Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita and Ruhi coming to a store to buy recipe book. Ishita asks for a Punjabi food book. Poornima Prakash, is a recipe writer, a great cook. She sees Ruhi and talks to many women. Everyone praise Poornima. Ishita and Ruhi meet her. Ruhi asks for her autograph. Poornima says she is a very pretty girl, I will surely give autograph. She writes R and asks Ruhi’s name. Ruhi says Ruhi. Ishita says she is my daughter, Ruhi Bhalla. Ishita says her dad is Punjabi, and I m south Indian. But she likes Punjabi food. Poornima says my recipes is simple, if you have any confusion, you can call me. Ishita and Ruhi take her card and leave. Poornima feels upset as if she misses Ruhi. She stares at her while Ruhi leaves.

Raman sees Mihir and Romi talking. Mihir asks Romi not to tell anyone and secretly talk. He says dpon’t interfere in my matter. Romi says sorry, its your marriage and let me do this. Mihir says no, it will be like south Indian style with no bar and wine. Romi requests him and asks for a party. Raman asks what party, come in my cabin, I will make you party. They go to Raman’s cabin. Raman asks what party. Mihir says office party to build rapport. Raman says Romi, you want party. Romi says no, I was planning his bachelor’s party.

Raman asks Romi to explain. Raman says he is right for the first time, we need a party, but a change, we will ask Bala and Neil to come. Romi says yes sure. Mihir says ladies will kill us. Raman asks him to live his life, why is he worried. Romi says fine, he is ready now. Raman makes Mihir agree. Romi says I will arrange everything, and girls too. Raman says we are married, if my wife knows, she won’t leave me. Mihir says I m ready. Raman says we will party by my way, I have an idea.

Bala comes to Vandu and tells he will be late in evening, as he has to give extra time to students as their exam is coming. She says sure, but take care of yours. He says yes, now I have to take care of you and child. He says get ready, I will drop you and Shravan at Amma’s house. Ishita asks Raman is he going in party. He says foreign delegates are coming in office. She says you come late, as your parents went for movie and will late. She asks him to have food on time. He chooses his clothes. She goes.

Mihir and Mihika have corn in rain. She says what is it today, corn instead of dinner. She says its year end. She says its in march. He says yes, we need holidays after marriage, so doing now. She says you and Raman are too much. She says just one day. She says fine. He thanks her and says promise I will take you on romantic date tomorrow. He dances and she looks at him. Simmi gets a courier. She says its on Ishita’s name, legal doc. She says maybe from consumer forum, what should I do. She leaves it. The lawyer tells Ashok and Suraj that Ishita would have got the letter by now, please talk to minister about my promotion. Ashok says why not. He thanks him and leaves.

Ashok says now you will know Ishita, whats the result of troubling my brither. Ishita brings many books. Mihika and Vandu see it. Mihika says OMG, Poornima’s autograph, she is the queen of Punjabi food. Ishita and they have a laugh. Mihika says I m also thinking to make anything for Mihir. Ishita says lest make it together. They cook. Mihir and Romi come. They wait for others.

Bala comes wearing a kurta. Romi says you won’t get entry like this. Bala removes his kurta and shows his red tshirt. He says he lied Vandu. Romi says very smart. Raman comes looking very handsome in cool clothes. They have a laugh. Raman asks where is Neil. Mihir says he will come directly. Raman takes them to the bar. Vandu asks Ishita where is Raman. Ishita says office. Vandu says Bala went to take extra classes. Mihika says Mihir is busy in work. They laugh.

The guys have the vodka and wine. Bala says Vandu will understand seeing me. The guys have a good time and makes Bala have another shot. Mihir says not me, if Mihika knows this, I will die. Romi asks him to become a man. Raman says its bachelor’s party, so don’t talk about wives. They laugh. A girl Kajal comes there and looks at them. Romi eyes her and says I told you. Raman says only seeing, no touching. Raman says come on the table. They form a chain of hands and goes.

They guys sit at the table and Raman asks Bala no touching, as he is married. Romi taunts them. Mihir says we still have the thing in us. Romi says only I m bachelor here, and shows Kajal. Mihir says use specs, she is seeing me. Bala says she is looking at me, she loves and likes me. Mihir says girls like sweet, innocent and trustworthy guy like me, she is seeing me. Romi says lets bet, the one who brings her to dance floor, she is his. Mihir says the one who lose, bring drinks for me. Raman goes to take a glass and leaves his card. She sees Raman Kumar Bhalla, CEO. She comes to their table. Everyone introduces themselves. She sees Raman and gives her hand to him. She asks Raman, would you like to have s*x. Everyone is shocked. Raman says what? She says on the beach, it’s a drink. Raman looks at her while she smiles. LOL!!

Bala and everyone ask Raman to grab this offer. Raman says he can’t take that offer, see Ishita’s call is coming.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. guys yesterday i was watching telly talk ,, in that it showed raman aka Karan wakes up late which effects the working schedule.. i m scared that they dont remove him ,, because this case was same in Qubool hai Asad aka Karan Grover was removed coz he was not behaving good with the director,, and later he was removed I heard this in news,, but i dont want this same to be happen with Raman.. Coz we Love him,, and if it happen the show will go down…. Ik he wont be removed but still i m saying so that they dont ever think to remove any of them 🙂

    1. Hey kulsum ……listen dey won’t remove him because I think dey have signed a contract of 3 yrs

  2. onngg raman..
    i can’t stop laughing..

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