Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th December 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Amma meeting her relatives. She gifts them a gold chain for Shravan. Shravan’s grandma taunts them about Ishita. Amma is hurt. Mr. Iyer consoles her and asks her not to cry. Ishita plays with Shravan. She laughs with him. Bala (Ishita’s jiju) asks whats going on in your life, apart from your dental clinic. Ishita says adoption, I m thinking to adopt a child. He says are you sure about this, did you talk to everyone. She says no one, I will tell them later, she asks is the idea good. He says its a great idea. Bala’s mum hears this and laughs.

Mrs. Bhalla is angry on Iyer family. The function starts and Akka bring Shravan down. Amma asks where is Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla calls Ishita but Ishita keeps her phone and does not see the call. Shravan

sits for the puja with his parents. Mrs. Bhalla call her again and gets angry. Mrs. Bhalla says call the tanker, we have to get some water for the jagrata. Ishita sees the missed call and goes to attend the call. She sees Subbu with his wife. She is shocked.

Ishita feels upset looking at them. He looks at her and she thinks about him and her old moments. He says hi, thats my wife Ragini. Amma sees Subbu and is shocked. Subbu asks how are you. Amma says she is fine. Amma takes Ishita with her. Akka asks her husband why is Subbu here. She says Ishita and Subbu were engaged and they knew each other for 15 years and now its so embarrassing for us. Bala’s mum says Subbu is my son, can’t be come in our house to attend a function, you should have stopped your sister from coming here.

She tells them that Ishita is adopting a child. Amma says what are you saying. Bala’s mum taunts Ishita. Amma argues with her. She says you all are feeling bad seeing my son, its your daughter’s mistake, my son can become a father, see his wife, she is pregnant. She says mu Subbu had a option but your Ishita does not have any option. Amma says Ishita also has a option, she has better option that Subbu, she got someone. Ishita is shocked. Amma tells everyone about Raman praising him. Ishita says Amma….. Amma does not listen to her. Amma says tell them how you met on the internet. Akka asks Ishita did you really meet someone.

Ishita sees Subbu holding his wife’s hand and cries. She says yes, I got someone now. Amma and Ishita are on the way back to home. Amma says how can you hide it from me. Ishita says I don’t have any Raman in my life, I said yes to keep up your words, but this is not true. Amma asks who is he then. Ishita says I was not seeing it for marriage. Ishita says don’t be a spy. Ishita asks her dad to drop her as she has to take some medicines. Amma asks her to come home soon as she needs to talk about Raman and adoption. Ishita says there is no Raman.

Amma comes back home and sees the decorations. Mrs. Bhalla sees Amma and Mr. Iyer and argues with them. She stops Amma from going to her home. Amma says let us go, we are tired. Amma laughs on Mrs. Bhalla’s english. Everyone tell Amma about the water problem. Ishita comes and sees the fight going on. Rinki tries to take Mrs. Bhalla inside. Mrs. Bhalla says we called your daughter a lot of times. Amma says we were busy. Mrs. Bhalla asks busy in what work and taunts Ishita. She scolds Ishita for not taking her call.

Ishita comes inside her house and swipes the water out. She thinks about Mrs. Bhalla’s taunts. She thinks about Subbu and his wife. She thinks about her and Subbu’s old moments when they engaged. She was taken to the hospital and Subbu asked the doctor what problem does Ishita has. The doctor told him that Ishita can never conceive. Subbu is shocked.

Ishita then spoke to Amma about this. Ishita says the doctor told me that this happened because of my childhood incident. She says I had stomach TB, I remember. Ishita asks Amma to tell her the truth. Amma says yes, you has TB, and the doctor told that there is 10% chance that this would happen. Amma says I thought my prayers will always protect you. And then Subbu’s mum broke Subbu’s and Ishita’s marriage. Amma asked Subbu about this decision. Subbu said no for marriage saying its true that I love Ishita but he gave importance to children over Ishita.

Ishita’s thinking ends. Amma comes and sees Ishita swiping the floor thinking. She asks what are you doing, why are you angry. Ishita cries. Ishita sees the puppy and hugs him. Mr. Iyer asks Amma to give some time to Ishita. He says let her be alone, she has bear a lot.

Raman is shocked to see Ruhi. Ishita looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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