Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Romi learns the matter

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita deleting the pic. Shagun says be honest, did you see Sonakshi again. Raman asks what’s happening. Ishita asks what did father say, you stopped to talk to him, he told you something right. Shagun gets a message. She says this girl is from Bihar, she was in London, we got her guardian’s number. Raman says we will leave then and meet her. Ishita says I will come along. Raman asks her not to take tension. They leave. Aaliya asks Ishita to take some rest. Mihika gets Romi’s video message. He apologizes to her and says I love you very much, I always say, I won’t make mistake again but I do some mistakes, I promise I will try to not make mistakes, forgive me. She smiles. Romi waits for Mihika’s message. Adi asks him to wait. Mihika messages Romi. Romi goes to call. Adi says your magic worked.

Roshni says sometimes small sorry or thanks work wonders, when we are in love, we take partners for granted, its wrong, we must make partner feel special and protected, relation should grow stronger with time. He says wow, that was so simple and sweet. She says you should also do something, you didn’t call Aaliya since morning. He says yes, I will call her. She says that’s not needed, look there. Adi sees Ishita and Aaliya. Roshni says our life was like a crazy comedy film. Ishita says strange, we were like having a horror film. Adi asks where is Raman. Ishita says he will come. Adi says sorry Aaliya, the day was crazy. Aaliya says thanks Roshni, I saw you signalling to him, very kind of you to teach Adi, I didn’t know Adi would need to learn this from someone else, good going. She goes. Ishita asks Adi to go. Adi calls out Aaliya.

Shagun asks what happened. Raman says what nonsense is this, whatever we found at Sonakshi’s house, I got confused, how does Ishita not remember her. Shagun says Ishita shouldn’t know this, we need to hide this from her. Roshni asks Adi to go and spend time with Aaliya. Roshni asks Romi to buy something for Mihika, till then she will get hot chocolate for everyone. Ishita comes and asks Aaliya to see the awesome jackets. Raman calls Romi and asks where is Ishita, is she fine. Romi says yes, she is with Adi and Aaliya. Raman says fine, we are coming. Romi says finish your work and come. Raman says stay with her, don’t leave her alone. Romi asks where is Ishita, you guys had good shopping. Aaliya says she went out, I thought she is with you, where is she. Romi asks what. Roshni says I will tell later, first we have to find her. They all look for Ishita. Romi sees Ishita writing something on the floor and holds her.

She stares. He thinks why is she looking at me like this. He asks what are you writing. She leaves the pen. He asks are you fine, you have gone cold, what’s all this. She asks what’s all this, did you ask me to write this, what am I doing here. He says you wrote this, don’t you remember. She says why would I write this. He says Raman is there, come with me. Raman asks is everything fine. Roshni says we all were worried. Romi says she got tired, I think she should rest. He signs Raman. Raman asks Adi to take everyone. They go. Romi asks what’s happening, come with me quickly, see what Ishita has written. Raman and Shagun get shocked seeing the address. Raman says its….. Shagun…. how’s this possible. Romi asks whose address is this. Raman says its Sonakshi’s address. Romi asks who’s she. Raman says Ishita is seeing Sonakshi everywhere, she said Sonakshi is troubling her, we found few things which indicates Sonakshi knows Ishita, we have put those things in the car, Sonakshi is already dead. Romi gets shocked.

Ishita says I liked the statues, you all have some food, go and get something. Roshni says we will go and have it. Aaliya says no, I will stay with Amma. Ishita says fine, go. Adi and Roshni go. Romi asks are you serious, you didn’t tell me. Shagun says Raman, are you sure that Ishita knows Sonakshi. Raman says Ishita would have told us, we have to leave from here, I can’t take chances. Shagun says we have to leave earlier, lie to Ishita, she is more imp than my felicitation. Mihika says someone was ringing bell and bothering Bhavna, I will call her. She calls and says maybe she has slept. Ishita says where did Aaliya go, she didn’t come back from washroom, its so cold, I will go and sit in car. She sits in the car and finds an envelope. Driver says Raman went to someone’s house and got this from there. Raman comes and takes it from her. He asks her to wear some shawl. He calls Adi and asks where are you. He says Adi said there is a long queue there and asked us to have some food here itself, go, I will join you. He thinks I came on time, Ishita didn’t open the envelope.

Ishita says we should keep Sonakshi’s soul peace puja, I don’t want any problem to reach Delhi, why don’t we do puja soon here in London. Shagun makes Ishita wear a locket and asks are you okay. They leave in the car. Sonakshi’s spirit gets on the car’s top.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I find roshni over sweet and feel she too is involved in this stupid Sonakshi matter

  2. Ishita ko London laya gaya hai sonakshi ki aatma ki shanti dilane ke liye, ishita ke bina kisko shanti nahi mil sakti wow ekta ishita sonakshi ki aatma ko india lekar jaye aatma puchti hai wow ekta kya track banaya hai boring
    Next time kiski aatma ishita ke peeche padegi or kahan bulayegi new york, Canada, Australia etc
    Ekta kapoor track dalne se pehle sochti nahi ki fans enjoy karenge yah nahi bus apne increasing episode n advertisements mein interest hai usse

    1. Also ekta always hv to bring pati patni aur Woh wala angle….
      nd DT is becoming irritating day by day…over confidence jhalakta hai ab uski acting mein

  3. Hi Sona ! Honey moon became aatma possession . Very funny i was thinking if I can afford to give the contrsct breaching money to both KP and Dt to get out of this rubbish ! what a waste is London trip ! First two episodes both kp and dt did freely … enjoying each and every moment of theirs … they did justice to their roles for their commitment to their fans . Last three episodes they themselves getting fed up of their roles ! Ishitha behind Aatma and Raman is with his ex wife trying to find out the aatma !
    Its so unpleasant to see Shaghun with them ! What is that Ekta wants ! Nobody is happy seeing Shaghun with them . Dt did act well but cant enjoy at all . To the world for children she is Ishima … they were enjoying their Ishima … and for the oldies too they love Ishra .. they cant watch this nonsense . Trp is only curiosity to know what happened to Ishra ! cvs are saddist .. they really play with our emotions . Ramans ml is not treated .. he is behind to treat his wife .
    Its a serial .. we all know but maximum people watch this for Ishra ! They are always troubled !
    Ekta must be enjoying to see her bestie roaming in London ! No value for marriage or relationship . Showing indian culture so low ….

  4. Real nonsense with this spirit thing. Also nonsense was the diamond/kidnapped episode. Totally unnecessary, unless as I read somewhere that Roshni is behind this, which I find ridiculous. They first portrayed Roshni as a super nice girl way back then, they just cannot change her into a villain now. Enough is enough with this spirit thing, totally out of sync. I think Ekta is too busy with too many projects so quantity has taken over quality. Quantity brings more money, quality doesn’t matter because we all still watch.

  5. Good to see mihika forgiving romi, because in relationships trust is more important.

  6. how many time raman and ishita ll gt married and honeymoon… because of them their kids also suffering

  7. where is simmi and param. There drama was better than this stupid ,irriating , filthy Bhoot drama. What is wrong with producer and director. They dint find anything else that they came up with this pathetic idea. No words left now to describe . Its going in drain

  8. Hi I am from overseas and I think it is high time this drama shit ended. It is the most stupid comedy
    never ending nonsense

  9. And good serials like KUCH RANG PYAR KE AISE BHI were pulled down instead of these kinds of nonsensical ones. But they ended logically with fans craving for more. YHM made fans curse and wish that they end vedy soon

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