Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Roshni keeps a condition

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni saying I need some time to think, they both want good for my child, I m confused. The judge says you may tell your decision tomorrow, until then the court is adjourned. Everyone discusses about Roshni’s decision. Mr. Bhalla says everything will be fine, don’t think much. Raman sees them sad and goes to Ishita’s house. He says I know you won’t let me talk to Roshni, but I have to meet her. She says its Roshni’s decision, I won’t stop her from deciding or meeting anyone. Raman comes to Roshni and says I came to request, don’t take any emotional decision, I may sound selfish, but I m not wishing to separate mum and child, I m thinking practical, you won’t get respect in that house, Aaliya is our bahu, the fact is this is Adi’s child, I know how it feels

when children are separated from parents, I got divorced and my children were not with me, when they deprived of love, their lives get ruined, you can start your life afresh in London, we all will love the child, my son left, happiness disappeared with his loss, no one smiles there, this is our last chance to return our happiness, I promised mummy ji, she will break down, please I fold hands.

Roshni says please…. I know I have hurt everyone a lot, I want to make a decision which brings a smile on everyone’s face, I want some time to think, try to understand. Raman says fine, take care. He goes. Ishita looks on and cries. Dil kahin rukta nai….plays…. Ishita comes to Roshni and says I shouldn’t say anything to you right now, but I m a mum, I can’t help but advice you, I think you should listen to Raman. Roshni says you have done so much to keep me and baby with you, you are asking me to give the baby to Bhallas.

Ishita says I stay away from Raman, I fight with him, but I can’t see him shatter, Adi’s death has made him very weak, I have made him weak, I wanted this baby’s custody so that I can keep him safe and love him, I wanted to care for him, but the baby will be happier in a big loving family, he will get everything he needs, I m trying to separate the baby from Bhallas as I snatched Adi, who am I to decide this, I can’t be selfish, I don’t know what I m doing, this baby deserves a better life, you are a very nice person, I know if you go to them and stay, you will make a place in their heart, they will understand you, they will never separate you and your baby, I know they are really good from heart, they can never hurt anyone, that’s it, so you and your baby should be with them. Roshni asks will you be able to live without us. Ishita says yes, I will. She cries and goes. Roshni cries and says what sort of love is this, they are standing against and can’t see each other in pain, what shall I do now.

Mrs. Bhalla says I would have been fine if Adi’s child came home. Raman says don’t lose so soon, I won’t go court without you. Ruhi and Mr. Bhalla ask them to be positive. They leave for court. Ishita says I m ready, its a big day for you, come. She feeds curd to Roshni. She says I have packed your bag, I think you will say yes today. Roshni asks why are you doing this. Ishita says don’t ask me, I want this baby to be called legitimate, I want him to get love, believe me, I want your betterment, stop thinking about me, take a well thought decision. The court hearing begins. Roshni goes to witness box. Ishita hopes Roshni accepts Raman’s offer. Roshni says this is tough decision for me, I want my baby to get a legitimate name, why shall this child get punished for Adi and my mistake, I want this child to get the family love and financial security, I have decided that this child will stay in Bhalla house. Raman and everyone smile.

Judge says fine, the court decides…. Roshni says wait, I have a condition, you told me yesterday that Raman and Ishita love this child a lot, they are fighting for custody, I want the child to be loved by both of them, I have created a rift between them, everyone has been hurt, I want everyone to stay together lovingly, they will love the child a lot, its their Adi, he will complete their family, I m ready to give my child to Bhallas on one condition, if they accept Ishita in their family again. They get shocked. Ruhi smiles. Roshni says I got a chance to get them together, I want my baby to get love and values from them, if they agree, I will stay with Bhallas, else I will go away somewhere with my child. Judge says I m impressed with your decision, now the decision is in Raman and Ishita’s hands, they are still married, they are separated by just some tragedy, they are getting a chance to rectify mistakes, court will resume after the break, they can tell their decision, the court is adjourned. Ishita sees Roshni.

Raman and Ishita have a talk. He says you are a cunning lady, you taught this to Roshni, this is only way to enter Bhalla house. She asks you think I will use Roshni and her child. He says you miss me and family, you should have thought of some other way. They argue. She says I won’t compromise, I will tell this to judge. He says I m doing this for Adi’s child, I m compelled. She says I have no compulsion. He says you got selfish, you don’t want to stay with me, you will lose the child, we have to do this to get the child. She agrees. He says good, don’t forget that I have not forgiven you. She says I m not keen to get closer to you. He says you won’t come back in my life, don’t think. She says I don’t want to. Mr. Bhalla sees them and smiles. He says they are first parents and then husband and wife, their love for children keeps them together. Ruhi says I pray that they say this to the judge and make everything fine.

Ishita comes home. Ruhi stops her and asks Raman to be with her. She does Ishita’s grahpravesh and aarti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Big loving family?? Seriously, they are just a bunch of people who know only to conspirate against each other, I hated serials once upon a time watching this changed my perception but now I feel my hatred for serials were right

  2. Worst serial. Still Raman insulting ishitha then where is love in between them. How she go and stay in there house. Ishitha shud not go. Let them die. She shud leave them.

  3. Man i am hoping this is not Adi’s child, I want to see the outcome of Raman’s ignorance. I still think Roshini is not to be trusted. Anyways I like Roshini’s suggestion of Raman and Ishu living under the same roof their love will overcome Raman’s anger I hope.

    1. Yes Jayshree … I was convincing myself this is not Adis child . And one thing clear Ishitha is not allowed to Bhallas house after Adis death . Its not she has moved by herself .Accusing her not supporting Alia is wrong ! Ishitha as character understands others feelings and take all suffering for herself .Now their nok joks nd romance . Cvs pls show an emotional breakdown of Ishra on Adis death and confrontation .Time heals everything but Raman insulted her again yesterday and Ishithas attitude also was bad . No guilt at all .
      Cvs and their cheap thinking ..

  4. What a Joke!!!! Bhalla family is the most dysfunctional, cheating, deceiving, disrespecting family ever. They dont have any values of their own and still the makers wants us to believe that they are good. Roshni is better off calling her child illegitimate than sending her child to live with these bumbling buffoons. Adi dies, Ruhi is mentally unstable due to the same bhallas, Pihu is in some hell hole of her own. Bua that tries to kill her own brothers kids, Romi who is only on his families side until it is convenient for him. Mrs Bhalla has no morals or sense to control her own manner less kids. Mr. bhalla is a show piece of a man who has no backbone at all. I can go on and on but i wish they shut this show down or start showing sensible things.

    1. Well commented Preet !

    2. Riana

      @Preet.. Yhm is a perfect example of such a show which started with infinite emotions and love and ongoing with destroyed brains of the characters…It should be shut down as soon as possible !!!…Else people will freak out finally ending up breaking their tv’s ????????

  5. They are trying way too hard to convince people about Ishita’s goodness & the so called love between IshRa – but it is as hollow as it used to be. Giving too much emphasize is only showing their desperation.

    Yes – Ishita may look selfish but at some point one could have understood her points if CVS hadn’t made her run after Roshni. Many may disagree but I strongly believe her killing Adi was a good move & don’t come preach about how a mother could kill her son because that son himself shunned everyone around him & had no remorse for his deed.
    We can love/hate/reason/argue with someone who is alive. You can’t indulge in any sort of emotions with someone who is dead. At some point, you have to move on. After Adi’s death, if Ishita or Raman wanted to raise Iron-Kid as Adi’s child, that would be normal to some extent.

    I would have no problem if Ishita or Raman wanted to be a part of his/her life.

    But Ishita made it her purpose in life while her own kids who are in tremendous amount of pain are left behind. After 8 months she just pops up & apologizes to Aliya – that’s so not done. Read in a spoiler that she would check Raman’s mobile for her picture. At your late 40s if you are still so possessive about your hubby then how could you leave your so called daughter when she was processing her husband’s cheat & death??? In no way, her actions can justify her inclination towards Roshni & Iron-Kid.

    Raman is the biggest GIRGIT. He uses & abuses everyone according to his own convenience. Now he’s folding hands before Roshni. If he starts to raise this kid & later finds out that this baby indeed isn’t Adi’s & in some corner of the world, there is someone who is carrying Adi’s child – he wouldn’t hesitate to throw this baby out & leave in search of that baby.

    He did the same multiple times. Ignored Ruhi for Adi’s sake. Then Ignored Adi when Ruhi was supposedly dead. Later left home for Pihu leaving both Ru-Di behind. For him it looks like children are trophy which has to be won & I’m implying the word ‘WON” & then they can rot in hell, he wouldn’t care because he has gallons of alcohol to finish.

    And what love are they talking about? Does Ishita even realize how hollow she sounds when she says that she doesn’t want to separate Roshni from her baby but can’t see Raman’s pain. BEWAKUF AURAT!!!

    Mr. Bhalla’s statement is as hollow as this. IshRa has never been good parents & certainly not a couple. They just have to have every kid in the world. If you really love someone – you are bound to understand their POV which Raman has never done. He needed an AYA – he married Ishita. The way he has always abused Ishita – if that’s called love, I would want to live my life without such type of love.

    1. Totally agree Nihariks except I am not able to accept Ishima killed Ishimas Adi . May be I love Dt and Abhishek v much .But you are true to the word.Raman never respected Ishitha and this love now … cant understand the cvs really butchered both Kp and Dts characters.

      1. Vp, to be honest, I have found Adi’s character to be too good to be true. No offense to Abhishek, but the character Adi had always been selfish. Since most of the time he was on team Ishita – audience overlooked his shortcomings.

        Coming to his sudden negativity – I think it was pretty obvious. What kids observe during their childhood, plays an important role in shaping up their character. IshRa can’t just blame it all on AshGun.
        I can understand why Ishita tried to commit suicide. But she stayed away for 7 years & never thought to come back for Adi. Raman was present but from the episodes one could see how much he neglected Adi.
        In true sense, he never got any attention. As far as respecting women, he had grown up seeing how Raman used to blame Ishita for anything & treat her like a doormat. How can we expect him to become a man of principle when he was surrounded by Bhallas?

        More importantly, why should Adi’s comeback be the only reason for Raman to forgive Ishita? His sorrow of loosing Adi is justified. But so was Ishita when she shot Adi. Raman should have this much of conscious that Ishita herself was stuck in a situation where she was compelled to shoot her own son.

        One can definitely observe that Aliya instead of Roshni being the mistress supported Ishita’s shooting. She couldn’t forgive her for choosing a mistress over her.

        IshRa are literally becoming Dada-Dadi but still they don’t have one ounce of trust or consideration for each other.

        DT is surely one of the best & KP undoubtedly is the best.

        But the storyline & there characters have become so cheap that don’t find any interest in their so called nok-jhok.

  6. Guys…seriously… i have been silent reader from 2013 on all the leading series….i request you to watch turkish series with english kara para ask…dolunay….kiralik ask…ask laftan anlamaz…..they have much more meaningful concept which relates to daily life instead of these shows which revolves around the same storyline for years….can anyone remember the number of times ishita has been to and fro from Bhalla’s house……

  7. Good point Safa,she has been living by herself most of the time although she is married to Raman that is the joke of the year. LMAO.

    1. Riana

      @Jaya aunty.. Atlast jaya aunty like in saathiya…everyone in yhm will celebrate ishra’s 25th anniversary and will stay they always stayed together what a lovely couple….ROFLLLLLLLL ??????????????????????????????

  8. Niharika very true about Adi .And your childhood definitely shows in ones character .
    Totally he was ruined . Infact cvs butchered all characters . Kp , Dt and Abhishek … its beyond repair now . Even if they show Ishras love is more than anything … cvs have spoiled that beautiful love here ! Love means care and respect each other and not to hide anything … understand and trust . Now if the spoilers to believe they are coming with an mms of Raman with a girl of his daughters age !
    Cvs only made Ishra dadi/ Dada and coming up with this cheap dramas .Anyways if cvs can end up this rubbish , Well nd Good !
    Happy wedding Anniversary to Divek !
    Be blessed stay blessed for ever !

    1. Exactly VP. I loved the initial days of YHM when Raman & Ishita started trusting each other with their secrets & pain from their past & tried to move on. In real life also, no one is perfect. But with the help & support of our partner, we move on.

      There is no continuity in YHM anymore. One day Raman calls Ishita murderer, opportunistic – the next day he has back-pain & Ishita starts massaging his back.

      This can only enrage you.

      And accusing Raman of making a MMS – is the funniest thing. They themselves have forgotten that they have taken multiple leaps & now Raman is almost 50. Just because KP is handsome in real life. you can’t show a 50 year old so charming to be indulged with younger women & taking advantage of them. This is pure bullshit. They really need to close this show now.

      1. Riana

        @Niharika… I think showing charming, attractive or handsome the characters is okay but showing wrong things like extra marital affair, se*ual enjoying life, dysfunctionality is all wrong…wrong…wrong !!! ?

      2. Exactly Riana.

        Many time CVS has introduced delicate topics only for TRP but have never been able to give a proper closure.

        In real life, sometimes couple start getting distant after their kid’s death.

        I would say, Zee TV’s BHOOTU was the only show that has done complete justice with that plot. The main turning point of that show was – the murderer was the ML’s sister while the FL would do anything to get her punished.
        In between, many times I had wondered how would they two end up together? At the beginning, I got frustrated seeing their fight. But the writer did an amazing job there & sensibly ended that.
        I loved how the ML accepted that he knew that the FL wasn’t wrong & he didn’t hate her. At the same time, he couldn’t love her because she got his sister punished.
        I also loved how the FL didn’t bow down but later confessed that she knew how much he loved his sister & was sorry to hurt him. But she had to do what was right.
        Eventually, the boy himself understood that his sister had to be punished & asked for forgiveness.

        Raman is justified to be miffed with Ishita. But after a certain period of time he should have acknowledged his son’s fault – which he didn’t. Instead, he roamed with younger girls as old as her daughter to irritate his wife for God knows why. If he is getting accused, he deserve this.

  9. hahahaha…Lmao…. LMFAO….
    seriously Lol…
    my WiFi isn’t working so i stopped watching My Korean/Chinese dramas and watched a few episodes of this crap..
    like seriously!!!! this is a show??

  10. Raman’s character is as cheap as cheap can be. y is CVS doing this and y is Karan Patel spoiling his own image. what kind of ruthless words he uses against anybody… “kis kism ki aurat ho…giri hui aurat ho… banjh ho… kabhi kisi ki maa nahi ban sakti… vaahiyad aurat ho… kitna girogi…. ghatiya kism ki aurat ho…” and the list of abuse against ishita goes on… and when she comes back into his life.. he is all praises for her…. does he really understand ishita… is he really mature enough to understand any relation… it is just a jallad family headed by a jallad with a moral-less mother. and mr bhalla.. he too lost respect by supporting his son and wife’s idiotic behaviour… At this point of the serial… Romi and Ishita are the only people who took correct decision to stay away from this highly mannerless family…

  11. People….

    No. It was planned by Simmi and Param to get Tanya to trapped on Raman so that family will be disgrace on Raman but Ishita is not ready to believe Tanya as she trust Raman. Raman realised that his only wife Ishita support him in all his life and will never leave him. Shagun will also support Tanya who falsed accused on Raman. If Raman had no mobile with him then who has the mobile. As you see that Raman was drunk where Ishita will be waiting for him. Raman behave like a criminal to remove his shoes to go to room but caught by Ishita. Ishita take Raman to room but was about to go to his parent room but stop by Ishita and get scold by her. Ishita take Raman to go to room but fall on the couch. Raman and Ishita get eyelocked and is about to romance but disturbed by Simmi and Param arrival home. Simmi then shout and Param to traunt Ishra. Raman can’t stand up but fall back and Ishita to stand up and look down angily on Simmi and Param. Raman then traunt Param and send Simmi and Param to their room. As you will see Simmi and Param in the roomto plan something evil. Tanya made too much drama and created bad issued to make others to believe her but Mr Bhalla slapped Raman and everyone get shocked and so is Ruhi is against her own father who Raman didn’t do wrong. Remeber, When you saw Raman and Tanya meeting at the bar and take picture and send to Ishita but Ishita doesn’t care about it and Ishita warn Raman that she is not affected by this but Raman surprised reply to Ishita that “We are affected by this” as we know that how much Raman loves Ishita very deeply. Tanya ask Raman to get the booking at the hotel to sleep together but Raman is not interesting in Tanya as he want to hurt his loving wife Ishita. Tanya was talking to someone before Raman arrived to meet her and I get to know it was Simmi and Param plan so that Tanya will get money and blackmailing. Ishita will save Raman from false accusation and will blame on Simmi and Param evil deeds. Shagun is blindly to believe Tanya and will support Tanya and will call the women right to fight against Raman. Ishita isn’t not going to let this happen as she protect Raman and will get investigation. I come to know that ACP Abhishek will be returning to reunited Ishra afterward Aliya will remarried and Adi will markdown his arrival. Roshini will have complication labour and will be seen delivery a baby boy and will die. Ishita will be left alone and will take care of the baby. Raman will get to know about this and will fight with Ishita. Raman ask Ishita to give baby to him so that he will give Pihu to her. Ishita agreed and gave baby to Raman. Raman will take the baby to Bhalla house to celebrate. This is how the story goes. Raman will not think to throw the baby as it is Roshini baby. Raman has huge mistake by fighting with Ishita. Romi is longing for the baby but don’t know if he will adopt Roshini baby or not.

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