Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Raman strikes a deal with Sudha

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone praising Raman. Shagun thinks Raman doesn’t talk to Ishita well, I just hope everything is fine between them. She calls Raman. Raman talks to lawyer. He gets Shagun’s call. He answers. She says Rohan and Karan are waiting to meet you, where are you. He says Ishita and I will be staying at the hotel today, we want our differences to end, will I hide anything, please handle there. She agrees. Sudha asks Raman to come, she was waiting for him. Vijendra asks what’s the matter. Raman gets shocked. Sudha asks are you shocked seeing Vijendra, I consider him my brother. Raman says you did this deliberately.

Vijendra says don’t forget your wife is in jail. Sudha says its my plan, I was thinking how are you getting money, I learnt that you borrowed 25

crores from someone, its none other than my brother, then I called him up, he came here and explained me everything, then it wasn’t difficult for me to trap you. Vijendra takes her leave. He goes. She says your wife can come out of jail, but you have to… Raman says tell me what to do, I will do as you say. Raman checks the papers. He gets shocked reading the shareholder agreement. She says I think you aren’t ready for this, poor Ishita is in jail. He asks where shall I sign. Ishita says how did Raman join hands with Vijendra, how are Sudha and Vijendra related, I hope he doesn’t do anything for which he regrets all life, why didn’t he tell me anything. Raman says I know what you have written, you are 51% share holder, you are the owner. Sudha says yes. Raman says only when Ishita comes out of jail.

Sudha says you did everything and today you lost your company, I had warned you, you snatched my brother, I have snatched everything from you. He says wrong, Ishita is everything for me, you can’t put a price on her value in my life, you don’t value human beings, money is Lord for you, money is nothing but a piece of paper, I lost it and will earn it again, I can rise again as long as my family is with me, you know nothing about family. He signs the papers. He asks her to get Ishita released. She calls Vijendra and says Raman has signed the papers. Ishita is released. Constable says real culprit is caught. Ishita asks who, did Raman take blame on himself, he didn’t do anything. She asks inspector why is he doing this, Raman is innocent. He says relax, we are not arrested Raman, its a matter of honour killing, we caught the real murderer, sign the papers, I will inform Raman.

Raman gets inspector’s call and thanks him. He says you have put the blame on some innocent man. Sudha says you have no status to speak against me and my brothers, keep the papers and take your wife home. He says even I can change mind and tear these papers, my wife is out of jail and blame is on someone else, but what will be difference between you and me, company is yours, but I have won. Raman comes to pick Ishita. He says I told you Ishita didn’t do anything. Inspector says but we had evidences against her, you can understand, right. Raman gets Ishita home.

She says I want to know the price of my freedom, what have you lost, how did you return money to Vijendra, you have lost a big thing, what is it, will you tell me. He gets down the car. He says truth is, I m the man of this house, what matters the most is my pride, my love and my honour, I will protect you, you will not ask me anything until the marriage happens, if you want me to attend the marriages happily, then don’t ask me anything. She thinks I know you paid a big price for this. She cries and promises her. Raman says I will get justice and get the culprit punished.

He says we can’t afford to look sad, else that will snatch our daughter’s happiness, you have to be my strength like always, come, maintain the story which I told them. Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla asks Mr. Bhalla to get ready soon. Mr. Bhalla manages arrangements. Mani and Shagun come to offer help. Mr. Bhalla asks where are Raman and Ishita. Raman and Ishita come and covers up the matter. Shagun looks on. Mr. Bhalla asks them to have breakfast first. Mrs. Bhalla says make the girls ready for rituals. Mihika comes and asks how did you get ready so soon, aren’t you tired, I hope you rested well. Raman asks why are you troubling her, it was a special night.

She teases Raman and Ishita. Ishita smiles. Mihika takes Pihu along. Shagun asks what’s the matter Ishita, I feel some problem happened between you all. Raman says I told you everything is okay. Ishita says no need to be rude, do you suspect that I will tell anyone. He says I can’t trust you so easily. He goes. Shagun asks Ishita to come along and help. They go. Shagun gets some work. She asks her to manage today. Shagun says there is some girl’s case in NGO, don’t worry, they are handling. Shagun goes to help Aaliya. Ishita comes to Ruhi. She says you look so beautiful and hugs Ruhi. Shagun compliments Aaliya and hugs.

Raman and Mani do the chunri rasam for Ruhi and Aaliya. Baraat comes. Kaushalya says Rohan and Karan won’t do these marriages.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Now what happened? Do not show that both Rohan and Karan are sons of Sudha and Kaushalya is Sudha’s sister!!!!!!

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