Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Raman feels helpless

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman coming to his room and crying seeing the children’s pics. Ishita comes and looks at him. She asks him to have food. He asks her to call someone to help him and make him lie on the bed. She helps him. He signs I m fine. She nods. He turns away and cries. She covers him up and goes. He cries seeing family pic. Its morning, Rajat checks Raman’s file. He gets tensed. Doctor comes and says Raman has been discharged, I was thinking to tell Sudha Chaudhary about his complications. Rajat says no, I will handle his matter, I hope you told his family about physiotherapy, provide all the help, except this truth, it shouldn’t come out in front of his family and Sudha.

Mihika says tell me if you need anything. Ishita says you go to Adi. Mihika says he is fine,

you focus on Raman, Romi has come back and is handling Adi so well, he is so so happy. Ruhi comes with Aaliya and tell about some therapist who is really good. Ishita says we will take Raman to her. They see Raman with Pihu. Raman makes some drawing. Pihu calls it horrible. Ishita says Raman’s happiness is in our hands, we have to be with him. Raman tries to pick a pencil. Ruhi helps him. He thanks her for help. Pihu asks whose drawing did you like. Ruhi says I like Pihu’s drawing. She asks Pihu to go and show it to Kshitija. She asks do you love me. Raman says of course. She asks why did you thank me, you have always helped me. She says don’t make us away from you, we all love you and want to see you fit and fine, you have to come with me in the evening, we want to take you somewhere. He asks where. She says you will know. He says like I have a choice, I will come, I won’t go anywhere, I m right here. Ishita cries seeing him.

Ishita, Ruhi and Aaliya take him to hospital. Ruhi says you will know it in some time. He says its too early for dinner. Aaliya says Romi has gone to factory, we don’t need him there. Ruhi says we have an appointment with Dr. Manjula. He says you think I will change thinking by someone’s Gyaan. Ishita says this is imp for even us. Ruhi says please come. Raman says if I feel uncomfortable, I m going to walk out, I m going to ask her to take me out. Ruhi says I will park car and come. She checks the parking lot. She goes to move off a bike. Aaliya and Ishita go to help Ruhi. Some men come. Aaliya says we need to move this bike to park our car. The men argue. Raman goes to them and scolds. The men laugh and ask will you save them, you save yourself. Ishita slaps the man. The men catch all of them. Raman shouts leave them, is anyone there. The man says I will kill them in front of you. Raman says I will kill you. He shouts for help. The man troubles him.

Ishita gets shocked and shouts for help. Ruhi and Aaliya kick the men and run away. Ishita beats the man. Police comes there. Raman says catch them. Police catches the men. Ruhi and Aaliya help Raman. Ishita says they were molesting my daughters. She comes to Raman and asks are you fine. Raman says what’s the use of my life, can I help anyone, it would have been better if I died, I can’t protect my wife and daughters. Ishita says lets do the work first. He asks will that psychiatrist help me, look at my state. Ruhi says please, you told me you will listen to me. He says this is happening as I can’t help the children. Ruhi and Aaliya take him in. Raman comes out of the cabin and says I m sorry, I should have not shouted on you. Ishita asks what. He says make me wear this sling. She says you said something. He says no. Manjula sends him. Ishita thanks her. She asks Ishita to come for a talk.

Simmi takes Raman’s blessings. Raman smiles. Rajat says thank God, the truth didn’t come out, I won’t let this happen. Raman says its my mistake, I got helpless, I signed the cheque and gave it to someone, I m disabled, I have become a burden on you all. Ishita says its nothing like that.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ummm Raman you are paralyzed not brain dead. People who have disability still live through life on their terms. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get the treatment done.

  2. What truth it must me?

  3. Who is Sudha Chaudhry?

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