Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Ishita wants to help Neeti

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman coming to Ishita. She says this young girl is going through a lot, I hope she recovers. He says she will be fine, come, we will see mummy ji. Arijit runs to check on Neeti. He gets worried. Neeti gets critical. Arijit calls her nurse. He asks where is my daughter. She says I can’t talk to you, I m her nurse, you can’t talk to me like this, I have sent the nursing home address to you, please check. Sudha hears her and stops there. Nurse says Neeti needs medical attention. Arijit asks how dare you take her anywhere. He yells at her and says I will kill that nurse. He leaves. Raman and Ishita ask Mrs. Bhalla how is she feeling now. Sudha comes. She asks are you fine now. Ishita says she is better now. Karan asks why did you get her here. Sudha says yes, we can

treat her well in our hospital. Ishita says yes, she will be fine here, we can’t shift her right now.

Karan asks how are you Dadi. Mrs. Bhalla nods. Raman asks shall I call the doctor. She says no, I m fine, I have troubled you all. Ishita says we are only because of you. Yug says I hate tears. They all laugh. Mr. Bhalla and Raman joke. They have a fun talk. Mrs. Bhalla says Mr. Bhalla is my superstar. Nurse says physiotherapist will come in some time, any two people can stay with her here. Ishita says Raman and I will stay here. Mrs. Bhall asks everyone to go home. Ruhi and everyone insist Mr. Bhalla to go home. They all leave. Arijit comes there to meet Neeti. He sees Bhallas coming. He gets shocked. He goes aside and hides. Karan sees him from far and says Arijit, or someone else…. Ruhi calls Karan to come soon. Karan goes. Arijit asks for Neeti and goes. He sees Neeti. He scolds the nurse for not answering his calls. He asks how did you bring my daughter here without my permission. Doctor says calm down, thank her, she got her here on time, else the seizure effects would be worse, she is fine, don’t worry. Arijit cries and thanks the doctor.

Arijit says so sorry Neeti, do whatever you want, take my daughter out of here right now. Sunil asks what shall I do now, where shall I go, I can’t leave Natasha this way, who is blackmailing me. He sees the building secretary at the door. The man says Natasha is calling me to convey you her message, she wants to talk to you, you didn’t go to arrange her bail, you have switched your phone, just go and meet her. Sunil says yes.

The nurse says Neeti needs medical attention. Arijit says I will decide it, just do as I say, I don’t like this, I m asking you to shift Neeti back to home. She says fine, go and talk to the doctor, take her home. He says you will get her discharged from here. She says you have a problem, you talk to the doctor. He shouts. Neeti screams and bites her lips. Arijit says just make her open her mouth. The nurse goes to call the doctor. Ruhi calls Raman and says you need to talk to the supplier right now, he wants advance payment, I will be here to help you on conference call. Raman says fine. He goes aside. Ishita says I will also take a short break. The nurse asks is there any dentist on duty, my patient got injury on her gums. Ishita says I m a dentist, I can help. Arijit asks Neeti to relax, nothing will happen, relax. Ishita asks may I know what happened to her, tell me her diagnosis properly. Arijit hears Ishita.

He gets shocked. Ishita asks how did she hurt herself. Arijit says what is Ishita doing here, there will be a problem if she knows I m here. He makes Neeti open her mouth and keeps his hand. She bites his hand. He bears the pain. He says I have to do something. Nurse says I will get medical gloves for you. The nurse and Ishita come in. Arijit hides. Ishita says why is she alone here. The nurse says no, her dad was here. Ishita says how could you leave her alone. She says calm down Neeti, I m here to help, open your eyes, I m a doctor, I came to help you, look I m not touching you, I m going away, fine, your nurse is standing beside you, she will help you. The nurse says open your eyes, doctor is standing away. Ishita says I have a small daughter, she isa good girl, you are also a good girl, listen to me, open your mouth, you are hurting yourself. Neeti calms down.

Ishita says apply ice on her gums. The nurse does so. Doctor comes and checks Neeti. He thanks Ishita for bringing Neeti under control. He says Neeti can’t respond in front of any stranger, can you go out. Arijit says when Neeti needed me the most, I wasn’t with her, Ishita is responsible for this.
Aaliya says what is Neeti’s full name. Raman says I don’t know. Aaliya says I heard her name somewhere. Ishita sees someone going to Neeti’s room. She goes in to see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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