Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita sees Sarika’s missing ad in newspaper by Raman, and asks him why did he give this. He says Sarika is to be mum of Romi’s child and we can get them married. She asks what, you refused for their marriage. He says the situation was different, Romi was not responsible, and now maybe the child is lucky to have father’s name, I told Sarika to go for abortion if she wants and she did not, maybe this was destiny, now Romi is responsible after what he did yesterday, I m sure of it. She says this is selfish. He says why, and defends.

Pathak’s PA comes and shows the legal papers. Raman asks Ishita to trust him, he will solve all problems. The PA Abhishek goes to Shagun and hands over the docs to her. She is shocked seeing the legal notice and asks what nonsense, Raman filed for Adi’s custody. He says you can fight against this claim, else have out of court settlement, Raman feels you can’t do Adi’s upbringing well, the court will decide. He leaves. She says how dare you Raman, you feel you can snatch Adi as you snatched Ruhi, and teach him a lesson, Ruhi’s custody has united him and Ishita, now see how Adi’s custody breaks them.

Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla to have food and medicines, and insists. Mrs. Bhalla cries and Ishita asks her to have food. Raman gets a call and talks. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened. He says we got Sarika’s whereabouts. Mrs. Bhalla thanks Lord. Raman asks Ishita to come with him, when he goes after 2 hours. Romi asks can I come. Raman says no, I will talk to her. Ishita thinks she is not sure is this right way or not. Raman works in office and Ashok comes to him. He says you are back, I felt you won’t come after Rinki’s marriage drama, I m impressed by your dedication, Mihir is used on good time. Raman sends the men out and talks about work. He says you gave me job for my capabilities, behave your age and stature, you feel I m helpless and working here, I m doing what you are paying me for, I m doing this for your company’s good, I know all this you do, kids do this, not businessmen, grow up, see this balance sheet, if this company goes like this for more 6 months, then you will need to look for a job. He says I m doing my work well, you also learn, else call me, I will explain you. Ashok gets angry.

Raman and Ishita come to meet Sarika. He asks how is she, can we come inside to talk. Sarika says she don’t want to see Romi’s face. Raman says mistakes can be rectified. Sarika asks are you not late. Ishita says late, but we came to apologize, we are not saying you can’t raise child alone, but if you have a partner and family, then it gets easy, can’t you forgive Romi for child’s sake. Sarika argues and says you feel I don’t know why you guys are here, I m not a kid, I know about his medical problems, so you came here right, not for me, but for this child. They are shocked.

Sarika says I m your last hope, so you came to see me, did you scold or punish Romi for his mistake, no, you don’t care what he does, you have money to shut mouths and ask to do abortion. Raman says that was the choice, I told we will support you. Sarika says my name ruined in society, Romi does not care. Raman asks her to think about baby. Sarika says I won’t let Romi get close to my baby and asks them to leave.

Shagun talks to her lawyer. The man says their case is strong. She says I took care of Adi, I m his mum. He says Raman has bear all expenses, since few months and he claims that he can do better care as you don’t have financial stability. She says she will give him money, but she should get sole custody of her son. Raman and Ishita come home. She pacifies Mrs. Bhalla. Simmi says we all are here, we have Ruhi and Ananya. Mrs. Bhalla says they will marry and go off. Mr. Bhalla says I know Sarika won’t agree, we have a motive and we went there.

Raman says her heart has bitterness, I told her why marriage when there is no love, and now no use to say anything. Mrs. Bhalla blames herself. Ishita pacifies her. Raman asks Ishita to talk to her. She says I was with you, you know she won’t listen to me. He asks her to try once. She says she will ask Romi first. She asks Romi does he like Sarika. He says I love her, we liked each other and then it turned ugly, its not same now. She says you mean you are not interested in her now. Romi says I know love is not needed for marriage, as it happens after marriage, as you and Raman, and this baby will bring us closer.

She says its wrong example, we did not had any relation and we did not cheat, I don’t see any understanding between you and Sarika, this won’t work. He says he is confused, but he wants the child, he wants to give his name and raise, he wants to marry.
Ishita comes to Raman and says Romi is not prepared. Raman says think about Romi, I know he did mistake, he is young, he is confused, Sarika will get his name, family, and house, what else she needs, I want her good. She says Romi can do same things again. He says people change, think about our family. She says I can’t talk to her, she is not commodity to use and throw, Romi needs her, so we can’t go to her as we need her. He says it’s a solution. She says no, its quick fix.

He says you did many mistakes, it was your responsibility to check about Nikhil, and he was wrong, and then you went to Mihir, knowing his past, and you did not ask anyone, and today you want marriage to have love, why so, did you have love in our marriage, you ruined Rinki’s life, did I say you anything, now you have to support me. She cries.

Mihir and Rinki come and look on. Everyone welcome them. Mihir greets them. Ishita wipes her tears and goes. Mihir asks Raman is this because of him. Raman says no, and talks about meeting with Pathak. Mihir says he is feeling strange as he is being formal. Ishita asks Raman about it. He says its about Adi. She asks shall I come along and he refuses. He cries.

Shagun says she will give Raman Adi’s custody. He asks what do you want in return, I know you don’t do anything without motive. She says she wants 4 lakhs every month, why, can’t you give it, as you are the only earner of your family. Raman looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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