Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mr. Bhalla and Appa letting their wives compete and just being silent watchers. Sujata talks to Subbu and says Simmi will come to discuss case. He says I will leave, ask her about Ananya. She asks him to have food and also meet Ananya, she is great kid. He says I know, but Mrs. Bhalla is annoyed, knowing my and Ishita’s past, I should not meet Simmi, I don’t want to create issues for Ishita. Ishita talks to Mihika about stopping Subbu from coming here and meeting Ananya, as Parmeet has spoken ill about Simmi. Sujata says I found out that Parmeet is not a good man, she will expose him and make Simmi free.

Subbu says yes, he is not good, Simmi deserves someone better. Adi asks Ishita and Mihika to get ready. He gives her flowers and says dad messaged me to give this to you. Ishita smiles and recalls Raman. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays………… She says this is so sweet. Mihika says he has sent Adi with gajras, like father, like son.

Amma gets ready in western outfit and comes, looking tall and slim. She asks Adi to say who is looking good, western looks good on tall people, not round. Mrs. Bhalla argues. Amma laughs. Ruhi compliments Amma. Mrs. Bhalla asks Adi to say. Adi says I will go washroom and all men laugh. She insists and asks him to say. Amma says he does not wish to hurt your feelings. Mrs. Bhalla says he is not saying, as you are outsider. Adi says they have to agree. Ishita comes with Mihika. Adi says Ishita is looking the best. She says lets go now. Adi asks Simmi why is she not ready. Simmi says Ananya is not well, and asks them to go, she spoke to doctor.

Bala says he can’t come, Vandu messaged me to come for doctor checkup. Appa says take Shravan, we will take Vandu. Mrs. Bhalla jokes. Bala asks Amma to let it go, intelligent people speak less, and sends her. Parmeet comes to meet Sujata and Subbu. Sujata asks what is he doing here. Parmeet goes inside the house. She asks him to come at office.

Parmeet says your son in law’s elder brother is married to my wife’s sister in law, so we are relatives. Subbu asks him to go, as he is warning human rights lawyer, police will not sympathy. Parmeet says don’t teach me law, and says Subbu lost his wife and child, and trapping my wife. He argues and Subbu asks him to get lost. Parmeet says he is warning him. He leaves. Sujata says he wanted to provoke you to beat him, so that he can file case on you, Ishita stopped you from meeting Simmi for this matter, I will fight this case now, I promised Ishita.

Romi and Rinki are leaving. Mihir comes getting ready in red clothes, and she tells Romi that Mihir and Mihika were replaced in last minute. Mihir says Adi came later and took him in that role. He says he is wearing red shirt as Karishma gifted him. Rinki asks Romi to start bike. Romi says its not working. He says lets go in Mihir’s car, don’t do drama. They leave with Mihir.

Simmi calls doctor and says about Ananya’s state. She asks Neelu to take care, she will get medicine, don’t call anyone. She leaves. Everyone see Adi’s movie and like it. Ishita smiles and recalls some old moments. Dil kahin rukta nahi…………plays…………. Adi says so this was my dad and Ishita aunty’s unique love story. Everyone clap for him. Adi gets glad and jumps.

Ishita gets call from Neelu, who tells about Ananya’s vomiting and fever, and asks her to come soon. Ishita says we will come soon and tells Mrs. Bhalla. Simmi comes and sees Parmeet blocking her way. He argues with her and she asks him to go. He says Sujata is warning her and checking his business, he will kill her and her family. She asks him to talk to lawyer. He takes her inside. Simmi asks Neelu to call police and he stops her. Simmi asks him to be away from Ananya and he raises hand to slap. Subbu comes and holds his hand.

Subbu says don’t touch her and pushes him on the sofa. Simmi holds Subbu and cries. Parmeet says so it means she called her lover. He asks Subbu not to come in between. Subbu asks him not to take law in his hands, he is not anyone’s lover, its bad thinking of his bad mind. Parmeet says he came to meet Ananya. Subbu stops him and asks how can he raise hand on woman. Subbu and Parmeet fight. Ishita asks them to stop and asks Parmeet why did he come, can’t he see Ananya getting scared. Romi holds Parmeet’s collar. Mr. Bhalla says leave him Romi and asks Parmeet to get lost.

Parmeet says he will not leave Ananya. Subbu asks him to go, else he will bring court order today to make him stay away. Subbu tells everything about Parmeet coming to warn Sujata, he called them and could not connect, so he came home to say and saw Parmeet raising hand on Simmi. He says he will call his doctor friend, as he can’t take chance with kids, Ananya will be fine. Mrs. Bhalla cries and looks at him. Subbu calls his friends. Simmi hugs Ananya and cries. Ishita sees Subbu being tensed for Ananya.

Subbu talks to doctor and gets double sure about Ananya. Mrs. Bhalla hears them talking and cries, being regretful of keeping him away from their home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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