ishita. She talks so sugar-coatedly and gets away with everything. Now no body is angry at her that she killed adi. And for god sake they are the grandparents of that baby. Why is court and they are acting as if they are the parents

    1. Shreya Shetty

      ohh really?do u think its gonna happen dearie?
      well in my point of view,I REALLY DONT THINK SO!!Ishita should never ever forgive aaliya for stealing roshni s baby so cruelly
      who the hell is aaliya,OLDER THAN HER MIL OR WHAT??she has NO RIGHT to say such things to ishita
      for seven years,ishita was like her only mother who cared about her and nurtured her like her own daughter,and in backwards u r expecting an adopted daughter whos now her DIL should not forgive her own loving mother(MIL)for her pointless act?
      The serial cannot go as per ur wish,just tolerate it and watch what will happen next further
      this time,aaliya should be punished much severly more than the pain ishu and roshni are currently suffering for their mistakes

  5. Riana

    I promise to myself if roshni dies i will start watching it…But if she doesnt then i mean who cares ????

    1. Shreya Shetty

      Exactly Riana,after all roshni is just a filter character and nothing much more important at all in this crap show
      nobody cares if she dies and quits,but if ishra couple are to be separated and absent then theres no meaning in putting up such a show which has been a beauty earlier and now has turned into a slug of mud filled with mystery!!

  6. Shreya Shetty

    I strongly OPPOSE all of ur opinions for being so against ishita
    U are all hating her even till now after she has decided to rectify her past sin deeds,by that incident when ishita shot her own stepson Aditya in order to save his mistress roshni due to his crazy and unacceptable actions in such a critical situation
    during that time i was slightly against ishita for her terrible action of killing a child whos mentally wrong in such a problem.But now atleast she is trying to make up for it and u people are expecting Aaliya to punish Roshni(who is feeling guilty currently for the mistake she did by sleeping with Adi)at that point of time,by snatching her baby?
    Such a CHEAP,NARROW MINDED AND SHAMELESS thoughts u all have about ishita?i can never imagine that
    And even u too Niharika?calling ishita a jAGATMATA?i used it earlier too,but now i feel she has got a second chance to prove herself right.and this time alongside that P and S,if aaliya ever becomes a villain then she should never be sparred
    i never understood Aaliyas pain because she ACTUALLY DESERVES IT LOSING HER HUSBAND AND STAYING AS A WIDOW FOR LIFE.let it go on,she should deserve only HATE and NO FORGIVENCE FROM HER MIL(ishu) for her behavior towards her,until then has no right to stay with the bhallas for her cheap minded thought of separating a mother from her child
    And yes this show has to come to an END,sooner or later it somehow needs to be stopped from being shown to all

    1. Riana

      Well i agree with you…I always felt that ishita dont deserve this DISGUSTING, UTTERNONSENSICAL, STUPID, IRRATIONAL, COLOR CHANGING bhalla family…

  7. Guys….

    Please don’t abuse with your word and all the characters of the celebrity because they didn’t want to but they have to do it. As for your information yo will see Ishita explain to Aliya clear why Ishita leave Aliya with Bhalla and she goes to take care of Roshini. Aliya will understand that Roshini have noone to take care of her as Roshini need Ishita to be with her. Aliya have parent (Shagun and Mani) and Bhalla to support her. You should understand the different of family and lonely. Aliya get insecure as she has no one to support but it is not as Raman is supporting her and so is Bhalla family and Iyer. That is both families serve tied with Ishita as they accused Ishita for killing Adi.

    Shagun will take Aliya back home and leaving Bhalla house and will make Aliya remarried. Raman and Ruhi knows that Ishita is innocent and want to informed the police to save Ishita but it makes Raman trauma as he can’t leave wife but Ishita had confessed her crime. Raman and Ruhi will see Adi alive but Adi will not remember Raman and Ishita and even family. Roshini will die when baby is born. Roshini baby will reunited Raman and Ishita. I have seen Ishra spending time together to play with baby.

    Romi is not matured enough to understand Mihika and family need to be together but still be very stubborn to live his own life.

    Hardika- You are grown up person and think before you make the comment on Ishita and Roshini. As you think of abusing them but think first.
    1. When you saw Ishita aim the gun on Adi but did not pull the trigger.
    2. How did the bullet hit Adi?
    3. Shagun and Aliya witness this and lied to Raman and police against Ishita for killing Adi.
    4. Someone had deframe Ishita for killing Adi.
    5. Real Adi does not want to sleep around with other women while he is still married to Aliya and Adi still loves Aliya.
    6. Adi had not behave like he does with women before and how does this person changed so immediately after return from London.
    7. Adi had “I LOVE BAD GIRLS” tattoo on his back then how does it affect Aliya.
    8. Adi don’t want to follow Roshini everywhere but why this person change so suddenly and run around with Roshini like a dog.
    9. Where is Adi now? Who had kidnapped him?

    Now you will see the pointed that I had given to you.

  8. Shreya Shetty

    And guys,please don’t feel bad by my words.i am not being softy here
    just don’t misunderstand me of what i just mentioned.its the truth
    u people are free to express yourselves by ur opinions in this site here,but as much as i am tolerating for a couple of few days that all of u are so much against ishita even after she feels bad of what she did in the past till now!!that gives us ishra fans a shock to know that even in real life,if somebody makes a horrible mistake and then later comes to correct it,people don’t easily forgive and spare them like that
    i do much more mistakes like ishu i didn’t mean killing people just labelling the character as a fraud and selfish mother shows how much u all like to butcher her as audience
    if i say,i hate shagun and aaliya plus that filthy mani,then how would u all react?i also want to see
    but according to my opinion,i still support ishita in almost everything rarely i hated her that’s all
    shes even much better than shagun when it comes to parenting and not raising them to be spoilt brats in this show
    so,what will u all think if i say ishita is still good and righteous and not Jagatmata or something foolish blah blah!!Come on let me know about ur reactions
    i bet u guys wont care about my blasting opinion so just leave it aside if u cant answer them

  9. Riana


    Simmi – The positive daughter who turned DISGUSTING as hell !…

    Param – Ever Kamina !!…

    Romi – Kabhi accha kabhi bura

    Mihika – Confusing

    Mrs Bhalla – No 1 chameleon woman ! ?

    Mr Bhalla – Show piece

    Ruhi – Bichari !

    Pihu – Bichari 2 !

    Raman – Man who always suffered due to his all wrong decissions !…

    Ishu – Educated lady with over positive nature

    Aalia – Daughter in law just in name ?

    Roshni – BOLO BOLO ROSHNI DEVI KI JAY ????????

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