Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun telling Raman that she did big mistake leaving him, but she is happy for him and Ishita, as Ishita is really nice. She wears the earrings. Adi smiles. Mrs. Bhalla says my Adi is happy. Shagun thinks next anniversary, Raman and I will be together. Raman tells Mihir that he will drop him, as he is drunk. Mihir says I m fine, I will go. Shagun thanks Ishita. Ishita says I m glad Adi smiled. Shagun gets a call and says what, Mihir is with me, don’t worry, either of us will come aunty, don’t worry, we will be there. Ishita asks what happened. Shagun says mum went Australia for workshop, and she got heart attack, she has bypass surgery. Mihir is shocked and says I can’t go, my passport went for renewal for work. Shagun asks what, why now. Mihir says did I dream this will happen.

Shagun says but Adi. Raman and Ishita ask her to go, they will take care of Adi. Shagun says as you all feel right and agrees. Raman argues with Ishita about Adi and the counselor’s words. He asks why did you give your new year celebrations to Shagun, I won’t listen to you today, you talk great, you are misleading Adi and giving him false hope, I know he needs help and wants his parents, it does not mean we can be like before, we are divorced, and its 6 years now. Adi is my weakness, but the truth is Shagun does not matter to me, Adi has to accept this, did you think when Adi sees the reality, can he understand it, he will be much hurt, he have to secure him, and he has to accept that his parents can’t unite.

He asks why can’t you understand this. She says I do, but since when did you start giving lecture like me. He asks is she mad to joke. She says you are absolutely right, I don’t want to give false hope to Adi, and Adi should realize you can do anything for his happiness. Raman says yes, but I can’t go far from you for Adi. She says this is wrong, don’t tell romantic lines in serious matter. She smiles and says Adi knows I m very imp in your life, I will try not to give him false hope. Raman and Ishita smile as she makes him relieve of his worry and hugs him. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays…………….

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Shagun packs her bag and Adi shows the chocs. She asks did Raman gift. He says yes, how does they know its my fav Ishita got this for me by searching in market. She says you are innocent to get happy by chocs, I m going as mum is serious, don’t know how will Ishita behave. Adi says she celebrated your anniversary and gifted earrings, she is nice. Shagun fills his ears again and says even Ashok did this, and kicked us out in one stroke, we don’t have anyone, Ishita is Raman’s mum, your step mum, and she can’t be yours, she acts to become great, its her drama to make me leave Raman’s life and this house.

He says I will never leave you. She says you also play games like Ishita, be nice to her and take care, else she will buy you with a choc box be careful of Ishita, this house is mine which Ishita has snatched. Adi says Ishita is dangerous, I will teach her a lesson. Simmi comes and says Mihir has come to drop you at airport. Shagun asks Simmi to take Adi, else she won’t be able to go. Adi says I will miss you a lot, and leaves. Shagun cries and says what I could not do, my son will do it. Ishita tells Shagun that she remembers everything about Adi, she will take care of him and give medicines on time. Shagun says he gets allergy in winter, I did not stay without him. Mrs. Bhalla reminds her putting Adi in hostel and scolds her. Mihir asks her to hurry. Mrs. Bhalla says I m calling Rinki back.

Ishita asks Raman to take Adi for movie, she did the booking. He says your mind is working, come along. She says no, I don’t like sci fi movie. He asks do you like rona dhona movie. She says no, the one where hero and heroine meet at airport in climax. She smiles and asks him to come for lunch. She cooks food and Mrs. Bhalla smiles. Ishita says I m making Italian for Adi, its his fav, Shagun told me, don’t tell him I made it, as I want him to enjoy the food, else he will think much. Mrs. Bhalla says you are very great, Adi will know you love him a lot. Ishita says I want him to be happy in this house. Mrs. Bhalla says I think he will gel with you in Shagun’s absence, as she was filling his ears always.

Ashok tells Mihika that he booked a hotel. She asks whom did you ask. He says I m your husband. She says I won’t come. He says if you don’t agree then… she asks what will he do, will he force her and beat her, come on, hit me. He says just go to hell. She says no, shopping, you said you can give me everything which Mihir can’t, my new year resolution is I will spend your money, if you block your credit card, you will go jail for torture case. He says I will see you and leaves. She gets a call from friend and says I m reaching. Vandu eats and says she became so fat. Amma and Ishita smile. Ishita says I know your problem lets go for shopping. Vandu says nothing will fit me. Ishita says you will get pregnancy for dresses, the sale is also going on, lets go. Vandu agrees.

Everyone has lunch. Mrs. Bhalla does not say Ishita made it. Raman says I know Ishita made it, and asks about Ishita. Shravan says she went for shopping with mum, and left me here to get bored. Raman says Adi and I went for movie, shall we play any game. Bala says lets play carom. They sit to play. Adi says he wants not play in Bala’s team. Raman says fine and teams with Shravan. They play and Adi enjoys the family time. Raman smiles seeing him. Bala says very good Adi, we will win. They win and everyone clap. Shravan says Raman made his Appa win. Raman says Adi played well. They joke and laugh, about Shravan and Adi. Adi says its fine, winning and losing goes on, don’t fight. Raman asks for partner change. Bala says fine, Adi will play with you. They continue playing. Raman thinks see Ishita, my son is playing carom with me, he is so happy with family.

Adi tells a story to Ishita about step mom and related to Ishita, Raman, Shagun, Ruhi and Adi, calling her a wicked witch and kicking her out from happy family being the clever prince.

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  1. ishra kerala

    Ye shagun ne pehle mihika ko bataya ke WO pregnant he ashok se . or uske bad is ke bare me kuch nahi batayagaya . sach me shagun pregnant he . pls kpi bataye..

  2. ishra kerala

    Ye shagun ne pehle mihika ko bataya ke WO pregnant he ashok se . or uske bad is ke bare me kuch nahi batayagaya . sach me shagun pregnant he . pls koi bataye..

  3. Nahin woh pregnant nahin thi. .

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