Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the guard telling Sarika that a rich man came to meet him. She says tell him I m not at home and don’t let him come inside. The guard tells Raman that Sarika does not want to meet him. Raman says I have some work. The guard stops him and says she said she won’t meet you. Raman says fine and thinks why is Sarika afraid of him. He thinks about Parmeet making excuse that day. He says Parmeet lied that he does not know Sarika, it means Ishita was right, I have to tell this to everyone at home. Ishita tells Amma that she will hold the vegs. Amma says its small bag, I will carry, you close the car and come.

Ishita sees Mrs. Bhalla lifting heavy items and says she has a fracture. Amma stops Ishita and still Ishita goes to help. Mrs. Bhalla acts rude. Amma says I told you they don’t have manners, they are bad so they feel everyone are bad. Mrs. Bhalla says its all Ishita’s drama. Amma says you speak so bitter, my daughter did not do any drama, our family has manners. Amma says first see your family, I will not send my daughter there. Mrs. Bhalla says your daughter tried to ruin my daughter’s life. They get into an argument. Mrs. Bhalla calls Ishita liar. Amma says my daughter does not lie.

Everyone see them. Ishita stops Amma and takes her. Mrs. Bhalla says I will make you leave this society. Ishita says Amma I don’t like all this. Amma fights with Mrs. Bhalla and says I will not leave you. Simmi sees them fighting. Pammi asks Mrs. Bhalla to calm down. Parmeet is happy and says till Mrs. Bhalla supports me, Ishita can’t do anything. Mrs. Bhalla annoys Simmi in anger and she leaves.

Shagun comes to the Ruhi’s case judge. She asks what are you doing here, you can’t meet any judge like this. Shagun says it was urgent, listen to once. She tells the judge that her decision was wrong, you gave my dauihter to Raman and Ishita as she felt they are better for Ruhi, not their marriage is broken and now everyone can see Ishita’s truth, they did this drama to take Ruhi from me. She says see this with your eyes how they are and give my daughter back to me. The judge says fine, I will go there and see, then I will decide.

Sarika talks to Parmeet and says I won’t meet anyone. Parmeet says if you try to act smart, then I will not leave you and your mum. Raman hears this and says Ishita was right. He says he is such a creep, I did wrong with Ishita, once I get proof, I will kick him out of this house. Raman says I have to do something to bring out Parmeet’s truth, I have to be clever. I will not leave Parmeet. Mihir calls Raman and Raman says what? The judge comes to their home to check what Shagun said. Raman says I will see.

Raman is shocked to see the judge with Shagun. Raman says come. The judge says I came here to meet your wife, where is she. I just want to know where is she, don’t say she is at clinic, I went to her clinic and she is not there. Is it true that you and Ishita are separated and did all this to take Ruhi’s custody. Raman says its all rumors. Ishita comes and says you guys here, I m sorry I did not see. Raman and Ishita act normal. Shagun is shocked. Ishita says I m sorry, we forgot that we have to meet you today. We thought we will review after six months, we would have come if you called us.

Shagun says Ishita is acting, she stays at her mum’s house. Raman made this plan seeing you come. Raman says why are you troubling her. The judge asks Raman whats going on here. Shagun says lets ask their neighbors as they will be knowing it. The judge says I have to find out. Ishita says you are just doubting. The judge says I will decide. Mihir sees her and says the judge came here. Mrs. Bhalla asks Mr. Bhalla to do something as she fought with Amma infront of everyone and all the neighbors saw them fighting.

Raman says why do you want to meet my neighbors, you know how do Ashok and Shagun play games to take our daughter. He says our name will be spoiled if you do this. Mr. Bhalla says the same. Ishita says this will affect Ruhi too. Shagun says they have rehearsed this lines, they are afraid. The judge says its normal court review, I will ask them some questions, I told you before Ruhi will stay if you give her proper care, we will review and decide with whom will Ruhi stay, if review is bad, then Ruhi will go back to Shagun. She calls some society women.

The judge meets the women and asks them did they see any fight between Raman and Ishita. The women say in favor of Raman and Ishita, they often fight as they are cross communities. Pammi says they are love in between them, Raman learnt Tamil and praised Ishita in Tamil on the stage. Everyone smile. Shagun is shocked. Pammi says they are a romantic couple and tell about their rain hug. She says Raman goes out of the way to drop Ishita and Ruhi. Ishita loves Ruhi a lot whom Shagun left crying. They praise Ishita. Raman says I will never leave Ishita. He holds her and they look at each other. Kabhi kam na hogi……………plays……………

The judge says its our routine work, I m sorry that I disturbed you, I m happy to know the girl is happy. The women leave. Mrs. Bhalla is happy and thanks Pammi. Ruhi comes home and looks happy. Ruhi hugs Ishita. Ishita says say hello to mumma. Ruhi says hello Shagun mumma. The judge asks why are you scared. Ruhi says don’t take me to Shagun. Ruhi says you are nice to choose a good mum for me, papa and mumma love me.

Raman taunts Parmeet infront of everyone in anger and looks at his phone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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