Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Parmeet poisons Ananya

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita saying I have been here all day, Simmi packed some tiffins. Parmeet calls out Simmi and asks her to hurry, they have to go orphanage. Raman and Ishita act busy in their work. Parmeet and Simmi leave. Ishita asks shall we follow them. Raman says yes, we have to. He drives and follows Parmeet’s car. Parmeet sees them and smiles. Simmi says I m worried for Ananya. He says you got paratha and raita for her. They reach the godown. Simmi hugs Ananya. Parmeet says she is scared of me, you feed her. Simmi consoles Ananya and feeds her. Raman and Ishita come there and see Parmeet’s car.

Raman asks some men about Parmeet. They look for Parmeet. Ananya says it was very tasty. Simmi thanks her. Raman says I think Param knew that we are following him, so he tricked us. Ishita says then maybe has has executed his plan already. Raman says where can he go, what happened. She recalls the list and says why didn’t I think of this first, the grocery story guy got a bill, Parmeet got that items, the list had rat poison, we have no rats in the house, why did he get it. Raman says it means he wants to kill that person by feeding rat poison. Ananya gets stomach ache and tells Simmi. Simmi gets water for her.

She goes to call Parmeet. Ananya faints. Parmeet asks Ananya to get up, what happened, was the food too spicy. Simmi says no, Manjiri made food at home. He looks for car keys. Simmi asks him to hurry up. Raman says we should call police, my phone is in the car, come. They hear Simmi coming and stop. They see Simmi with Ananya. Parmeet and Simmi see Raman and Ishita. Parmeet asks how do you know we are here. Ishita asks who is this girl, Simmi what happened to her. Parmeet asks her not to act innocent. He says you made these parathas, this girl has eaten this, it means Ishita wanted to kill me, I m sure something was mixed in it.

Ishita says yes, you added it. He says if its my conspiracy, what are you doing here. Simmi says you tried to kill Parmeet. Ishita says he is lying. Simmi says you snatched my daughter first and now Parmeet. Parmeet says they are making you against me. Raman says you ordered rat poison, we have heard you, it was your plan. Parmeet says fine, if you knew this, why didn’t you call police, Raman your drama won’t work in front of me now. Simmi says something is happening to Ananya, do something. Parmeet points the gun at Raman and Ishita. He asks Simmi to go. Simmi takes Ananya in the car. She leaves. Parmeet gets seated and asks Simmi did you leave.

He says Simmi left, but she can’t reach hospital, the car will stop on the way, I have got less petrol in the car, Ananya will die and Simmi will hate you more. Raman and Ishita ask him to not harm the girl. Parmeet says Simmi has started loving that girl, she sees our Ananya in her, when she dies, Simmi will feel you killed Ananya all over again, I will keep this a secret that you didn’t kill Ananya, just like last time, you won’t go to jail alone, this time Raman and Ishita will go jail together.

Simmi says nothing will happen to you Ananya. She thinks of Ananya. The car stops. Simmi says how did the car run out of fuel, don’t worry, nothing will happen. Parmeet says the car might have stopped by now. Raman says we didn’t hurt you as much as you hate us, when Simmi knows your truth, she will hate you. Parmeet says Simmi will never know it, Raman you are helpless. Raman kicks him and makes gun fall. He beats Parmeet. Parmeet goes to get gun. Raman steps on his hand and hurts him. Parmeet screams. Ishita says he fell unconscious, come fast, we have to save the girl. Raman takes the bullets and throws the gun. They leave. Pameet gets up and calls someone. He says we have to frame Raman. Simmi tries to get lift and asks Ananya to wait, they shall go soon. She asks someone to help, she has to take the girl to the hospital. Ishita says Simmi could have not gone far. Raman says I hope the girl is fine. Simmi says I have to take the girl, please help me. She cries.

Ishita says the girl will die if the poison isn’t removed from her stomach. Raman says Parmeet is just making stories. Inspector finds Raghav’s wife in Raman’s car. Raman gets shocked.

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  1. Cvs if you are thinking by poisoning Ishitha , you will get good trp , you are wrong . The Ishima whom people loved faded from their hearts ..not going to have an impact on audience …Please poison all the characters and kill and Ekta and sick Sickand can get saddistic pleasure.It was cruel to see the new girl poisoned and showing such things in tv . How are parents of that little girl be allowed to act such a scene.Such a big crimes doing and the way Param escaping ! Now I I think we should give an award to Ekta and sickand for butchering this unique serial .

  2. yes a horrible serial it has turned into we have fallen in love with it but no more with this yeah hain nafrateen

  3. i wonder if ekta bribes people when they do trp reports. how many times will ishra go to jail? The makers have nothing lleft to explore. After the 7 year leap, they could have focused on adi-aliya and ruhi. Im not that surprised ishita is dying. Its high time they do a revamp or just end it. Who misses rishton ka chakravuh?

  4. Seems like the writers wants this show to be about villains then about mohabbetein as the title suggests.

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