Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita coming in the room and sitting worried. Raman comes and sees darkness. He says he had bad day at office as he could not concentrate on work. She tells him that Parmeet told him how he took advantage of the situation. He says its proved you are a fool, why did you leave your mobile when he was at home. She says she went to pay Adi’s fees, as Shagun gave that money to Parmeet. He says its your mistake, you brought him home, Simmi is mad, this news would be going to Ashok and he might be having fun. She says there will be some way. Raman says Parmeet can influence Romi, he is with Sarika and mum does not like her, you will lose your position, I will not help anyone, think and do what you want.

Shagun thinks about Tyagi and Suraj’s words. She thinks how Ashok shouted on her. She drinks wine. She says blo*dy Suraj, how dare he make me apart, Ashok is fooling me, what does he think I will come in his words. I left everything for Ashok, my family, home, husband and kids, as he could guve me everything what Raman could not, and now Raman has everything and Ashok is turning his face off me, what will I do, where will I go, I m divorced with Raman, he married now, where will Adi and I go, what about my social standard, how can he do this to me, he did not marry me as I was not divorced and now its done, he is lying, he does not want to commit, I m alone now, Ashok won over Raman, but its my loss.

She breaks the glasses and says no way, I will not fail, Ashok is mine and Suraj has to understand this, wait and watch Suraj, you have to face me today. Bala calls Ishita and asks her to come to them fast, as they were seeing film and she started crying. She asks him not to show emotional films. He says she is not first time pregnant, it was comedy film, it was different thing at Shravan’s time. He says I called Amma and she is sleeping now, please come home and save me. She says fine, you divert Vandu;s mind, I will come.

Mrs. Bhalla asks the maid to make veg food. Simmi looks on. Ishita says she is going out. She asks did you talk to Sarika. Ishita says no, I will talk to her, I did not go to clinic. Mrs. Bhalla says I m not Ruhi, I understand, you talk to her, Romi argues for her, I can’t bear this, I know Sarika is wrong for him. She leaves. Simmi taunts Ishita about Sarika’s character. Ishita says give me some time, I will manage everything, I promise. Simmi says you can’t. Ishita leaves and sees Raman in the compound. She says I will tell him I m going to meet Bala and Vandu. She sees him with Sarika. Raman asks Sarika to go far and get a good job, he promises her to give better job and better pay. Sarika cries.

Ishita comes and asks how can you fire her, she is my employee, how can you take her life’s decision, its not her mistake. He argues. She says she will manage. He says I know my brother very well, I m saving Sarika’s life. It will be good if she stays away from Romi. Sarika asks them not to fight and leaves. Raman says I m saving her life, thank me. He goes. Ashok brings his clients at home. Shagun comes drunk. Ashok and Suraj are shocked and embarrassed. Ashok says lets go inside and talk. She says no, I will talk here, everyone should know Suraj loves to interfere in our life.

She says you are eligible bachelor these days, your pic is given everywhere. Ashok says what. Suraj signs him. Shagun says oh, you don’t know, very bad Suraj, you did not tell him. She says yes Surraj did this. Ashok holds her hand. She says leave me, I will talk to everyone. She says guys, before you work with them, you have to think twice. Suraj asks Ashok to take clients for dinner, he will see Shagun. The wine glasses fall. Ashok says sorry to everyone and takes them out. Suraj holds Shagun’s hand. She shouts Ashok you can’t go. Suraj pushes her and asks whats this, are you mad, they are his clients, he buys expensive gifts for you by him, don’t tell the world that he kept you here. She says shut up.

She says you think you will come in between me and Ashok, you are a blo*dy scoundrel. He says stop it. She says why, you want me to leave from this house, this won’t happen, Ishita did right to expose you, you deserved you, you blo*dy loser, I won’t stay here where you live. She calls the servant to take her car out. Suraj calls the servant and says I should not see this woman in this house, tell the guards she should not enter, she will know her place when she stays out one night. Shagun drives and says moron Suraj, he thinks he will make me away from Ashok.

The car hits the tree and stops. She says move, move, damn it. She comes out and gets drenched in the rain. She has wine bottle in her hand and drinks. She pushes the tree trying to move it. She tries taking lift. Ishita comes there and sees Shagun. Shagun says hi Ishita. Ishita says Shagun, here at this time. She asks what are you doing here alone. Shagun says Biwi no 2 meets Biwi no 1.

Ishita asks is she ok, where is her car and driver. She says tree came in between, ask it to movie. Ishita sees it and says is she hurt. Shagun says she is fine. Ishita says come with me home. Shagun says no, I won’t sit in Biwi no 2 ‘s car. Shagun says your car should have drink, as Raman drinks so much. She says he did not used to drink before, but started after I left him. Ishita says I can’t leave you alone, please come. Shagun says I m alone, come and sit. I m having fun and lies on the road. She says its good Raman and Ashok are not here, blo*dy men, they don’t deserve us, we are so good to do so much for them. She asks do you drink. Ishita says no.

Shagun says did Raman not make you drink, mind works after drinking, like mine. Ishita says come with me. Shagun says you are Raman’s second wife and I m first. Ishita says its not good and safe to be here and talk. Shagun says are we safe at home, men hurt us at home too, wrong, we are not safe. She says Ishu you are so innocent, I will tell you an important thing, don’t forget this. Raman waits for Ishita and calls her. Her phone is in the car. He says where did she go.

Shagun says don’t trust men, they don’t care for you, they are selfish and think about themselves, its saying that men are like dogs, but why are you like this, I know you treat Raman like Lord, but don’t do this, men don’t deserve this, and about me and Raman, he loved me till 5 years, he was mad after me, this mole, he used to praise it and did not see Ruhi because of me. Ishita gets upset. Yeh hai mohabbatein………………….plays………………..

Ishita brings Shagun to drop at Ashok’s house and the guard does not allow as Suraj did not permit her to come inside. Ishita makes Shagun sit in her car and says where should I take her now.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Geetha Mohanraj

    Nice update

  2. Itz gng on borng nt so waitd epi frm 1 week its k plz gt sum intrstng epi soo we eagerly wait fr d episode

  3. naya drama shuru ho gaya ab parmeet ke saath shagun bhi . but i don’ t like parmeet and shagun to create distance between ishitha and raman . blo*dy idiots and fools.

  4. Nice epi.i like it.and moreover u are updating the episode very fast.I like it.thank u so much.

  5. Kamini.sagun ke sath yesa hi hona chayita tha…..

  6. Thank u amena for ir hint
    By the way geetha u r a tamil becoz iam tamil i had doubt of ur name thatz why asking this. Ishu dont be soft corner with shagun it will be danger for ur life. I hope raman didnt accept in his life and raman please dont accept that idiot shagun in ur life. And i request ekta to join our ishu&raman as soon as possible. Plz this is my and worlds yhm fans request.

  7. God! this was supposed to be a love story and now we see just Ishita doing all the work and Raman is just a mere spectator. Raman does not respect Ishita. this is not done. where is the show heading by the way. Already out of top 10 race. Now, r the makers going to wake up when everyone lose interest in this serial. Bhallas r money minded. so wat is the diff between them and shagun/ashok. so wat if sarika is from a poor family. romi need to take a bold step here. shagun did something good today. scolding both the men raman & ashok. raman might be a ram but he has to behave like the one. how did he forget all the pain he gave to ishu a few weeks back. he is doing the same again. typical balaji serial where the female protagonist takes the lime light all the time.

  8. neeta shetty

    thank you for the written update. ishu needs to harden up.

    by the way there’s new article on YHM

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein : Ishita’s Too Much Mohabbat Is Too Diabetic To Digest

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