Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhishek questioning the gun owner Kumar about Rinki’s murder. Kumar says its my license gun, I have taken it along when I went to meet Rinki. FB shows he has hidden it in toy shop. He says he was worried after speaking to Ishita and forgot to take the gun when he left. The shopowner says a woman has come and has shot by this. Abhishek asks him to describe. The man says there were many women in fair. Abhishek asks him to think, did she come alone or with someone. The man says she had a little girl with her, she won a teddy and took selfie with me. Abhishek asks him to show. The man shows Ruhi’s pic and Abhishek gets shocked.

He asks is he sure. The man says yes. Abhishek says it means the woman was from Bhalla family. He says we have to go Bhalla house and

take fingerprints of the women. He asks man to come along and identify that lady. Abhishek informs Shagun and asks her to come to Bhalla house. The Bhalla family waits for Abhishek. Abhishek comes and tells about a lady killing Rinki, and she is in this house. They all look at each other. Raman asks is he mad, whats wrong with him, why will family kill Rinki. Abhishek says we have eye witness. Raman says you are doing mistake, even I did mistake before. Shagun comes there and Raman goes to her. Abhishek says I have called her here. Raman says don’t say Shagun did this, she was not in fair. Abhishek says I called her to give follow up. Raman says Shagun is pregnant, she should have not come here, and worries for her. He asks Shagun to go. Shagun says I want to know the truth. Ishita cries seeing them. Raman says if anything happens to baby then… Abhishek says she is Mihir’s sister and has right to be here. Raman argues with him and says it can affect her baby. He holds her hand and asks her to sit peacefully. He turns and see family staring at him. Shagun moves his hand. Raman goes. Ishita thinks why is Raman worried for Shagun so much, why is he getting hyper. She goes after Raman.

Raman goes to room and says what happened to Abhishek, to call Shagun here, if anything happened to her. Ishita asks Raman whats going on, why is he taking stress because of Shagun. Raman says stress is not good for pregnant lady, I m not in stress. She asks can’t you see family stress, ACP Abhishek got his team to ask family women, you are not tensed for them, its not Shagun’s first pregnancy. Raman says we can take care of her for humanity sake, she is Ruhi and Adi’s mum, I don’t want to argue, come, we will talk to Abhishek.

Abhishek records fingerprints of all the women of Bhalla and Iyer house. Raman says this won’t be of any use. Abhishek asks Neelu to come. Mrs. Bhalla asks why Neelu. Abhishek asks her to understand, he will take even Sarika’s fingerprints. The man says reports will come in 2-3 hours. Bala waits for the girl in the café and finds his flowers perfect. Appa comes there. Bala thinks what is Appa doing here, if Appa sees him with the girl, he will not leave him. Appa says I think I should have not come here. He sees Bala there. Bala smiles and greets Appa. They ask each other what are they doing here. Bala says he has come here to meet a friend. Appa asks about flowers.

Bala says my friend is of my age, he is going to get married, he is unromantic and his fiancée complains, he asked me some tips to have happy marriage, so I do his counseling and guide him, he is marrying so late. He gives the flowers to waiter and asks Appa why is he wearing cool shirt. Appa lies about his old colleagues to meet and he has come in stylish clothes.

Appa says I should go home now. He gets Amma’s call and says I will reach home. He tells Bala about Abhishek questioning women. They both leave for home. Abhishek asks the staff to get his eye witness and asks them to stand in line, so that eye witness identifies the killer. The women stand in line. Mihir says I know you are doing duty, you know them, is this procedure necessary. Abhishek says please let me do my work. Abhishek asks the man about the woman who has shot by the gun. The man looks at everyone. He points at Mihika and says this is that woman who has shot. They all get shocked and see Mihika. Mihika gets perplexed.

Ishita asks what, the man would be mistaken, there was much crowd, she can’t be that woman. Mihika says we were playing game, I shot with the gun, but where was Rinki. The man recalls Romi, Mihika, Sarika, Adi and Ruhi shooting in the game. FB shows Mihika taking Kumar’s gun and shooting at the balloons. Mihika says I did not know it was wrong gun. The man says I remember she said the gun looks real. Abhishek asks Mihika is he saying truth. Mihika says I did not know about Rinki. Ishita asks Raman to tell Abhishek. Amma says Mihika can’t do this, and asks Mihir does he think Mihika will kill Rinki, she was worried for Rinki. Abhishek says maybe this was not intentional, we know the gun had silencer and Rinki was there in pandaal, till its proved, nothing can happen. Amma says Mihika is innocent. Mrs. Bhalla says we all know Mihika is innocent. They all cry.

Shagun asks Mihika to confess she did this crime, its enough, Mihir was in jail for 15 days. Ishita says just shut up, you are doing drama. Shagun asks did she not hear what Abhishek said. Raman calms Shagun. Ishita asks Raman why is he calming Shagun, when they are worried. Shagun says he is just worried for baby. Ishita looks at her angrily.

Ashok tells Mihika’s motive to kill Rinki is Mihir, as she has married him to save Mihir. Kumar meets someone and asks for the pics, saying he has done as lady told him to do, and put the blame on Mihika.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yeh ashok ko aur koi kaam dhandha nahi hai kya..always interestd in others lives…first try to improve ur life..nd shagun is slowly showin her true colours..aakhir villian zyaada din tak achchi kaise reh sakti hai…nd i don understand..isnt it ishita’s right to knw abt d surrogacy…nd y is bala’s track gng on..irrelevant track of bala nd appa..

  2. Yup aur rinki to 2 shagun thi

  3. i think ekta aur uske writers mein mercy naam ki koi word unke dictionary mein nahi hai .ek toh unka serial fans ki wajah se chaltha hai aur yhm ko harr awards ke liye vote kiya ,unke saare episodes dekhe ,uupar se unhe request kare ki leap naa ho.toh buss ekta aur makers ek official statement mein saaf saaf keh deejiye ki serial kinke liye baana rahe hai aur agar serial ko aisa banaana hai toh buss tv par toh math hi dikhaayiye aur khud apna serial karodon baar dekh leejiye lekin loyal fans ke saath kamese kaam aisa toh math keejiye.

  4. raman toh ishitha se saara hak cheen raha hai .surrogacy ki baath usse patha hona chahiye lekin jo uska hak hai usse hi cheen raha hai aur jo vaada kiya ki koi bhi baath nahi chupaayega toh woh vaada bhi thod diya.

  5. Missing ishru scene s a lot

  6. Yes bala’s and appa’s track is so silly. Abishek is so busy solving the murder case and they are showing him giving stupid ideas to Bala. Why would papa also get into all this when so much is going on in his daughters life. Too silly it looks.

    1. Very true … Annoying .

  7. ekta aur uske writers ke liye toh great round of aplause .inn sab great maharathiyon ko great nobel award milna chahiye .itnaa worst bhi koi serial bana saktha hai aur family drama se crime banaana aur duniyaa saara negative iss serial mein hai .kya nahi hai yeh bolna hai .mms ,chori,badla se lekar sabse bada bomb blast se lekar murder tak hua hai iss serial mein.ab aur iss se bhi bhatthar aur kya ho saktha hai .kuch aur bacha hai aur aurathon ko toh aisa dikhaaya hai ki buss aurath ko sirf degrade kiya hai aur aurathon ko bahuth characteless aur bahuth buri tarah present kiya hai .khud ekta aur writers sab female hone ke baawajood bhi . toh inn logon ko toh badaaaaa sa lambaaaaa thali maarna chahiye.

  8. excatly uske harkathein aur ishitha se dooriyan ,baathein toh yeh sab dekhke ke koi bhi kya andhaa bhi keh saktha hai uska baccha hai.

  9. lagtha hai rinki zinda hai warna acp sirf rinki ko goli lagne ke liye yeh kyu kaha hai body dekhne laayak nahi hai .goli jahaa bhi laga ho poora body kyu kharab hoga .aur shagun aise kyu behave kar rahi hai .aur shagun aur rinki dono ke paas badla lene ke liye wajah hai .rinki ka saara such ishitha ko maloon hai aur shagun bhi ishitha se uske bacche adi aur ruhi ke liye badla legi hogi.

  10. sarika bhi bahuth irritating character .bahuth overacting aur jealousy aur galath faimee paida karne wali jad hai.

  11. I don’t like Raman caring for shagun

  12. I think the lady is Rinki herself as she might of faked her death to frame Mihika cus she still hates Mihika and Mihir when they are together anyone of you thought of that?

    1. May be ….don’t know perfectly…
      Ye bhi hosakta hai

  13. Everyone stop hating Anita cos she is just doing her job

  14. Shraddha Sharma

    Thanks for updates…
    Maine to ab show dekhna hi band kr diya hai.. Writer’s show k concept ko to bhul hi gye hai…

  15. Shameless Shagun.. what else to say??? Everybody told that this would happen. The upcoming tracks says that Shagun is going to get closer to Raman again!!!! Again her true colors are to come out.Seems like Ishitha will get to know the truth and that sounds good.But hope that nothing will go wrong seriously because of Shagun in Ishra’s life. Will there be any sort of troubles regarding the children and will she ask for her children again for she became the surrogate mother for Ishra’ s baby? Shagun is Shagun. I don’t think that she has changed in real and though she had changed a bit, her dirty qualities won’t erace completely. Even a bit can be there inside her.
    Also hope that there will be nice moments between Ishra, when Ishitha gets to know that Raman had done all those, for her.

  16. Makers become mad….
    They torturing us by this tracks…
    Chee cheee Really bad to see Raman vit shagun

  17. now this is getting really complicated . my mother who doesn’t even watch this show was telling me that this show not anymore like the old one . she told it has become ‘faltu’. but i really love this show , but i can’t believe sarika did this . she is a nice sweet girl so far . is she taking revenge from romi??? don’t know.

  18. umm… i just saw the episode . maybe its sarika or shagun .

  19. ohhhhhh god ithna bakwaas raman jis tarah se shagun par pyaar jathaa rahe hai na lagtha apni poorani biwi se phir ek baar pyaar ho gaya gai aur phir vaise bhi raman e sab ishu ki kushi ke liye kar rahe hai na tho phir kya usko e nahi dhikayi de rahe hai ki ishu kithni dard seh rahi hai uski e bewakoofi ki vajhe se aur vaise bhi usko kushi hogi ya nahi bhagvaan jaane use ithna dhuk kyom de rahe ho yar raman ekta wake up dnt show the main lead as a brainless fellow ab jaha tak mai jaanthi hu ki raman shagun ko support karega aur phir ishu mihika ko ithna bhi math ghiraavo yar raman ki character ko

  20. agar shagun positive ho ya tho-hir mahaan ho par vo ishra ke liye hanesha ek hurdel ban kar hi rahe ga unki vajhe se ishra ke beech hamesha differences hi aayega i hate u shagun till the core nd ektha u should have saw twitter u become mad u need a psychiatrist plz change the name of serial atleast plzzzzzzzz

  21. AVTA me yhm ko best soap ka ward sirf is liye mila bec voting august ne huva tha agar aab koi award’s ke liye voting hoga tho koi bhi yhm ki fan yhm ko vote nahi karega am sure…… i just hope aab yhm ko koi award na mile tha ki ektha ko patha chale fan power kya hotha hai sirf hum fans ki vajhe se hi yhm ko ithna craze mila tha aaj tak hame yhm ko hae ek award show me jithaya par aaj mujhe afsorse ho raha hai iss baath ka hate u ektha hate u

  22. band karo yeh backwaaz ekta warna ek din veiwers yeh hi naa samjhe aur yeh tag de de ki tumhaari saati serials backwaaz hai tumhari serials boycott na kar de.

  23. twitter pe itnaa halla mach chuka hai lekin ekta madam toh apni hii duniya mein hai .kabhi fans ki duniya dekhiye phir aap khud shock mein rahegi aur kahi afsoos na hona pade .

  24. raman kisi kameene pagal se kam nahi hai . bahuth ho gaya uska shagun ka .ab ek toh ishitha ko batao ya shagun ke saath hi rehna zindagi bhar baccha baccha khelna.

  25. stop this crap in yhm.yhm ko chod do makers .

    hate you ekta and makers
    acche khaase serial ka satyaanash kardiya ab bhugtho.

  26. Worst epi…. Ever……
    BT thank god at least simmi nd Mrs bhalla mihir sab mihika ko support kar rahe hai…BT Raman kyu aise behave kar raha hai…agree use baby ki fikar hai. BT iska MATLAB ye to nahi ki use kisi or ki fikar hi nahi.. Mihika par blame hai aur WO aise react kar raha hai jase mihika nahi kisi bharwale pr blame ho…. Y ????

    1. From beginning have you ever seen him taking good decisions ? Simply coming into wrong conclusions then to ask sorry ….how much this serial hurting all of us is what I am thinking . After telling lie on such a serious thing , Ishra be together can’t be accepted … It’s better to read fan fictions though some are crossing the limit of Ishitha s character . Ashok entry and all not required . Shaghun acted negative role very well positive role very poor .

  27. hi guys just leave the writters to do their duty if don’t like means donot watch. ALSO

  28. I hate disgusting SHAGOOOOON…..! I hata RAMAN more than shagun…….!
    Raman is a dog……!!! Seriously he is a crazy dog…..! Because, if another woman is a surrogate mother, will he treat like this….??? WTF…..!Nooooooo….. He will make her comfortable. But not like this. SRK have surrogate baby, so did SRK treat that surrogate mother like raman….? Very funny….. He is over reacting, And anyone can understand easily that what do cvs and ekta want…..
    Actually, I didn’t watch last few days on tv, sometimes I watch by downloading.
    It’s also useless now. There’s not worth to watch…..!
    According to me, raman is so stupid and so weak since beginning of the story. He do anything which he wants without informing anyone. At last he realizes his mistake and then say sorry to ishita and all.
    Now, shagun captivates raman for many reasons because of baby. Raman is caught sooooo easily by shagun. Because he is the most foolish man in the world.
    Ishita tolerates everything. But this time raman should learn a lifetime lesson. Actually is he a MAN…? He couldn’t give any happines which ishita wants nowadays.
    I’m fed up with this all nonsense.

    And that rose scene is true. I mean, raman’ll have a call when he gives roses to ishita. Then he leave urgently. I saw pics.

  29. Ya VP right shagun is best as ngtv… Pstv dsnt suits her….

    Ne bdw how can she blame on mihika… ???? I think she has frgtn what mihika did in past to save her from Ashok….

    Nd ya agree Raman loves sooooo much ishu nd wants to give happiness.. BT how can he forgot that his actions make ishita cry.. He wants to give happiness to ishu BT can’t he see what ishu felt after seeing all dis…. He wants to give happiness to ishu in future… BT in present he makes her to cry … can he ignore her tears…?? Nd ya he shld tell everything to iish now….

  30. When ever there is trouble in the family , and Raman being a matured person makes the most immature decision . Its always like he has no brains to think and finally ends up proving himself supporting the wrong person then apologizing. How can some one do this again and again ?

  31. Will Raman ever learn from the mistakes he has made in his past? Or will continue to ruin his happy family all over again. Please writers don’t do this. Let Raman and Ishita together try to bring their family happiness back. Let shagun move on in her life.

  32. Rinky (Reshma Konkar) found out Sarika’s (Sarika Dhillon) secret in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    Rinky’s murder mystery is going to bring lots of twists and turns in Bhalla family’s life.

    Earlier Mhir was accused for killing his wife Rinky but later he proved innocence.

    After finger print result, Mihika becomes victim in Rinky’s murder case.

    Ishita is not ready to believe as Mihika killed Rinky but this truth bring tension between Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    Abhishek gets shocked knowing Sarika’s truth

    Later a big secret will reveal that neither Mihir nor Mihika but Rinky’s real killer is her own sister in law Sarika.

    Rinky found out the truth that Rahul is not Romi and Sarika’s baby but Sarika adopted it to be a part of Romi’s life..

    To hide this secret, Sarika killed Rinky.

    Will ACP Abhiskek put his own sister Sarika behind bar or cover her crime?

  33. Wao jitna worst episode hota hai comments utn e hi zya da hoti hain

  34. ekta pagal usse bade pagal we viewers. horrible jo raman n ishita ko dekhke genuine and real love story lagta tha uska end kar dia. Raman is always hurting Ishita. Wat nonsense.Is that love nonsense Why Ekta bring stupidity in genuine love stories. Raman should know ishita’s importance not run after shagun for baby. Disgusting dont the writter have brains??? Fed up. I dont watch this show anymore. blo*dy track…So guys stop watching it. Khud Ekta ko hi dekhne do ye serial.

  35. upcoming…..
    There’s a school award function for ruhi. Raman invites shagun too for this event. Then raman is staring at shagun and ishita sees this…… Again they have an argument at that place and home.

  36. Yyaaa Darshika nd other spoilers said that ” shagun likes Raman’s company nd uses her pregnancy to keep Raman close. ”

    What will happen when ishu will see RamSha together ????how will she feel…

    I m still watching YHM onyyyyyyyyyy bcoz of ishita…. Nd most of fans are also watching YHM onlyyy for her….

    Hope everything will be fine nd misunderstanding will be cleared very soon…finger crossed..!!!!

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