Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita gets arrested

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the women getting happy seeing the amazing dishes. They praise the men for cooking so well. Mani says well done, how did you get the good presentation. Rohan says I ordered the food and gave tip to the delivery guy for organizing it, its sorted. Mr. Bhalla gets some call. He says I asked the florist to make Toran for us, he asked me to come and get it. Ishita says no, I will get it from florist, Raman is resting, he is tired, I will take Raman’s car. She goes. Ishita asks the men to keep things in dickey. The man says there is no place. She says I will move it. She tries and couldn’t move the heavy bags. She asks him to put the garlands in back seat. She says what’s this on my hands, blood…. She gets shocked. She says I m not injured. Ishita drives off and

says Vijendra would have done this. She stops the car. She checks the bag. She sees Neelam dead inside. She gets shocked seeing Kartik too.

She says how did this happen. She leaves. Vijendra asks Raman to deliver the bags. Raman says I told you I have guests here. Vijendra says I will inform everyone that you have a debt of 25 crores on you. Raman asks what’s inside the bag. Vijendra ends call. Ishita says I told Raman to be away from Vijendra, how can Raman do this, I have to save Raman. Raman looks for car keys. Mr. Bhalla says Ishita took your car. Raman asks why. Mr. Bhalla says she went to get garlands. Raman says I will go and get my car. Power goes. Raman says I will manage, I can’t wait. Ishita arrives. She sees Raman and cries. He asks her to give keys, he has to go. She asks where, you have to go and meet Vijendra. He says its not your problem, give me keys. She says you know what did he keep in the dickey, I won’t give you keys, just see what’s there inside the car. Raman says I don’t care, let me go. Police comes. She shuts the dickey. Sudha reaches.

Raman asks how did you come, we didn’t call you. Inspector says we have come to check your car. Ishita says there is nothing such. Sudha asks inspector to check the car dickey. Raman asks what are they finding. They get shocked. Sudha says didn’t I tell you, bodies will be in their car dickey. Raman asks what. Sudha says you are behaving like you don’t know. He says yes, I don’t know, the car belongs to me, someone has kept these bags, I know him. Inspector says arrest him. Ishita says stop, I m confessing, I have blood on my hand, its my car, its registered on my name, Raman was shocked, he drives my car sometimes but… I killed them. Raman asks what’s wrong with you. She asks did you kill them, tell me whose bodies are they, I know its Neelam and Kartik. He asks why are you doing this.

Ishita says our daughters’ wedding, can’t happen without you, you have to be there for kanyadaan. He says I won’t do this without you. Sudha says go and arrest that woman. Ishita says shut up, I m not running away, let me talk to my husband. She asks Raman not to tell this to anyone, family is imp, our daughters’ lives will be ruined, will Ruhi agree to marry again, will Aaliya settle again. Raman gets shocked. She asks inspector to arrest her. Raman says no, you can’t arrest a woman after sunset. Sudha says you will teach us law now. Inspector says we have permission from magistrate. Raman says listen to me Ishita, you are trying to save me, I can prove this, its not our fault. Ishita is taken away. Sudha leaves. Inspector says you came here to file missing complaint, you told about their kidnapping, did you kill them to frame Vijendra. She doesn’t answer. Raman comes and says she is lying, she has no murder motive. Inspector says I know, but is she protecting someone. Raman says yes, she is protecting me. Inspector asks her to say truth.

Ishita says how did Raman join hands with Vijendra, how are Sudha and Vijendra related. Sudha says I consider Vijendra as my brother, it was my plan, your wife can get released but… Raman says I will do as you say.

Update Credit to: Amena

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