Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla coming to talk to Simmi. Simmi rests in darkness and asks her not to switch on the lights. Simmi cries and says how can I sleep, my life got ruined, my husband got kicked out of this house because of that woman, she came few days back but she fired my life, they have beaten Parmeet and sent him to jail, no one told anything, everyone simply saw my life getting ruined. Simmi says we are liars so you go to Ishita, why did you come to me. She says we got ruined. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t say this, I can understand your pain, she is bahu but you are my daughter, don’t do this, come with me and have food.

Simmi says no, I can’t see Ishita’s face. Mrs. Bhalla says this house is yours. Simmi says leave me alone, just go. Mrs. Bhalla leaves. Simmi says let me be in darkness. Mrs. Bhalla stops and says I won’t have food till you have food. Simmi gets a call and is shocked. Mr. Bhalla asks how is Simmi. Mrs. Bhalla says she is crying a lot, this happened because of that Ishita. He says how can you blame her, she saved Simmi. Mrs. Bhalla says saved? Ruining her house. Raman says ruining her house? He was a bad man, he molested women, how can Simmi stay with such a man. Mrs. Bhalla says Simmi can’t stop loving him in one day.

Mrs. Bhalla scolds Raman for sending Parmeet to jail, acting as a hero, not thinking about Simmi. She says you are breaking limits like Ishita. Raman says this is the limit, you are a woman and saying this. Simmi comes. Mrs. Bhalla says have food. Raman says Simmi see….. Simmi says no, give me some time, we will end it here, I m going out. Mrs. Bhalla says I will also come. Simmi says leave me alone. Mr. Bhalla says let her go, she has fight with her pain alone, give her some time. Simmi leaves.

Raman says I m also worried about Simmi, don’t know what will happen. Mr. Bhalla says her heart broke, she will understand she loved a wrong man, I m proud of you, you did the right thing, bring Ishita back. Raman asks why, where did she go. Romi says Ishita went her home. Mr. Bhalla says her respect got hurt, she will not come back, you punished Parmeet but did you tell any love words to her. Raman says I did all this for her, she does not understand, foolish woman, don’t understand, let her be there at her dad’s house.

Mr. Bhalla says Romi she won’t come if you ask her. Romi says I will try to bring her. Ishita says Romi why are saying me sorry. I felt Raman did right and I felt good. But what he told Bala, I heard it. Romi says forget it and come home please. He requests her. She says I m sorry I won’t come, you go home. Bala sees Romi. Romi packs his bag and says I m going to stay at Ishita’s house to support her, but I can’t eat idli sambar, but its fine, I committed. Raman says I will slap you, stop this madness. Romi says then you go and bring her. Raman says I can’t do anything, I did a lot. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to apologize to Ishita and bring her. Raman says no, I won’t go.

Mr. Bhalla says do you think she will come, fine I will go and bring her. Raman says what is this. Romi goes back to his room. Ishita says Papa ji please don’t do this. Mr. Bhalla apologizes to her and praises Raman. He says Raman has hurt your heart, we shoukd have understood and supported you, but we thought about our daughter and son in law. Amma says you were silent when she was being blamed, we can’t forgive you, do you think she will forget. Mr. Bhalla says that’s her house. Amma says she won’t go. Appa asks Amma to go inside. Ishita says its hard for me to go there.

She says I was confused to say this to you all or not. She says I did justice with me, but Simmi’s house broke. Mr. Bhalla says I understand, you feel about others, don’t be ashamed, we are ashamed. He says I can only apologize, your wish. Ruhi and Shravan fight. Shravan tells about Raman and Ishita’s fight so she came to stay at Amma’s house. Ruhi says you are a liar, my dad did not do this. Ruhi says I will ask my dad and leaves. Raman is angry as Ishita did not listen to his dad and insulted him by not coming.

Mr. Bhalla defends her and says she was not insulted by pointing on her character. Ruhi asks Raman did you kick out Ishita out of house, Shravan said you are bad. Raman says no, he is lying. Ruhi asks she went being angry right. She asks Mr. Bhalla to scold Raman. Mr. Bhalla says Ishita is annoyed. Romi says she said she will come only if Raman apologize. Ruhi says woman want attention and ask Raman to go and bring her back. Raman agrees and goes to Ishita.

Raman comes to meet Ishita and everyone look at him. Bala says have food Raman. Raman says thanks Bala, I m not hungry. Raman says Ishita I want to talk to you. Ishita says I won’t go there, you all have kicked me out and you did not stop me. He holds her hand and says come with me. He says you all have food, you might be hungry, I m talking to my wife so please don’t disturb. They come in a room. Kabhi kam na hogi ye chahatein……………….plays…………….. Raman says Ishita I m really sorry. Raman says I know I did wrong, I was stuck between sister and wife. I know you were right, but this is no excuse, the thing is I brought you in my home as Ruhi’s mum and you always protected her, but I could not protect you, I would be never forgive myself, but if possible you forgive me. He says I will go now. She says going home? He says yes. She says alone? He looks at her. She says will you not take me along. Raman smiles. He says its good you agreed, I did not had anything to say, I would have got punished by Ruhi. She would have made me sit like a cock. Now lets go home. Ishita laughs. She holds his hand and says thank you. They smile. Hasne laga sehra…………….plays…………… They both hold their ears and apologize to each other. Raman smiles. He signs lets go. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays………….They leave.

Simmi meets Parmeet in jail. He asks her to stay in the house and act normal. She says I hate Ishita. He says fine, but don’t show her. He asks will you what I say, promise? She says promise and cries.

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  1. Did anybody watch this serial? Should see how BIG Simmi looks in front of Raman. Bechara Raman size main ekdum bachchu lagta hai uske samne.. LOL

  2. pandra im in ur side!!!ur so great omo buge ama madun ebihishu vaa maralaashun(sorry thats my language bangladhesh)

  3. So cute couple nice smile of Raman soooooo cute ruhi . It’s because of simmi like wives the crimes are increasing day by day.Carey Yaar some one give a slap to that simmi.


  4. heyy everyone!! dont u think that raman is a bit old now??he has big mustache

    1. what the hell? raman looks only 8 yrs to mee…if anyoneelse agrees with me write a reply to this for me ok …..pandra be in ur size!!!:c

    2. hello !! so utr there too …i was reading this too hehehe….oh !no need to be that angry btw im in my size wear 23 size shoes:p eeeww raman 8 yrs??then i am i newborn child!!LOL TRISHA!

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