Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bala asking Ishita did Romi come. She says not yet. He asks why did he take so much time. She says I don’t know, and tells Mihika. Mihir took her for coffee and Mihika was not ready to go out anywhere. He asks about Chennai train timings, and its good Amma and Vandu are going. Raman comes and says tickets are booked in pregnancy quota. Bala asks whats this pregnancy quota, I did not hear this before. Raman says its his quota and waits for Romi. Romi comes and gives the details, and tells about Raina Singh, she is intern in hotel management, I m not sure is she the one, but I m sure it was her duty on that floor that night. Raman says we will bribe her. Bala says shall I go to talk to Raina Singh. Raman says no, I will find about her. Ishita says she will come with her, and asks Bala to drop Amma and Vandu. Bala says fine, inform me what you talk to Raina Singh. Raman says I will inform Mihir. They leave. Bala gets tensed by Raina’s name.

Mihir reminds Mihika about their old moments, and finds her very upset. He orders food and sees people seeing Mihika and gossiping. He thinks they don’t have any work, and just gossip, nonsense. Raman and Ishita meet Raina, and she asks why did they wish to meet her. Raman asks about Ashok’s marriage, and he is sure she heard about Mihika Iyer, and what happened with her. Mihir scolds the couple and asks why are they laughing seeing them, and pointing fingers. Mihika asks Mihir to leave it. The man argues. Mihir says did we look at you. The lady says she was seeing his GF’s necklace and told her BF about it. Mihir says I m sorry, I did not know this. The lady says she did not see the news, but if he behaves like this, he is making it worse. Mihika leaves.

Raina says she does not know what happened that night. Ishita asks about any female staff, as they know it was her duty that night. Raman says he will help her, if she is scared by anyone, he will support, as he knows someone has bribed her. Raina says what, are you blaming me. Ishita says no, we want to know who did this, my sister was committing suicide, we need your help, even you are a woman. Raina says I m sorry, I really don’t know anything more. Ishita says please…. Raina says I m a trainee and my time is very imp, I have to leave. She leaves. Ishita says is it that Parmeet is lying to Simmi again. Raman says no, he said it true, this time she is lying.

Romi talks to family and they have a talk. Romi says Appa is sitting downstairs. Mr. Bhalla says I will ask him to have food here. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to make veg food. Mr. Bhalla asks will he like it. She says she will make ghee food, and everyone like it. Mr. Bhalla says they are idli sambar people. She says it will be change for them. Mihir apologizes to Mihika for overreacting, and asks her why is she annoyed. She says she is not feeling like talking, don’t irritate me. He says stop this behavior, talk to me. Raman and Ishita comes home. Raman says Raina was lying. Ishita says she was acting innocent and did not tell anything. Mrs. Bhalla says we left hope with Simmi, but she has called her inlaws and ended relation with Parmeet. Raman and Ishita talk to Simmi and pacify her.

Simmi says she has decided now, she took much time to decide. Raman says its not her mistake. Simmi says it was not my mistake, and asks how can she let her daughter to go to Parmeet, its good if she becomes orphan. Raman says enough, I m with you in this decision, you are not alone, till I m here, there won’t be any problem to you and Ananya. Simmi says she took this step being inspired by Ishita. Ishita says don’t cry, loneliness is felt when you feel lonely being with someone, it’s a good decision, I m proud of you. Simmi hugs Mrs. Bhalla and cries. Raman gives Ananya and asks Mrs. Bhalla to be with Simmi.

Mihir stops Mihika and asks her not to cry, clear it out. Mihika says I told you I won’t go out, what was the need to fight there. Mihir says you know what I m going through. She says I know, its all my fault. Raman and Ishita hear their fight, and go out to see. Mrs. Bhalla says did anyone say anything again. Mihika says where can I go, I can’t even hide my face, its very difficult for me, you are bearing this because of me, you love me, whats the use of such love. Mihir says what should I do, to stop loving you, we love each other, all I want is to get things normal. Mihika asks him to get lost. Raman goes with Mihir, and Ishita pacifies Mihika.

She asks Mihika is this easy for Mihir, even he is going through same pain, he loves you, why will he leave you, his love is not weak. Mihika says it should be weak, to get less hurt. Ishita says weak love does not hurt, see Simmi and Parmeet, it was a weak relation, Simmi was living fake love and she said she will not continue that relation, she has pain in her heart, she got broken, and your and Mihir’s love is not weak, its very strong, you are lucky and you should celebrate it, Mihir is your strength, you should value his love, let go off things, just move ahead. Mihika says its not so easy. Raman asks Mihir what is he upto. Mihir says sometimes person overreacts in anger, what should I do now, I have an idea that will work, come with me.

Mihir comes to Mihika and says I love you, marry me right now, come, let the world go to hell. She asks are you crazy, you feel this will solve problem, people will not stop taunting me, I feel you are more affected by this problem, you forget me. Mihir asks how can I forget you, don’t you value me and my love, I m asking you to marry me, let people talk, we both love each other, lets get married, we should stay together. She says its not our problem, its my problem, I don’t want to get into this. He says we don’t care. She says you care, you showed it today, I don’t think we should marry. Mihir asks what does she want, to forget her, how, he loves her from first sight and wanted to marry her, and she is refusing because of people. He says we have to trust each other and keep each other happy, I love you, I will always love you, I have to marry you, no one else, say yes to marriage, marry me, say yes. Ishita looks on stunned as Mihika nods no.

Ishita asks Mihika not to refuse Mihir’s love, its priceless, say it yes. Mihir says please. Mihika says fine, I will tell yes, but not today and not this way, the day the world knows I m not wrong, and the day Shagun knows Ashok was wrong, that day I will marry you, not before it. Mihika leaves. Raman says let her go, she has fire in her, let her be for some time. Mihir says he wants proof and asks Ishita about the hotel staff. Raman says they did not find anything. Mihir says then Mihika will never marry her. Raman says we will work it out, relax. Mihir says I m worried that Mihika can do anything stupid again. Ishita says no, we are with her. She thinks to put pressure on Raina, she will have to tell us the truth. Bala thinks he has to meet Raina, she will not listen to anyone.

Raina tells the truth to Bala that she changed Mihika’s clothes. Bala says it means Ashok did not do anything, and requests her to tell this to Mihika and press. She asks why. He says a girl’s life is ruined, will you not do this for her. She says even my life is ruined, and acts innocent.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG….Raina hi bala ki mysterious girl hai

  2. mihir mihika kyon fight kar rahe hai .they both look good togather

  3. omg finally bala’s secert is coming let c wt bala did.and iam really wish that by this bala matter it should not affect ishra.

  4. Ayyo kadavule what about Vandu’s life? Already she is pregnant. I hope that Raina’s matter should not affect Bala-vandu relationship.

    1. I think its not that kind of relation between bala and raina.
      I think she is a student of Bala

  5. Oh My God ….
    Jab IshRa ko Raina & Bala ke bare me pata chalega tab kya hoga…..!!!!!

  6. Oh my God
    Ab kya hoga jab IshRa & family ko Bala & Raina ke bare me pata chalega??!!
    And by the way Bala ne Raina ki jindgi kaise spoile ki & us ke baad bhi Raina Raman se pyar kaise hoga…??!!
    Bhut confusion hai yahn…
    God pls itna karna ki iss confusion me IshRa ka Naya Naya Pyar kho naa jaye…

  7. Mihika n mihir r cute 2gather but y mihika does not accept mihirs proposal.again prblms in dis serial I just wnt 2 see ishra 2gather

  8. arey yaar yeh serious drama/twists kab khatam honge. main thak chuka hoon iss intezaar mein ki kab Ishra ki kahani hi dekhne ko milengi. YHM is the love story of ISHRA who are away from that line. Mihika frustration mein Ashok se shaadi ke liye haan kar degi shaayad. Mihika bahut over react kar rahi hai. thode dino tak yeh sab kuch jhelna hoga patience se na ki irritation se. Ishita ko bhi bahut humiliation ka saamna karna pada lekin usne kabhi apne aap ko blame nahi kiya kyun ki woh jaanti hai ki woh sahi hai. haar ke baad hi jeet hai. family matters and not the world. they r with u.

    1. But Ishita ki news media tak nahi pahoochi thi aur Raman ke pyar ne use sambhal liya tha…..

  9. arey raman ko jab sachai ka pata chalega tab woh saara blame apne upar le lega aur ishita raman se naraz ho jayegi par baad me jab ishita ko sachai pata lagegi tab usse ke nazar me raman ke liye iszaat aur badh jayegi

  10. plz ishra ka love story dikhao.
    cnt tolerate dis again

  11. For maker ,writer’s , director —
    bardashat karne ki bhi had hoti hai….
    itna confusion Kaye ko…..
    audience ka samaj liye ho…….
    incomplete story , no romance between Raman Ishita ,……
    feedback is negative……

  12. Please guys vote for ishra on polldaddy for their chemistry

  13. Are yaar pls upr jo site Pavitra ni di hai uss par IshRa ko vote karo IshRa ke votes bahut kam hai pls vote for them….

  14. mihika plzzzz married to mihir not that idiot askok

  15. We all know every action has reaction.
    Hum ne IshRa ke love ka Action to dekh liya ab Reaction kab dekhne ko milega?????!!!!!????
    Aur kitana wait karvaoge yaar .
    Har chiz ki ek limit hoti hai yaar yeh drama ab bardast ke baahar hai……….
    How can we tolarate this drama.??????????
    Bas karo yaar bas karo…
    Ab aur bardast nahi hoti IshRa ki yeh dooriyan……….!!!!!!!!. ……

  16. Raman ishita ka rating kaise increase karega….
    Questions kya hai …..hottest chemistry Jo ki Raman ishita ke bich Mai nahi…..
    Yhm sukar manaoo ishita ka fan hai …..isliye ……utna vote mil Gaye …..
    I m only see this show for divyanka narendra tripathi……I really like u…..

    1. No yaar jodi to best hai naa unki chemistry jyada dikhate nahi par jitni bhi dikhate hai utni bhi hoti to mind blwoing hi naa

      1. And chemistry matlab dil ka pyar physical love nahi.. .. and dil ka pyar to IshRa ka sabse jyada hai……

      2. Isliye like kiye hai or comments bhi kiye hai ….dekko to…
        itna mere barre jaan lo sirf 5-7 min ka sence dekhne ke liye haar din internet download kar ke dekhte hai….kahi bhi website kholna divyanka pr like comments jarur milega ….fb pr to 3-4 pr like comments karte hi hai….
        sirf intazaar hi…

      3. For prayosha – aage or kuch likha hai…..

  17. Wese kaisa tha aaj ka ep. maine abhi dekha nahi kal dekhungi. Update se to nahi lagta ki jyada time ke liye IshRa ko saath dikhaya hoga??!!

    1. Hum bhi nahi dekhe hai ….abhi koi bhi website pr aaya hi nahi hai….sirf story padhe hai…

  18. Abhi kuch hi derr mai dene wala hi hai…dekh lena ….ya light nahi…
    are tum to Gujarat Ki ho na woha light katti hi nahi

    1. Kya light kya samaj me nahi aaya?

      1. Are yaar Gujarat mai line ( bijali) …..mode jee statement hai kabhi bijali Gujarat mai jati nahi….wohi likha huaoo hai…
        dinner kr lee….

  19. To light ka iss show se kya lena dena? Aur raat ko 11:30 bje dinner?

  20. Mere to 11 : 30bje raat khana khaya karte hai tumhara dinner to 8 bje aaspaas ban jata hoga…..

  21. Kher chhodo mene to abhie Manva lage , Kabhie jo badal barse , & most most romantic Maibe khud ko video dekha ab ja kar dil ko thoda sukun mila ab ja kar achi nind aayegi . Aap bhi tray kijiye jab tak show mai actualy IshRa ka Romance shuru nahi hota .Dil ko thodi rahat milegi

    1. All ready “IshRa” ka video song and best moments ka sence hd mai…mobile mai hame sa rahta hai….kuch friend pagal bhi kehte hai….
      serial show Jo dekhta Hu…

      1. Wo to muje bhi laga tha that you are crazy for Divyanka because jyada tar boys daily soap nahi dekhte. Par videos dekh be se dil ko aaram milta hai . And my favourirte one that Maine khud ko de diya hai tujko video.

  22. sanjana nemba



    1. Nice comments…..daisy…like it

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