Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parmeet teasing Sarika and Romi coming in between to defend her. Parmeet says you have grown up, fine, today you live up. He smiles and leaves. Sarika thanks Romi. Romi says this thing will go on, its small, everything will be fine. Its morning, Ishita packs idlis in the tiffin for Ruhi and has pain in her hand. Ruhi asks is it still aching. Ishita says yes somewhat, it will be fine if my Ruhi gives a kiss. Ruhi gives a kiss and Ishita smiles saying she is fine now. Mrs. Bhalla takes Ruhi for school. Ruhi leaves. Raman goes after Ishita and hears her talking to doctor that she has pain in her hand, but why anesthesia, fine I will come.

Raman says I will take you to doctor. She says no I will go. He asks why. She says I will go, its small thing, don’t leave office. He says why are you arguing, how will you drive. She thinks how to tell Raman not to come, as I don’t want him to see me in this state. Vandu comes. Ishita blinks to her and says Akka is taking me. Vandu is puzzled. She says yes Raman, let us spend time. Raman says fine, call me if there is any problem. Ishita takes Vandu. Raman says hand poain affected her mind, she was half mad, and now fully mad.

Mihika does the modeling and looks gorgeous in the pink net saree. Baby doll………………….plays………….. She changes the sarees and the photo continues. Ashok comes and smiles seeing her. Murti tells Ashok that he chose the right modeling, she is very beautiful, simple Indian model. Ashok says yes, I always think about my clients, and I have good choice about women. He gets Shagun’s call and says he is busy. She says its emergency, your brother called. He says fine, don’t worry, I m coming. He tells Mr Murti he is leaving for home and leaves.

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Raman says fine, the meeting is cancelled, fine, I will go and meet Ishita at the hospital. He calls Ishita and the doctor tells him about anesthesia given to Ishita, its painful procedure. He says he is coming. The doctor asks Vandu to take Ishita. Raman comes there. The doctor asks Vandu to go and get the medicines. Vandu says will Ishita manage when she gets up. The doctor says my assistant will manage her, I told her she is special case.

Raman comes and asks the doctor how is Ishita, why anesthesia. The doctor says it was important and goes. He sees Ishita laughing and asks what happened to her. Ishita says no one can catch me. The nurse says this happens when given anesthesia. Raman says its normal. The nurse says she has this problem since childhood. Raman says how can I miss this chance and record this funny scene. He laughs seeing Ishita talking in tamil. Ishita has her eyes closed and says I love Bhalla and sings……why this kolaveri di…….

He enjoys the song and her madness. He says now she is in my clutches. Send her home if she gets fine, else you guys keep this mad patient. He leaves. Ashok talks to Suraj and asks why did you not call me, when did this happen. Suraj says I went to dentist and she did this. The doctor checks him and says the root canal was fine, but you ate wrong food, did the doctor not tell you. Suraj says no, she did not tell me. She did my operation without anesthesia. Ashok asks Suraj where did you go, tell me once. He says a lady doctor. Shagun asks who. Suraj says yes, Dr. Ishita Raman Bhalla.

Ashok and Shagun are shocked. Ashok says he knows her and her husband well. Suraj says he was there, her compounder, he was helping her. Ashok says don’t worry, we will teach them a good lesson. Ishita asks Ruhi did she not have food, does she not like idli. Ruhi says no, not daily. Ishita asks what her freidn brings. Ruhi says good veg dishes. Her mum makes good food, and I can that daily. She says teacher gave this. Ishita thinks I think Ruhi likes Punjabi food.

She talks to Amma and says Ruhi’s taste went on Raman. Amma asks does Mrs. Bhalla not teach you. Ishita says she knows non veg, I don’t know veg dishes, I think I will learn cooking with Mihika, she is also marrying a Punjabi, so she should also learn. Amma laughs. Mihika comes home tired of modeling. She gets a call from her boss and says what, are you serious, really, I can’t believe it, thanks. She jumps and tells Amma and Ishita that she got promoted, as the client is happy with her work. Ishita and Amma say congrats and hug her.

Mihika gives laddoos to everyone. Raman and Mihir come. Mihika makes Mihir gave it. Amma asks Mihika to get married to Mihir now, as she got promoted. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, Mihir is already ready. Ishuta asks Mihika to say yes. Everyone say. Mihika says yes. Everyone get happy and hug. Mihika and Mihir get the blessings. Raman asks how is her hand. She says better. He says Lord showed me great thing today and I m thanking him.

Ishita says she will make Chole Bature for Ruhi. Raman says never. Ishita says why. Raman says don’t let her make Punjabi food, she can go in coma, and jokes. Ishita also pulls his leg. She says she will make palak paneer well. He says fine, put paneer, not Ruhi’s pencil box rubber. He challenges Ishita and says if she makes good palak paneer, he will do what she says. Ishita says you all are witness. He says its my promise. She says I will win.

Ashok and Suraj come to complaint about Ishita. The lawyer praises her and Suraj gets angry. The lawyer says I m trying to help you, as I have to tell you the facts. Ashok says Mr Ansari you have seen what she did with my brother, take action against her. Ansari says fine, I took your report. He gets minister’s call and says yes, Mr Khanna is here, we will take strict action against Ishita. Ashok tells Suraj not to worry, as they will ruin Ishita, now lets see what Raman does to save his wife.

The guys meet a girl named Kajal in Mihir’s bachelors party and she seems to be interested in Raman.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. al d bst ISHU.tum ye chlnge jeet jao aur RAMN ko apne isharon mein naachao

  2. it wil b grt fun n watchng Raman dng thngs wich Ishu say.

  3. i thgt dis Suraj wil b Ashok’s he Said suraj kumar lyk Ashk kumr.

  4. guys yesterday i was watching telly talk ,, in that it showed raman aka Karan wakes up late which effects the working schedule.. i m scared that they dont remove him ,, because this case was same in Qubool hai Asad aka Karan Grover was removed coz he was not behaving good with the director,, and later he was removed I heard this in news,, but i dont want this same to be happen with Raman.. Coz we Love him,, and if it happen the show will go down…. Ik he wont be removed but still i m saying so that they dont ever think to remove any of them 🙂

  5. Ishu, you were looking so funny on the aneasthecia act. chennai express ka ye scene itna hit hai. and apka bhi best tha.

    i am wondering how would raman use the video to blackmail ishita.
    might be in this competition.
    it is sounding interesting every day.
    hope the couples unite soon….. 🙂

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