Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Raman not to argue infront of the patient, and be careful. The guy comes and is more rude than Raman. He sees her hand hurt and asks whats this, will you do this with this hand. Raman says I will help her, I m her assistant. Ishita says I can, and he agrees. He sits and asks her to hurry up. He asks her experience. She asks will he see her degrees, it will take more time. She tells her root canal surgery procedure. He says I don’t have time, do it quick. Raman looks on. She says you have to come for follow up, as its complicated. She says I will start with anesthesia. He pushes her back and refuses to take it, as he has meeting in two hours. Raman asks him to behave well.

Raman defends Ishita seeing the man getting rude to Ishita. The guy asks Ishita to take money and end the work, as he is not a woman and can bear pain. She starts the procedure. Raman helps her. The guy closes his eyes and sits. Raman sees Ishita working. Ashok comes to his manager and acts infront of Mihika, to convince her to do the modeling. He says Murti has seen Mihika in the party and finalized her, she won’t agree, she is ambitious, smart, egoistic and high pride, she won’t agree to do this, so don’t go to her and ask, you go to Murti and ask him to get any other model. Ashok leaves.

Mihika talks to the manager and says I m loyal employee, I m not egoistic but have self esteem, I will do this. He thanks her. Parmeet sees this and smiles. Ashok eyes Mihika and says I told you she will do modelling, now see what all she does for me. Parmeet says great. Ashok says yes, I m, just have to give shock to Raman and Shagun. Ishita asks the man not to have anything for two hours, and have soft stuff till two days. He is busy on phone. She asks are you listening. The guy throws money and leaves. Raman says I will show him his place.

Raman takes the guy’s call and says looks like you don’t have manners to talk, she is a doctor who treated you, this is clinic, not dance bar to throw money. He asks Sarika to return him the money and give him more, as his treatment is free. The man asks who is he, just an assistant, why is he annoyed. Raman says she is my wife, if anyone talks to her like this, I won’t bear, and the day when I came on my anger, I can show you your place, its better you learn manners. The guy says you don’t know who am I. Ishita comes and says stop it. Raman asks who are you, tell me, the day you know who am I, you will come to apologize to me, and today you had pain in one teeth, leave before you don’t have any teeth. He says tell me what can you do.

Ishita says Mr. Kumar, this is not done, just go. Kumar says you both don’t know what I can do, I will see you. Raman says if you go out, ask anyone, my name is Raman Kumar Bhalla, you will get name and address, no one harmed me till now, I want to see what you can do, leave. Kumar leaves fuming. Mihir asks Mihika to understand he can’t come, he is busy. She asks him to come for her. He asks what happened. She says I can’t say on phone, come to meet me. He says fine, coming. Ishita asks Raman to relax. He says I would have broken his teeth, how can you listen to him. She says thank you so much. He asks what thanks, you are my wife, will I hear anyone telling anything to you. She says for helping me in surgery, thanks. He says this is because of Amma, an angry Punjabi became calm easily. She smiles. He goes to get her bag.

Mihir meets Mihika and she tells him that she got punished to walk on ramp because of him. He asks whats the problem. She says Murti saw me and wants me to do modeling for her saree, so I said yes for my company. She asks is he angry, I know I should have asked you, my boss’ job was at stake, trust me, don’t be quiet, I m tensed. He says let me say, you are a very beautiful girl, I love you, and if you got modeling contract, that’s great news. I m very happy for you, I can say she is my wife, a supermodel, everyone will be jealous, congrats. She asks is he not angry. He says no, I know you, we are modern couple, you don’t need my permission, I think you should give me treat. She hugs him and he hugs her again. She says leave me home. He says mo, I want a big treat. She says coffee. He says miser Madrasan, give me big treat.

Sarika and Romi meet and she says how did he like her new bike. She thanks him for getting this deal. Romi looks tensed. She asks what happened. He says Ishita refused you to meet me. She says no, she knows and she does not have any problem. Romi gets happy. He gets Subbu’s call and goes to talk. Parmeet comes there and sees Sarika alone at the chat stall. Sarika gets tensed seeing that creep. She starts leaving and he stops her. He says you forgot me and dating Romi now. He says you felt my words wrong, but Romi is like me. She says stop it, he is not like you, he respects women and he can’t do what you did. He says so you think this, when you experience it, you will know that day.

Raman and Ishita come home and see Mihir’s car. Raman says Mihir here. She says maybe he came to meet you, as you did not go office today. They feel odd seeing the car shake. She asks why is it shaking. He says I will see. She says no stop. He says what is he doing, did he get this place to do this. Many people see the car moving and shaking and go saying Chee. Raman knocks the car door and Mihir comes out asking Bhai, what happened. Raman says what are you doing, is this the place right, below our building, did you not get any other place.

Mihika comes out and says Hi Akka smiling. Raman scolds them and asks why was the car shaking. Mihir says we are making coffee. Raman asks will the car move with coffee making. Mihika says show them. Mihir shows the coffee cup and says we were shaking it to make coffee and have it as Mihika wanted to give me coffee treat. Raman says see I told you they can’t do such, Ishita told me this. Ishita says when did I say, did I go to knock the car door. Mihika and Mihir have an uncontrollable laugh. Raman says give her coffee, no give her Ganga jal and clean her mind. He leaves. Ishita says Ayyo. (Really funny and must watch scene!!)

Kumar reaches his hotel room and is angry on Ishita and Raman for his insult at the clinic. He thinks about their words. He says Ishita dentist, I will not leave you and your assistant husband, I will teach a lesson to both of you, else my name is not Suraj Kumar. He says you said not to eat till two hours, now see what I do. He gives non veg order to room service. He scolds him and asks him to sne dit soon, as he is the one who will pay the bill.

Raman tells Ishita he will take her to doctor as she has pain. She says no, I will manage, you go to office. She thinks how to explain him I can’t take him, as I don’t want him to see me in that state.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. raman….so protective!!!love the show yaar…….:*:*:*

  2. ohoh Ravn kumr kya bat hai ishu ke upar bahut pyr aa raha.

  3. Whobis this kumar.
    Must be some politician or someone from ashoks side

  4. fhhdh de plus en

    Kumar is ishita’s patient. ..raman helped ishu as assistant..then whom they operated is suraj Kumar. ..kumar was so rudely behaving with ishu then raman fought with him becaz of ishu..he hurted ishu hand and raman fought with him…kumar is so rude and egoistic

  5. That kumar is none other than ashok’s brother

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