Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Rohan tries to convince Aaliya

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mani saying Rohan and Karan are brothers, they got educated abroad and recently shifted to Delhi, they started their own company, their family is well off, we have to find about their family, general info is good, we can go ahead. Raman says we have to know about their family. Romi says I don’t like Rohan. Mani says you slapped him, but he didn’t fight with you, it means he is a good guy. Ishita says I also find him good, we will have to take it slow and know if Aaliya likes him, we have to know about his family.

Raman says Aaliya is not a burden on us, what’s the hurry, we will find the guy whom Aaliya likes. Shagun says Raman is right, we should check his background, Aaliya should meet Rohan once. Ruhi says its a wonderful thing that Rohan doesn’t care

for your past, meet him once, what if you guys connect, meet him for my sake. Aaliya says I don’t want to talk about this. Ruhi thinks maybe its not the right time to talk. She asks Aaliya to go and change. She takes Aaliya’s phone. She says maybe I have to do something.

Its morning, Sudha says oh, Mani went to Bhalla house, but there was no drama. The man says yes. She laughs and says good. She asks him to mind his own business and inform her about Bhallas. She says you won’t come here again, you will talk to me on phone. He goes. Mani comes to office and says I have a meeting with Rohan. Lady says Sir is busy, you may wait.

Mani hears Rohan shouting on an old peon. Rohan fires him and asks him to get out. Mani says he is very ill mannered, I think Raman was right, this family has money, but not values, I m glad I heard this. Rohan says this was really tough, I m glad Mr. Sharma accepted resignation, he worked for 40 years in dad’s company and then joined my company, I want him to get funds and salary on time, no matter he works here or not, he has given more than half of his life to our company, I want to help him. Mani smiles. Rohan looks for his phone.

He says Karan has my phone. He goes. Mani looks on and says impressive, I think I should tell this to Raman, Ishu and Shagun that this guy is really good. Ruhi bumps into Karan and scolds. They argue. Ruhi calls Rohan and asks where are you. Karan says I m in coffee shop. She says even I m here. They see each other. She asks how did you get Rohan’s phone, you look a thief. He says no, come with me. Raman says fine, Rohan is a nice guy, but we shouldn’t hurry. Ishita says we have to know what’s in Aaliya’s mind. Raman says we can take her for dinner, she can open up. Shagun says we will take Ruhi along.

Mrs. Bhalla says you guys go, else Aaliya can’t talk well. Ruhi says you are a thief. Karan says no, I m his younger brother Karan. She asks where is Rohan. He says I want to keep my brother away from bhallas’ unwanted elements, why do you want to meet him after getting him insulted, is there anything left. She says I m sorry for that. He says fine and gets up. She says please, I want Rohan to meet Aaliya, he really likes Aaliya, they can know each other. He says Rohan won’t meet Aaliya, I don’t want this, sorry. He goes. She says how can he take decision of his brother’s life, foolish. Raman, and everyone ask Aaliya to come for dinner. Aaliya says no. Raman says fine, we shall have food. Aaliya says enough of melodrama, I will come. Ruhi stops Karan. He says I m protecting my brother, I know you and Aaliya’s type, you don’t have basic human courtesy, Rohan is already hurt, don’t hurt him more. He goes. Ruhi gets Ishita’s call and says fine, I will meet you there. Raman says we shall order, Ruhi will come.

Aaliya gets a bouquet. She says thanks, who has sent this. Rohan comes. He says really sorry, I didn’t wish to disturb you, when I saw Aaliya, I couldn’t stop from meeting. Mani says come, join us. Aaliya says I m going home. Rohan asks Aaliya to try to understand him once. He says you need time, I will wait for you till you say yes, because we are meant to be together, trust me. Raman, Ishita, Shagun and Mani look on. Ishita says don’t feel pressurized, trust me, Raman and I didn’t call him. Mani says we will have dinner together. Shagun asks Aaliya to sit. Rohan joins them. Sudha comes clapping and says what a love, amazing, Rohan, I know you want to impress Aaliya, do you know she is a widow.

Ishita asks why are you taking revenge and spoiling our family name, we didn’t wish anything bad to happen with your brother. Sudha says I came here to talk to Rohan. Rohan says I know Aaliya is a widow, I don’t care for this, I care for her present and future, leave us alone. Sudha says I m really impressed, you got blind in her love, do you know how did she become a widow, Ishita killed Adi, I know for sure that you love Aaliya, think will you like to have relations with this family. Raman asks Sudha ain’t you sick and tired, getting yourself insulted, where are your manners, our family dinner is going on, will you excuse us, your words have no value here. Sudha says I want to show you truth, you belong to a good family, you are handsome and rich, you may get anywhere, Aaliya is having dinner here with her husband’s murderer, would you like to get related to such weird family.

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  1. There should be an antagonist somewhere or the other. Earlier, it was shagun; later, it was simmi and param. Now, with turn of time, it is sudha. Getting sick of the whole thing(sic).

    1. yes its true, this drama doesn’t seem to end.

  2. Riana

    Karan and Ruhi’s coupling giving me vibes of nxt ishra ! 😝

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