Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi finding Raman worried. Raman says sorry for what Ishita did with Mihika, she does not think the outcome of things. Romi says please stop it, whatever she did was to help Mihika. Raman asks did anything happen, Mihika got more defamed, I hope your and Mihika’s relation does not get a crack. Romi says we are fine, this is not happening for the first time, our relation got more strong, I m younger to you, I want to tell you, don’t you think you are being much strict towards Ishita, she did this for us, she always fell in problems because of us, try to understand her, think of her. I know you get angry soon, but its not her mistake, it won’t be good if you get away, Ishita does all this for all of us. Raman says thats the problem, Ishita and Shagun are so different, Shagun is selfish and Ishita always thinks and does for others, I told her she should not become jagat Mata always. He goes. Romi hopes Raman understands, they met after much difficulty.

Its morning, Raman gets angry. Ishita gets tea. He says i m leaving. She says I won’t let you go, you always get angry and ignore me, how can problem get solved, Kunal is bad, he has Mihika’s CD, else why would I keep things at stake. He says fine, we will go and talk to him, if we don’t get solution then.. She says you think I m having fun doing this. He asks her to change and come, he will wait. He sees Simmi at the door and goes. Ishita says double fight to fight with world and win husband’s trust.

Shagun thanks her friend for inviting her, and says after what Ishita did, I felt…. who would have seen on news channel, who can think Ishita can do this, I felt bad as my daughter is linked to them. Lady says I don;t think we should discuss this, I think Ishita can’t do this. Shagun says Pihu is traumatized seeing the news. Other lady says I would like to keep my children away from such things.

Mihir comes home and asks for Raman. Simmi says Raman and Ishita went to police station to confront Kunal. He asks what, Kunal is very clever, how is Mihika, is Romi with her, I hope he understands Mihika is not at fault. Simmi says Romi is positive and caring for Mihika, but Raman is angry. He gets a call and says I have imp meeting, keep me informed.

Kunal comes to police station and sees Raman and Ishita. He asks inspector why did you call me. Inspector says we spoke to Ishita, she said you were blackmailing Mihika, do you have her CD. Raman says Ishita never lies, Kunal will have CD. Kunal says I told you she is frustrated woman, she is making news as I did not take her case, did she get CD from my office. Inspector says fine, I got your phone records, you were also there when blackmailer called Mihika. Kunal says I went to meet big client. Ishita asks how will you explain blackmailing calls. Inspector says yes, we have it and shows records. Kunal says how is it possible, what day and time, I was with Ashok on this day. Ishita says I m sure you called Mihika. Kunal says why will I do this, she is my friend Romi’s wife, I helped her in resort, Ashok was with me and my phone was left there in resort, maybe he did all this, I m meeting him since some days regarding the case.

Inspector asks for Ashok. Kunal says I did not know Ashok is doing this. Raman and Ishita get thinking. Lady asks Pihu to be away from her daughter, as Pihu is criminal’s daughter. Shagun smiles. Pihu goes to Shagun and says lets go home, I want to go home now. Shagun agrees.

Ashok tells inspector that yes, I did this. Kunal says you are respectable man and did this? Ashok says yes, even I have personal matters. Inspector asks why did he do this. Ashok says I did this to trouble Mihika, she is my ex wife, when Mihir got unwell, I was troubling her, I would have told her that there is no such CD, Ishita got after me, I made call from Kunal’s phone, I was going to tell everything, but Kunal got Ishita arrested. Raman gets angry. Inspector asks Ashok does he know this is criminal offence. Ashok says yes, my lawyer is ready with bail papers. Ishita thinks something is wrong, I can’t believe this.

Shagun makes Pihu have milk and sleep. She feels sorry to do this but she has to make sure that Raman does not make Pihu away, as she loves Pihu. She checks a medicine bottle and thinks Mani and Aaliya are at home, perfect…. She calls out Pihu and sees she is sound asleep. She opens the door and starts shouting. She keeps bottle under Pihu’s pillow and Pihu wakes up. Shagun asks her to say what is this bottle. Mani and Aaliya come. Shagun says I take sleeping pills sometimes, why did Pihu take this. Pihu says I was upset as my friends were not playing with me because of Ishita, I don’t know about the pills. Shagun asks why are you lying, are you fine, shall I call doctor. She hugs Pihu and cries. Mani and Aaliya worry.

Ishita says there is something wrong Raman, I m sure Kunal is involved. Raman says stop it, you know Ashok uses people, how did you doubt Kunal. He stops Kunal and apologizes. Kunal says I have to go, I m disturbed. Raman says you know what we are going through, you can get my daughter back, this is a misunderstanding. Kunal says my work depends on my image, media spoiled my name, Sorry I can never help you. He leaves.

Ishita says we will get better lawyer, Kunal is not a good man, he is blackmailer, how to explain you, we got such details about him, he is total fraud, please Raman, stop running after this man. Raman asks are you judge, Kunal is lawyer and has to fight any case, I don’t care he is good or bad, I was sure he could get Pihu back, but your nature is to spoil things, I will lose Pihu forever because of you. He gets a call and gets shocked…..

Raman goes to meet Pihu and calls her out. Pihu comes. He cries and hugs her. He says I was too scared. Shagun, Mani and Aaliya look on. Pihu says I m fine. Mani says Pihu, your Papa loves you, don’t make him away, please. Raman hugs her. He asks her did anyone tell you something, does anyone do this? Pihu sees Ishita. Ishita looks on shocked. Shagun thinks now it will be fun.

Ishita says Raman, I want to talk, how did you not tell me, Pihu attempted suicide. Raman says what do you want to hear, Pihu did this as she hates you, I would have lost my daughter because of you. She says she is my daughter also, I know you have more attachment, but she is my daughter.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Is Ishita a jagatmaata?? Because of her she is gonna lose Pihu. Always hiding things from spouse is not good. CVS are always writing crap. Let Shagun win this time and nobody would watch this show. Bullshit storyline ever! Naagin 2 is better than this.

    1. İn which channel nagin 2 iş playing now

  2. Hi to shivani rithu vp bhagya magic today again raman showing anger towards ishu disgusting and shivani who gives the grade to state or central uni in india pls the ans of this question is necessary for me so, help me shivani

    1. University Grants Commission, UGC

    2. NAAC (NATIONAL ASSESSMENT AND ACCEREDITATION COUNCIL) but shivani is right UGC also take the hold on uni for guidline

    3. You said naac but in the same time you said shivani is also right this is confusing with me whos ans is correct pls tell me but i think i should go with shivani as she said ugc

  3. Episode is not good and is not going to be good soon and hello vp you don’t need to ask me to meet me yes absolutely you should come i also want to meet you so, come whenever you want to central uni of punjab, chandigarh, state capital of haryana (punjab)
    thank you parichary for make her understand in good way and madhu you don’t need to say sory because “you can’t make anything if you can’t make mistake” so its ok

    1. You are welcome Magic!!!


  5. Hi all …. one thing …. Its true Iam the oldest in this site …I prefer to justify the characters … storyline is gone bad to worse … Pihus suicide attempt … knowing Shaghun very well … Raman cud give a doubt on it instead of shouting on Ishitha ..Shaghun wants to take Raman along with Pihu , She has challenged with Ishitha and brilliant cvs we fans are literally commenting on the storyline , surprising to see the storyline is twisting for Shaghun only … Her space … wat blouse she is wearing today …. she is not graceful at all …How easily Ashok came out of the cd black mail even kunal … if it was Raman or Ishitha , they wud have been inside ..Romis understanding is very good but Raman if he has something in mind , whether right way or not he is after it … please change him … such a good actor is hated by many … DT as usual stunning .. gorgeous … always very decently dressed … acts so well … Magic … respect me or not for my age … comments any one can agree or disagree … Please tell me do you all feel like one old lady headmistress like too in the site and if finds any defficulty , I will stop commenting … I can be a silent reader .. Magic thank you v much for your concern … Sindhu Rithu Shivani Magic susan Parichay Mino Siddhi … still more I miss a lot if I dont find any comments … All alone at home … likes this serial … addicted to it so too addicted to this site too … Madhu Shreya any one has any issues do tell me … I can accept anything .. ok

    1. Sory vp mam i didn’t get that line ‘magic respect me or not for my age’ because you know i respect you very much

    2. Sorry dear its not meant for you …. you were advising Madhu to respect my age for that I said … not at all to you … if in that case , i can see that respect in you … I felt like meeting you … I visit lot of temples in india … let me see which temple will take me to see you … you tell me which is the v famous ? I travel alone a lot …so far once in two months to Ernakulam … chennai … Banglore .. Hyderabad .. Mumbai .. Poona … planning to Delhi and if possible to see you ….this month i am going to cochin next month Thirupathy … 2017 i will plan to see you …all subject to my health … ok magic

    3. I totally agree with you vp .

    4. Hey VP.

      I am also missing you. don’t stop your commenting.
      I am always with you no matter of what you look like.
      I agree with your comment and it irriated me with this nasty drama.

      Magic.. pls don’t mentioned who is older person in this site but you may never know who the others that are meuch older than you. You are lucky that everyone forgave you as you try to explain to Madhu and others to respect all friends and family in this site.

    5. Sorry, parichary when i was writing that comment i didn’t even realise that but madhu was not good in her comment that time so, i wrote generally that time but now i think i did mistake but fortunately (as you said) vp understand me why i wrote this and don’t worry vp will not stop writing her good view here and in the last “your last mistake is your best teacher” so, i hope this is my last mistake

    6. Thank you Magic. VP and I are not angry with you.

    7. Oh my god magic knows everything naac is correct ans but unfortunatly i went with my best friend shivani and did wrong because i thought shivani is better than magic. And vp i don’t have any problem with you and one more thing you are my good friend means like student hehe so, pls forgive magic yes i still think magic would be better in knowledge and study but not better than shivani and rithu because magic don’t know how to handle friends let see how magic will react on this comment because i hope shivani and rithu also think so am i right

    8. Magic did mistake and we all have to bear because vp is not commenting here because of that magic fault shivani pls make understand magic

    9. hey vp . You should not leave this site . Without you this site won’t complete and nobody thinks of your age .in fact you are more like our age as our thoughts are same and we all are addicted to one serial yhm . So I request to not to leave this site.

    10. I also totally agree with you and I don’t feel like watching this any further even with so called leap

  6. Hi all my yhm family fans.its disgusting how low shaggy and ashok can stoop. Let’s alone ekta and her stupid writers. I think they should join the circus cause they clowns. Yhm is really becoming a circus. Ekta the leader the rest the dumb artists.

  7. I think writers should make pihu realise what shagun’s like, the tricks she’s playing and what she’s done so far. Then make her go out of bhalla’s lives somehow and concentrate on the bhallas, of course there’s always Ashok to create drama instead of shagun, and she can always make a comeback. What say writers?

  8. Hi guys I am new here war is happening in yeh hai mohabbatein can anyone pls say

  9. The writers are crap first they show shagun scifrising now showed bad woman just for isitas mother love

  10. Now i hate pihu..bachchi hai phirr bhi itni bdi bate or shagun usey kbhi ni galat lgti..i hate raman too.hmesha pihu pihu..he does not think about ishu…n always pihu pihu..ek bachchi ko itna sar cahada lia k apni biwi ki bhi koi chinta ni hai

  11. Episode was worst.precap was hell over hell .
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi padma madhu and all yhm friends.

  12. What does that Raman think of himself .he will always blame ishitha .but I think it’s all ishitha ‘s fault that she is letting someone to scream at her .speak what ever about her and she taking no action of that .
    Leap is confirmed in yhm of 1 year . They showed in SBS and SBB that yhm cast is going to Australia for post leap shoot . again another leap .I already hated that previous leap of seven years and now again and they are pairing ishitha with some other guy. Again a crap .

  13. How cannot Pihu catch shagun being lying to her and doing a horrible fake drama . What is going the show ? Surely after this the show’s trp will go down.

  14. YHM upcoming: 1 yr leap, Raman-Ishita separated, storyline reveal

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some major twist and turns.

    It seems that Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) have a major showdown, where Raman will accuse Ishita to be a bad omen for him and his family.

    Raman will ask Ishita to leave the house but Ishita get support from Mr. Bhalla and hence furious Raman will decide to leave the house as he is unable to tolerate Ishita any longer.

    The show will soon witness a leap of one year and will show Ishita and Raman leading different lives in the same city.

    Will Raman and Ishita be able to unite or not?

    Keep watching this site for more updates.

  15. Latest buzz is that Ishita and Raman get separated after having very bitter fight over Pihu and Shagun’s accident.

    Raman breaks his all relationship with Ishita and leaves him for going to Pihu.

    Raman, Shagun and Pihu go to Austria where no one can interfere in their life.

    Shagun tries to talk about Ishita with Raman in front of Pihu but Raman warns Shagun not take Ishita’s name as she is out from his life forever.
    Pihu gets mission choosing Shagun or Ishita for Raman

    Apart from this, Ishita is shattered getting separated from Raman and decides going to Australia.

    Ishita gets some work in Australia and family asks her to go there.

    Raman, Ishita, Shagun and Pihu‘s confrontation in Australia bring high voltage drama where Pihu will have to choose one between Ishita and Shagun for Raman.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  16. The upcoming buzz is that Raman and Ishita going to separate once again taking one year leap in Yeh Hai Mohabatein.

    As per the track, Raman loses his cool knowing about Shgaun meets with accident while Pihu was also with her.

    Raman accuses Ishita for this misshapen while Ishita tries to make Raman understand that Shagun is wrong but Raman keeps on blaming him for keeping Pihu away from him.

    Raman tells her that she is sinister that is why he lost his daughter Pihu and is ready to throw Ishita out from house.

    But Ishita refuses to go anywhere and family supports her.

    Raman tells Ishita that she can never become good mother as she is filled with lots of inauspicious things.
    Raman parts ways with Ishita accusing her for separating him from Pihu

    Raman refuses to stay in the house where Ishita stay and Pihu not. while Raman does not care as Pihu is also Ishita’s daughter

    She also wants to get Pihu back Raman always blame Ishita for all wrongs.

    Raman leaves house while Ishita stays back in Bhalla house.

    Raman and Ishita get separate and their lives gets changed post 1 year leap in the story.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  17. Mohabbatein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Raman and Ishita get separate in which they have moved in the life post one year.

    Raman is in Australia with Pihu and Shagun while Ishita takes care of his family and business.

    Ishita full fills both mother father responsibilities towards Adi and Pihu but soon a doubt cerate distance in their life.

    Ruhi overhears Ishita talking someone lovingly and wants go to Singapore.

    Ruhi inquiries Ishita’s room and gets shocked seeing love letter and dresses in cupboard.

    Ishita is surprised seeing Ruhi in her room and Ruhi tell her that she came to help her in packing.
    Ruhi and Adi celebrate father day for Ishita post Raman (Karan Patel) left them

    But, Ruhi then ask Ishita as if she has someone else in her life which makes Ishita shattered.

    Ruhi’s doubts get strong when Ishita tells her that if she has never asked Ruhi about her life then she has no need to know about her (Ishita).

    Furthermore, Soon Adi and Ruhi’s problem gets resolve and they apologize to Ishita celebrating Father Day as they believe Ishita as their father too after Raman left them alone.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  18. omg ab to mera sar dukhne laga h .koi mujhe b dawai de do. kisi ache khase serial ko best se worst krna koi inse Sikhe :/

  19. Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) gets shocked by Ruhi’s (Aditi Bhatia) accusation having extra marital affair in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Raman and Ishita get separate in which they have moved in the life post one year.

    Raman is in Australia with Pihu and Shagun while Ishita takes care of his family and business.

    Ishita full fills both mother father responsibilities towards Adi and Pihu but soon a doubt cerate distance in their life.

    Ruhi overhears Ishita talking someone lovingly and wants go to Singapore.

    Ruhi inquiries Ishita’s room and gets shocked seeing love letter and dresses in cupboard.

    Ishita is surprised seeing Ruhi in her room and Ruhi tell her that she came to help her in packing.

    Ruhi and Adi celebrate father day for Ishita post Raman (Karan Patel) left them

    But, Ruhi then ask Ishita as if she has someone else in her life which makes Ishita shattered.

    Ruhi’s doubts get strong when Ishita tells her that if she has never asked Ruhi about her life then she has no need to know about her (Ishita).

    Furthermore, Soon Adi and Ruhi’s problem gets resolve and they apologize to Ishita celebrating Father Day as they believe Ishita as their father too after Raman left them alone.

    1. Amalina

      Thanks for the spoilers di. btw i think yhm will be interesting after the leap but… what about adi-aliya ka pyaar kahani??(love story) plz re-unite adi-aliya and don’t separate them becoz of ishra. i want AdiYa married after the leap, i dont want them dating for a whole year and postponing their shaadi just becoz of this ishra, who aren’t meant for each other, who got so many favourite jodi awards, which other jodis deserved. Akshara-Naitik are a better and cuter couple than ishra. They are never separated, they are the example of true love! They are the siya-ram who were together all their life. When their daughter left the house becoz of misunderstanding akshara, naitik in spite of bearing pain and separation from his princess, still never left his wife, instead he supported her! Hats off to Naitik! if it was raman, he would’ve divorced ishita and throw her out. He would’ve also got back to shaggy-shagun again and again when he separates from ishu. i hope Akshara-Naitik win the next favourite jodi award. even sandhya-sooraj are worthy of this award.

      sorry ishra fans if i’ve hurt your feelings and i know this page is for ishra and not other jodis, im sorry i just wanted to show that there are better husbands than raman in star plus and that he doesn’t deserve favuorite patni award!

    2. Raman has become the ever worst husband and hero in the history of starplus…but last SPA award, ishra got what they deserved….this time they don’t deserve any award….neither patni,nor pati, favourite jodi…NOTHING…

  20. Hello EVERYONE….
    I dont care about today’s episode as m worried about the leap and separation…I heard there will be a new entry in ishitas life….i have so many questions….

    magic, you want to knw what will happen to yhm after ishra win pihus custody,right?.. I will tell you….
    Let’s consider this separation is ishras plan…so in my opinion,after winning pihus custody story will continue like this….one day ,whole bhalla family will knw about this plan….this time, along with raman, mr.bhalla will throw ishita too out of bhalla family as both have played with their emotions…they played this drama,not for few days, not for few months,but for one year…do you think everyone will forgive them so easily…no…specially ruhi and adi…so we may witness one more family separation….ishra pihu on one side…whole bhalla and iyyer family other side….pihu will feel guilty..and will try to unite this family…

    If this is ishras plan,what will happen to shagun after pihu returns to ishita..she took raman and pihu to Australia unaware of ishras plan….so mani will divorce her…end of this plan,raman have to dumb shagun….he already played a cheap game with shagun….he proposed shagun and was about to marry her…but finally he cancelled everything…and married ishita . again he is doing the same….??

    1. Wow great Shivani … true … now whats playing in cvs brain too we can understand

    2. True Shivani ? In Ishithas life ? then the cvs damaged the character Ishitha too …yes if its Ishras plan def both the families will b upset … we will wait and see

    3. Not sure vp….in you tube i saw one clip…..but I don’t think ishita would do like that…they shown that ishita getting flowers and love letters…hope that’s raman….

    4. Yes Shivani

      It is all plan by Raman and Ishu. Raman use fake photo of other person that get Ruhi suspension that Ishu get other man in her life. Ishu always get busy with business work but secretly chating with Raman. Ruhi overheard Ishu talking with someone that Ishu want to go to Singapore and did not know and get shocked. Ruhi found love letters, gifts, flowers and want to read phone message but Ishu use different name and Raman use different number. Whole family get suspensed of Ishu busy working at office and in her room.

      Ishu will be look much beautiful in new modern avtar. Families will understand why Raman and Ishu plan and they want Pihu back to them.

    5. Hu shivani first tell me how are you? Because i read your comment and i think you are more disappointed from this show now (as a friend) i may be wrong and excellent observation and if this happen than you are right bhalla’s family won’t forgive them easily because they will feel emotionally hurt thank you but i think this serial is now become more than worse and i should stop watching

    6. Good morning to all yhm fans

  21. @VP. Please don’t stop commenting. I am just about the only one watching YHM around here. So sharing my view and reading everyone else’s view is great. My only hope for YHM is that this separation is a plan made by IshRa. Crazy as it may be. But I hate the thought of Raman being with Shagun. And I am afraid that that little spark of love that Ishita talked about might get lost altogether. Let me tell you one thing though. If either IshRa get involved/paired with anybody else I will not watch this show ever again. And yes I know that this is only a story and not reality. Addicted to this show and this site

    1. very true Susan the addiction to yhm is Divans power …. they are awesome … why cvs showing so unreal … they can atleast once be not this hide and seek game … I feel Ishithas lover will be Raman only … if its their plan … She cant expose it to Ruhi … and so Ruhi doubts her … too much cvs

    2. VP I never thought of that angle. Raman Ishita’s mystery lover? That would be great. Wow! I am just wondering what he will tell Pihu in a years time to change her mind.

    3. Exactly susan…Raman staying with shagun….this worries me more than ishra separation…thats why m asking about mani….

    4. Yes poor Manni. I hope they don’t leave him hanging. He should divorce Shagun and marry Simmi.

  22. Actually Ishita is a whore….. ?

    1. Raunak!!!! Ishita is not whore!!

      Ishita is very respectful woman. Shagun is such wretch whore woman.

  23. Hi Vp, Sindhu, Siddhi, Monique, Rithu, Magic, Super Girl, Jaz, Az, Ardithya, & All The YHM Fans.
    Woow Didn’t i say this negative show needs a Go;d medal.. The Second medal for Ruining the the whole Show.. Who Do u Think write this rubbish??? & Why do this EKTA produce such rubbish. when u watch the old YHM u want to cry as they have ruined this show beyond repair, why Ghost Track, kidnapping remarriage etc. for what??? OH I FORGOT TO RUIN THE WHOLE SERIAL.. Anyway Raman’s Character is so ruined that when u see him on screen u get angry.. poor KP. They really made him a terrible Husband cum Father u name it he is,
    Ishu is another asking for trouble character.. never ending problems from day one. what’s wrong with her ? she knows what she did was wrong knowing that she went ahead.. they both should have involved their husbands. as Romi knows all the cunning moves of Ashok as he was with him for seven years.. Mihir & Mihika should have bolted from the Hotel when they saw Ashok the Crook. should have been on the alert. knowing Ashok they should have thought something is wrong. but like gullible fools they walked in to the trap eyes open..
    I think Ishu is better off without Raman .. How much insult can u get for doing good. & Why Raman Always comparing Shagun & IShu.. can”t keep Ishu near Shagun at all. that little Pihu i have started to hate her.. that too the Cv;s Ruined her. people hate her from their comments u can gather. The same story is repeated. why are they dragging the same story with different incidents. so boring Anyway hope i did not upset anyone by my comment. it is so frustrating to read also the updates bad enough watching . thank God I stopped watching now the updates also getting sick & Tired of it. the excitement is lost in the serial. How come Ashok Shagun Have escaped all the bad & the good are arrested put behind bars etc. May be show is about HATE not LOVE.. What can any of us say . the show is theirs . I am the stupid fool who is still watching.. Luv To All Sorry to hurt anyone’s feeling. God Bless U all Loads Of LUV too

  24. Hi all of u I am also watching YHM from the beginning and now its the time I should break my silence on YHM. I hope everyone agrees with my comment and sorry if I had hurted anyone. In the beginning it was nice and so fun to watch Ishra chemistry was so natural but after the murder of Rinki and Surrogacy and ghost drama YHM was very boring to watch. Infact I had stopping YHM after the 7 year leap for few months and then continued to watch to see for any improvements in the show but am sorry to say that YHM has become a crap. I hate everyone’s characters now except for Adi and Romi. I also feel that the makers have forcefully made Shagun as a villain again instead of Nidhi to increase trp rating and now Nidhi’s character has been sidelined. I hate Shagun more than Nidhi Nidhi atleast openly admitted her colors to everyone more than Shagun. If shagun wants to separate Ishra why is using such a small child to do that???? This proves she is a coward and doesnt have the guts to openly admit her true colors infront of Pihu. Adi and Ruhi atleast knew from small age about Shagun and Ishita but Shagun is not letting Pihu to have a choice merely because she ” loves” Pihu. And now the same thing of Ishra seperation is going on again with same Australia track which I am willing to see. Always Ekta does this in every serial lead couple loves, marries, loves, a third wheel enters and separates the couple, the female protagonist would be shown as Jagatmata to her hubby and family, then villain tries to damage and kill her, she comes out with a new face, by the time she and her hubby would have children, hubby would marry second lady, then villain getting exposed, the second lady turning villain and joining with first one, then the couple’s children would be shown growing up adults, then lead couple separate, then reunite, then grandchildren would come up etc etc etc till the couple dies and finally end with saying love is eternal blah blah blah. Already am fed up of these dramas in additon to that ekta’s new show Pardes mein hai mera dil where again this cycle would repeat. I think this show wouldn’t be over till Ishita and Raman would be grandparents and then also they wouldn’t have any grey hair and still romance and fight. Anyways I had shared my opinion with u anyone are most welcome to comment on my views

  25. That’s it! This is the breaking point. Mostly, I try to find the positive side to every episode, but what they are doing now is beyond any reason. This is madness. Honestly, I don’t know why they create such extraordinary shows and later run them drown the drains. The only reason to see the show is to see Ishita and Raman’s undying love. One that endures everything. And now they are bringing someone new??? What’s happening! So pissed off right now!
    And in all honesty, Raman’s not the one in fault. Any father would panic if his daughter tries to take her life. And why are they trying to make Ishita dumb? She was one of the smartest women in the whole show and now she is make all these wrong decisions. Even though it pains to say, but Ishita is at fault here.
    If they did go with Ishita having someone new, I swear that’s the last I will see the show. If they don’t fix things, I’m sure they will lose a lot of loyal fans.

  26. Is this show ending soon? Its the same thing over and over again. Have to stop watching

  27. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:Cast&Crew fly Australia for interesting twist

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ most successfully running show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some major twist and turns.

    It seems that the entire cast and crew of the popular daily show have left for Australia for an interesting and exciting twist.

    It is heard that Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will re-unite in Adelaide. And Shagun (Anita Hassanandani), Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) and Pihu (Ruhanika Dhawan) will join them.

    The shoot will take place at shopping hub Rundle Street Mall and the iconic cricket stadium Adelaide Oval in Adelaide city. The couple will also be seen taking a tram across the city, sailing with dolphins and shopping at Adelaide central market.

    Keep watching this space for more details

  28. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  29. First they showed ishitha has jaganmatha and very loyal to husband even in seven years speration her love ws not shifited to someone elese but now after 1 year leap she is talking to someonne lovingly if they show ishitha having affair with someone else than mark my words that will be the last episode fans watch because we love ishitha has loyal character not filrt character like shagun i request cvs not to damage ishitha character after 1 year leap brcause cvs already damaged raman character after 7 year leap and i dont think this might be ishra plan to spereate

  30. The team of TV show Ye Hai Mohabbateinhas flown to Australia to shoot an interesting sequence, which will make way for a forward leap in the narrative.

    This is the first international trip for the show and its cast and is slated to be shot in Adelaide. The team, including actress Divyanka Tripathi, left on Sunday and will start shooting from Monday.

    “I’m looking forward to shooting at exotic and serene locations in Adelaide. I’m really fond of travelling internationally and exploring diverse cultures and Adelaide in Australia is best known for that,” Divyanka said in a statement.

    As per the sequence, Raman (played by Karan Patel) and Ishita (played by Divyanka) will re-unite in Adelaide. And Shagun (Anita Hassanandani), Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) and Pihu (Ruhannika Dhawan) will join them.

    The shoot will take place at shopping hub Rundle Street Mall and the iconic cricket stadium Adelaide Oval in Adelaide city. The couple will also be seen taking a tram across the city, sailing with dolphins and shopping at Adelaide central market.

    The first leap of the Star Plus show took place earlier this year ushering in new characters along with a fresh storyline. This will be the second leap.

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