Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bala asking Ishita about Raman’s behavior. Romi sees Ishita and Bala and leaves. Bala says so Trisha wants to marry Mihir and she is at Amma’s house. Ishita says Raman did not care about Mihika’s feelings, he kept Trisha at our house intentionally. Bala says its not Raman’s mistake, if Mihir loved Mihika, he would have taken a stand. Romi tells his friend that Ishita is his Bhabhi and he is with her brother in law. He gets a call from his friend and asks him to come and identify the professor. He says we will meet him tomorrow. The doctor checks Raman and says it looks like he got affected by rains, does he drink. Mr. Bhalla says yes, with lots of ice. The doctor says I think he shouts a lot. Ruhi says yes a lot on Ishi Maa. The doctor says you should

not shout on your wife, she gets annoyed.

He gives her a syrup and asks him to have it on time. He says you will get the voice back in two days or one week. Mihir says we have an auction and we need his voice. Give him any injection that he gets his voice back. The doctor says no bidding, no auction, let him rest. Mihir asks Raman to write, he will read. Mihir says please write numbers well, is this 300. Simmi says how did you pass in school. Ruhi says very bad hand writing. Ishita comes home and asks what happened. Ruhi says Papa is in silent mode, he can’t talk, shouting and drinking is not allowed to him.

Ishita laughs and lip reads Raman. Mihir says great talent, I have one idea, we can take Ishita to the acution, you tell her and she will bid. Ishita says he does not want to take me. Mihir says you have to come and save us. Ishita says if he requests me with a please. Mihir asks Raman to say please to her. Everyone ask Raman to say please. Raman writes please. Ishita teases him. Raman throws the book. Ishita says this was from heart and smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays………………They come to the land auction. Ashok also comes for the bidding and sees Raman, Mihir and Ishita. He calls Shagun and asks her to come at the auction. Shagun says I m busy, I m not interested. He says Ishita and Raman are here. She says I will come.

Mrs. Bhalla checks her weight and thinks she lost much weight. Simmi asks what is it. She says help me, I can’t see. Simmi says the machine is not working by your weight. She laughs and says your weight has increased. Mrs. Bhalla says I m dieting so much. Amma comes to them. Mrs. Bhalla hides the weight machine. Amma brings some snacks and asks them to taste it. Mrs. Bhalla says I can’t eat, I m dieting. Amma says I can’t see any difference. Mrs. Bhalla says I started two days ago, its not magic. Amma says I don’t need dieting, I lost one kg, I eat everything but my weight does not increase. Mrs. Bhalla asks the maid to bring soup with butter. Amma says how will you diet if you eat butter, you have to come with me on jogging after you get well from fracture. Amma leaves. Simmi laughs on her mum. Mrs. Bhalla scolds her.

Ishita meets Mr. Goyal and have a talk. She says I came with my husband Mr. Raman Kumar Bhalla. She says Mr. Goyal is my regular patient. He says I go to her when I have tooth pain. Ishita lipreads Raman again. He says her patients reached here also. Mr. Goyal asks everyone to bid for the land. The bid will be after lunch. Raman asks Ishita to call Trisha and she ignores him. Shagun comes there and looks at them. Ashok says don’t have lunch here Shagun, I will take you to five star hotel, we will buy this land on Adi’s name, I will win this bid. Shagun says Adi will be happy, we have to win this bid.

Raman gets angry. They go to have food. Shagun says Raman brought Ishita even here. Ashok says maybe he is shifting his luck. She says I don’t care, we have to win this bid. Ashok says yes that will happen.

Ishita talks to Mihir and says she does not know about business, but Mr. Goyal is her regular patient and he shared some things with me. Trisha comes and hugs Mihir. Raman tells Ishita he called Trisha. Trisha tells Ishita that Amma is a brilliant cook, if she wants to eat, she will eat from Mihir’s plate. Ashok asks Shagun what happened. She is annoyed seeing Ishita. Ishita sees Trisha holding Mihir’s hand. Ishita says I don’t want to eat this, I will go and bring dessert. Mihir goes to talk to her. Mihir tells Ishita that I did not hold her hand, she did. Ishita says but you did not tell anything, if you like, then go for her, it will be better for Mihika. He says trust me, its nothing like that. Ishita says don’t try to explain me.

The bidding starts with Rs. 20 crores. Raman asks Ishita to bid. She says it will be much for this land. Raman insists. Ishita says 35 crores. Ashok says 40 crores. Shagun smiles. Raman asks Ishita to bid again. Ishita says 45 crores. Ashok says 50 crores. Raman asks Ishita to bid. Mihir also asks the same, but Ishita does not saying the land is not worth it. Ashok wins the bid. Raman gets angry and leaves. Mihir says this land was important for us, we needed it, you should have done what Raman asked you to. Ashok taunts Raman and laughs on him. He says so your wife, an ordinary dentist will take decision of a CEO. Ishita hears this. Ashok says she made you lose intentionally. She says now I have Shagun with me, who was behind your success. Raman leaves angrily.

Raman tells Ishita you knew it why did you do this. She asks what are you doing, see your sore throat first, what company.

Update Credit to: Amenaa_Hasan

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