Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Raman catches Suraj

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla and Ruhi asking Ishita where is her attention. Simmi says Raman is worried because of Kiran, he is not saying anything as Kiran is Ishita’s relative. Amma comes there and signs Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla taunts her about Kiran. Mr. Bhalla stops her. Raman says Iyers are also worried. Amma says its okay, I need to talk to Raman and Ishita. Simmi says don’t know what is she planning. Amma goes out and tells Raman and Ishita that Kiran was talking on call about Sonakshi, she was very angry. Ishita says I feel she got caught in this matter, maybe someone is stopping her to get out of this. Amma says why, she can leave from this mess.

Raman says maybe someone has trapped her. Amma says I feel Kiran is taking commissions. Ishita says just keep an eye on her and give us all details. Amma says I will become her shadow. Raman says no. Ishita says don’t take risk. Amma says nothing will happen, I will take Appa along. Raman says matter will get worse. Ishita says just be careful, relax. Amma goes. Raman says I hope we can save Kiran. Ruhi comes and asks are you stressed about Kiran. Raman says yes. Ishita says police is also working on this.

Amma says I have much headache, eat anything today, I can’t cook. Appa says yes, don’t worry. Kiran says I will cook food, I will do everything. Amma asks will you make coffee for me. Kiran smiles and says yes. Aaliya comes and says sorry, I got late, I will have breakfast there. Adi gets breakfast for her. They all smile. Ishita asks Raman to learn from Adi. Aaliya says that’s very sweet. Adi says thanks, wait a min. He gets a gift for her.

Aaliya likes the office handbag and says its very nice, thanks. He says its first day of your new project, I want my wife to look best, I thought this will suit your personality, all the best. She says thanks, I love you. Raman gets a call and says we are coming. He asks Ishita to come. They leave. Adi says I will drop you to office. Aaliya says I will shift things in new bag. Adi asks her to come soon.

Bala asks Amma what happened. Kiran gets coffee for Amma. Bala says I will get medicines. Amma says sit, I need to talk, I m sorry, I feel someone has trapped Kiran. Bala thanks her. Kiran says your anger was justified, don’t say sorry. Amma says we won’t talk about it. Aaliya collides with Shravan. He says congrats for new phone. She asks which phone. He says Adi bought a new phone for you as a gift. She smiles and says Adi gifted me this bag just now, maybe phone is also a surprise. He says I spoiled the surprise. She says don’t worry, I will act surprised. He goes.

Roshni says why shall I call and give explanations. She says I will go and meet Adi. She relaxes. Amma calls Ishita. She says Kiran is at home. She sees Kiran and talks in Tamil. Ishita says Amma is saying she will follow Kiran. Amma says Appa will come from market and keep her busy, I will check her room. Ishita says don’t make Kiran doubt on you. Raman sees Ishita and says your entire family are habitual to spy. She smiles. Mani comes and says Aaliya is managing the project alone, I want you both to give inputs, its imp, she will be glad, it will be big boost for her. Ishita says yes, we will come.

Kiran says I m going out. Amma asks Kiran to get paneer. Kiran goes. Amma calls Ishita. She says why is she not answering, I have to go after Kiran. She leaves. Aaliya gives the presentation. Ishita gets Amma’s call. Amma says I m following Kiran, I will call you. Ishita says be careful, send me your location, we will come. Ishita goes and sends this to Raman. Raman says Amma has informed about Kiran, she has a doubt that Kiran is meeting her partner. Mani and Adi say we will also come. Amma sees Kiran at the cafe and thinks whom is she meeting. She hides. Suraj comes and meets Kiran. Suraj says this place isn’t good, come with me. They leave. Amma waits for Ishu and Raman. She sees them and says I didn’t see that man’s face. They rush to check. They see Kiran with Suraj. Ishita says he is Suraj Khanna, Ashok’s brother. Raman runs and catches Suraj. Suraj and Kiran get shocked seeing them.

Bala comes and scolds Suraj for framing Kiran. He asks Kiran why didn’t she leave such illegal business. Kiran says Suraj was threatening me. Raman says police will arrest Suraj. Suraj says real culprit is in your family, I will use him and ruin you….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i think the real mastermind is param.

  2. Abhija y Chandratre

    I think they are turning one of the Bhalla family member into villan.Maybe mihika.
    What the Shit.

    I m missing Shaun.Plz show more Ishra,Ruhi,Pihu and Shagun.

    By the way,this stupid ekta is going to do remake of Game of Thrones.Plz kill me,before I see that.

    1. WHAAAT ? ?????

  3. I think is parmeet too

  4. From d description suraj gave, I think it is Adi!! Coz he mentioned that it is someone from bhalla family, and close to bhalla family…..After all, they are anyway trying to show Adi negative….So it has to be him!!

    1. Yaah u are right….even I think it’s him

    2. Lala Lajpatrai

      its Mr. Bhalla the great

  5. I don’t think it’s param

  6. I think it’s Romi

    1. God.. no.. not poor romi again… these CVS just turn anybody negative as and when they want..

  7. Is the girl who is doing roshni role is tall generally or now she’s wearing high heels

  8. Susan somers

    Hey guys, it’s not Ekta whose writing he script now. Guess who – it’s Salman Khan, Vikas Gupta, Shilpa Shinde & Gul Khan. That’s why this story is all messed up now.

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