Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhishek questioning the gun owner Kumar about Rinki’s murder. Kumar says its my license gun, I have taken it along when I went to meet Rinki. FB shows he has hidden it in toy shop. He says he was worried after speaking to Ishita and forgot to take the gun when he left. The shopowner says a woman has come and has shot by this. Abhishek asks him to describe. The man says there were many women in fair. Abhishek asks him to think, did she come alone or with someone. The man says she had a little girl with her, she won a teddy and took selfie with me. Abhishek asks him to show. The man shows Ruhi’s pic and Abhishek gets shocked.

He asks is he sure. The man says yes. Abhishek says it means the woman was from Bhalla family. He says we have to go Bhalla house and take fingerprints of the women. He asks man to come along and identify that lady. Abhishek informs Shagun and asks her to come to Bhalla house. The Bhalla family waits for Abhishek. Abhishek comes and tells about a lady killing Rinki, and she is in this house. They all look at each other. Raman asks is he mad, whats wrong with him, why will family kill Rinki. Abhishek says we have eye witness. Raman says you are doing mistake, even I did mistake before. Shagun comes there and Raman goes to her. Abhishek says I have called her here. Raman says don’t say Shagun did this, she was not in fair. Abhishek says I called her to give follow up. Raman says Shagun is pregnant, she should have not come here, and worries for her. He asks Shagun to go. Shagun says I want to know the truth. Ishita cries seeing them. Raman says if anything happens to baby then… Abhishek says she is Mihir’s sister and has right to be here. Raman argues with him and says it can affect her baby. He holds her hand and asks her to sit peacefully. He turns and see family staring at him. Shagun moves his hand. Raman goes. Ishita thinks why is Raman worried for Shagun so much, why is he getting hyper. She goes after Raman.

Raman goes to room and says what happened to Abhishek, to call Shagun here, if anything happened to her. Ishita asks Raman whats going on, why is he taking stress because of Shagun. Raman says stress is not good for pregnant lady, I m not in stress. She asks can’t you see family stress, ACP Abhishek got his team to ask family women, you are not tensed for them, its not Shagun’s first pregnancy. Raman says we can take care of her for humanity sake, she is Ruhi and Adi’s mum, I don’t want to argue, come, we will talk to Abhishek.

Abhishek records fingerprints of all the women of Bhalla and Iyer house. Raman says this won’t be of any use. Abhishek asks Neelu to come. Mrs. Bhalla asks why Neelu. Abhishek asks her to understand, he will take even Sarika’s fingerprints. The man says reports will come in 2-3 hours. Bala waits for the girl in the café and finds his flowers perfect. Appa comes there. Bala thinks what is Appa doing here, if Appa sees him with the girl, he will not leave him. Appa says I think I should have not come here. He sees Bala there. Bala smiles and greets Appa. They ask each other what are they doing here. Bala says he has come here to meet a friend. Appa asks about flowers.

Bala says my friend is of my age, he is going to get married, he is unromantic and his fiancée complains, he asked me some tips to have happy marriage, so I do his counseling and guide him, he is marrying so late. He gives the flowers to waiter and asks Appa why is he wearing cool shirt. Appa lies about his old colleagues to meet and he has come in stylish clothes.

Appa says I should go home now. He gets Amma’s call and says I will reach home. He tells Bala about Abhishek questioning women. They both leave for home. Abhishek asks the staff to get his eye witness and asks them to stand in line, so that eye witness identifies the killer. The women stand in line. Mihir says I know you are doing duty, you know them, is this procedure necessary. Abhishek says please let me do my work. Abhishek asks the man about the woman who has shot by the gun. The man looks at everyone. He points at Mihika and says this is that woman who has shot. They all get shocked and see Mihika. Mihika gets perplexed.

Ishita asks what, the man would be mistaken, there was much crowd, she can’t be that woman. Mihika says we were playing game, I shot with the gun, but where was Rinki. The man recalls Romi, Mihika, Sarika, Adi and Ruhi shooting in the game. FB shows Mihika taking Kumar’s gun and shooting at the balloons. Mihika says I did not know it was wrong gun. The man says I remember she said the gun looks real. Abhishek asks Mihika is he saying truth. Mihika says I did not know about Rinki. Ishita asks Raman to tell Abhishek. Amma says Mihika can’t do this, and asks Mihir does he think Mihika will kill Rinki, she was worried for Rinki. Abhishek says maybe this was not intentional, we know the gun had silencer and Rinki was there in pandaal, till its proved, nothing can happen. Amma says Mihika is innocent. Mrs. Bhalla says we all know Mihika is innocent. They all cry.

Shagun asks Mihika to confess she did this crime, its enough, Mihir was in jail for 15 days. Ishita says just shut up, you are doing drama. Shagun asks did she not hear what Abhishek said. Raman calms Shagun. Ishita asks Raman why is he calming Shagun, when they are worried. Shagun says he is just worried for baby. Ishita looks at her angrily.

Ashok tells Mihika’s motive to kill Rinki is Mihir, as she has married him to save Mihir. Kumar meets someone and asks for the pics, saying he has done as lady told him to do, and put the blame on Mihika.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. why is shagun doing this?

  2. I think the show is slowly forwarding towards the leap track…as i suspect the woman can be sarika???

    1. Yeah she is Sarika cz uss orat ki body structure bilkul Sarika jesi….

    2. The woman is sarika.this is because rinki found out that the baby is not romi’s and sarika just wanted to enter romis life

  3. Guys ajk ke baad mein pakka pakka 1000% sure hoon ki asli culprit is none other than Sarikaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Hi is anyone there?

  5. Kya abhishek sach ko samane la ga……..ishita ka kya faisla hoga??raman ko time se ishita ko shagun j bare mein bata dena chaiya????raman kuch yada hi possess ho gaya shagun ko lekar.

  6. I think the lady is sarika.

  7. we are watching any crime patrol episode or any cid episode …????? where is the flavour of yhm….

  8. I also think that it is sarika……body posture matches with her……But why???enthanu???

    1. Enthanu matlab kya hai?

  9. Suspense romba over ah irukku ?
    Whn will dey get to know sarika after leap r before leap ?

  10. i just hate hate hate and hate to see raman and shagun together.
    congratzz writers!u have successfully spoiled this show.u have successfully made raman’s character a disgusting one…and u have also given ur beloved anita more space than she deserves…

  11. raman had no need to hide the truth

    shagun can’t ask mihika to confess just bcz she want mihir to come out of this

    why this nonsense of bala and appa is been showing

    ishitha can be suspicious of raman about hiding something but how can she think that baby might be his and shagun’s

    i really don’t understand how come the man knows that rinki was dead only when mihika shot the gun

    abhishek can’t u even understand it was not mihika’s mistake but was that shop man’s mistake of letting a real gun in his shop instead of fake gun

    I think the families have fortoggen rinki completely they didn’t even get a bit of time to atleast remember her they are simply busy in finding the culprit where ishitha and raman are busy with their nonstop misunderstandings drama

  12. I think rinki is not dead… Its rinki who paid that guy to trap mihika .

  13. I think rinky is alive…maybe she was never sorry….and did all this drama to take revenge….with the help of ashok……and about body posture…it can of rinky

  14. Jyotika patel

    Guys the twist is that rinky is alive and taking revenge along with shagun…..
    Bcoz if shagun is changed then she should have understood that mihika is not like that.

  15. oh my god wt happened u raman? this is not fair. ishitha plz leave raman ko… i also think this is sarika.

  16. no i think its rinki

  17. saria is the culprit
    source – star plus official fb page

    sarika’s baby is really not her baby. That baby is a adopted baby. Rinki has herd about this some way.

    Shagun try to get close to raman again by showing innocent face. She may show her true colour again.
    Ishita will see raman and shagun together dietectic doctor’s place.

  18. Where is yhm heading to now? From SL

    Ishita is in Sri Lanka. Anyone knows why?

    Pls update


    1. Yes Dr I know for shooting …..
      To leap track

  19. Worst track forever in the show

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