Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th April 2014 Written Update

Ruhi says she will sleep with her parents today like in TV. Ishita looks at Raman. Raman gestures her, no choice. Ruhi ties Raman’s legs saying Ishita told her he kicks in night. Raman looks at Ishita and asks if he kicks. Ishita smiles. Ruhi tells Ishita they are safe now and they will sleep in one line now. Raman starts coughing. Ruhi tells Ishita to cover Raman with the blanket as well. They all sleep. Raman turns off the lights. All look at each other. Raman and Ishita turn away their faces. Both then look at Ruhi and smile. Title song plays in the background. Ruhi takes their hands and they sleep holding each others hand.

Ashok tries to be romantic with Shagun, but she is upset and avoids him. He asks her if she brought Adi’s book. She says she couldn’t find them. He enquires about the store and then shows her a DVD saying she went to Raman’s house. It’s Raman and Ishita’s marriage DVD. Shagun gets angry. She says Romi gave her by mistake. Ashok says, you still went there without telling me. You got insulted because you lost? Shagun says she doesn’t want to discuss all that. She’s having a headache. She sleeps.

Trisha is sleeping besides Mihika. In middle of night, Mihika gets scared. Trisha says she is not used to sleep alone and requests her to let her sleep there. Mihika lets her. Trisha starts talking that she didn’t believe in arranged-marriage, but after meeting Mihir, her view changed. She says many girls must be crazy behind him and she starts praising him. Mihika tries to ignore her. Trisha suddenly says she thinks she is in love with him. Mihika gets shocked. She asks her she fell in love that fast? Trisha says yes and maybe he loves me as well. Mihika goes back to sleep. Trisha doesn’t stop praising Mihir and tells Mihika about the time that they spent together. She says it’s a yes from her for the marriage. Mihika has tears in her eyes.

Raman and Ishita wake up in middle of night and both smile holding each others hand. Ishita gets up from the bed. Raman unties his legs and follows her with that cloth. Raman grabs her with that cloth and hugs her tightly from behind. A romantic song plays in the background. Ishita tries to run away, but Raman pulls her and now hugs her with his hands. Both get romantic. It turns out to be Shagun’s dream (nightmare). She gets up and looks at the DVD. She says this can’t be possible. Raman and Ishita can’t be happy. Ruhi opens her eyes and says she has only one wish that her parents always stay together and happy. She prays to the God to fulfill her wish.

It’s morning now. All three are still holding their hands. Raman is still coughing. Ishita says he’s so stubborn, kept coughing whole night and didn’t drink Kada.

Ishita receives a call from Bala. He tells her she forgot to pay insurance money again. Ishita says she can’t remember all this. She decides to meet him and give him the cheque, so he can handle everything for her.

Ruhi is sleeping hugging Raman. Raman wakes up and wonders why he has pain in his throat.

Romi plans to meet the professor (Bala) with his friends. Both Ishita and Romi leave. Romi’s bike doesn’t start. She asks him where he’s going. He says he’s going to his friend’s house for studies. She says she will drop him.

Ishita asks Romi is there any problem in college,, Mihika told me that you were worried. Romi says no, everything is fine, Mihika is very sweet. Ishita asks about his future, job or studies. He says I will see after my exams. She asks him his fav subject. He says everyone. Romi thinks to leave else she will ask more questions. Ishita gets a call from Bala and says I m reaching in 10 mins. Romi says I will drop here, my friend messaged me he will meet me here. He says thanks and gets down the car. She says study well, all the best. Romi says this woman asked so many questions, he takes an auto from there.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman what happened. Raman is unable to talk because of bad throat. She says you got wet in the rains, what the need, you know you catch cold so soon. Mihir comes and greets her. She says look at Raman, his voice is muted, he is talking by signs. Mihir tells Raman about the auction. Raman says am I having fun doing this. Mrs. Bhalla says he will be fine, don’t worry. Mihir says you have to be in power. She says he won’t be able to speak till two days. Mihir says we have bidding, we need his voice. He says what will we do now. Ruhi asks Raman is your voice go, how will you talk to me now, by writing? Raman talks to her by signs. He kisses her smiling.

Mihir says we will take him to doctor. Ishita meets Bala and thanks him for reminding her about insurance. Bala says I came here to meet some bad guys of the college, sit till they come. Romi comes with his friends there to meet Romi. Bala asks her about Raman’s behavior. Ishita laughs. Romi is shocked seeing Bala with Ishita.

Ashok tells Raman that he will buy the land and no one can win this bid. He tells Shagun they will buy the land on Adi’s name.

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