Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita saying Mani thst he got the medicine. Romi comes and Ishita introduces Mani to him, Mani asks is he Raman’s brother. She says yes. He says he is drunk. She says no. He nods yes. She asks Romi is he drunk. He says no. She says if you are drunk, stay outside. She says its Navratri, I told you no liquor and no non veg. He says he is not drunk. She says its mum’s rules. He says he did not drink, he is feeling sleepy, let me go. Raman comes and sees Romi drink. He slaps him shocking them. He says its puja at home and you came drunk, are you not ashamed, and arguing with Ishita, you don’t value traditions, get lost, go and sleep with watchman. Come after you learn the value of traditions. Ishita says Romi…. Raman says let him go. Romi leaves. Raman goes inside shutting the door.

Ishita says sorry Mani you saw you all. He says no, I liked Raman’s attitude. She says he is very strict. She says she will give car keys to Romi, he will sleep in it. He says goodnight and leaves. Suraj asks Ashok did he fail. Ashok says yes, Mihika spoiled my plan. Suraj says we have to think something. Ashok asks what. Suraj says that Shagun denies to marry. Ashok says she won’t. Suraj says we will make her say no. Ishita gives medicine to Raman and thanks. He asks why thanks. She says I was thanking Murugan, thanks to Mani also. He says his name is Raman. She says no, thanks to Mani as he told Romi is drunk, the puja would have gone bad. He gets annoyed and says take him to clinic, he will say how to break teeth. She says what clinic. He says stop it, I m feeling sleepy, switch off the lights. She says whats his problem, why does he get annoyed always.

Its morning, Ishita cooks and talks to Mr Bhalla. He asks her to take Simmi’s help. She says she is busy with Ananya. Raman comes and sees her. He says its good Mani is not around. He asks her did he go. She says he us having breakfast at Amma’s house. Raman murmurs. Mr. Bhalla asks Ishita to invite Mani in aarti. Raman says he can’t come, he is big business, clock works according to him. She says she will invite him. Raman stops her and says he will call him, and asks Ishita to work. He leaves.

Mihika bumps into Monica and the papers merge. Mihika picks the papers and sees something. She asks are you going Europe. Monica says yes, Ashok Sir told me he will take me alone. Mihika asks when are you going. Monica says very soon. Mihika gets more details and Monica says only she and Ashok, she is excited. Mihika says damn good, congrats. Mihika smiles.

Ishita asks Romi not to have food late. Romi says he is not hungry. She says why are you annoyed with me, you were drunk, we are having puja, its against rules and what happened later that was……… Romi leaves. Mihika is praises in meeting. Ashok thinks she framed him with Shagun. Everyone leave. Ashok sees Mihika’s boss giving her blueprints. Ashok thinks she will be punished. He gets the coffee and thinks how Mihika made it fall on the papers. He goes to drop the coffee on file but she takes the file. It falls on her phone and Ashok says sorry, mistake can happen anytime, yesterday you made and today I made. Mihika says Mihir gifted her this time, it means a lot to her. Ashok says I will get a new one for you. She leaves. He says this girl is amazing, its fun to fight with her.

Romi talks to Mrs. Bhalla and says he is missing a lot, come back soon. He complains about elders becoming commanding here. Raman and Ishita hear him. Romi gives the phone to Ishita. Raman smiles. Ishita moves the phone away and says listen to me, yes, you…. As you said…. Fine.. Pammi aunty… ok… mummy ji…. She gives back phone to Romi and asks him to listen to her. He leaves. She says its my mistake, whatever I do, there is something less. Raman says what happened, I told you I will talk to Pammi aunty. She says yes, its my mistake, if I handles situation other way, it would have been better, mummy ji handles so well. He says its good you admitted you don’t do anything right, don’t worry I will talk to mum.

She says you have to talk, else I will out blame on you. He says will I stay silent, everyone saw this. She says she is learning from her. He says do arrangements, your family and friend is coming, let him see Punjabi festival. She says he is encyclopedia, he knows everything, he is too good. He taunts her and leaves. She laughs. Amma tells Mihika to change fast and they have to go to Ishitaa’s home for puja. Mihika does her work. Amma says a package came from your office. Mihika gets the new phone. Amma likes it. She says keep it now, get ready fast. I will keep your clothes ready. She thinks about Ashok.

Mihir comes and asks are you bored of my old phone, you changed it, broke my heart. She says she did not take it. He jokes and she gets angry. She says she will give it back. He says you give me this one. She leaves in anger. Raman says he will tell Mani how much he knows about his festivals and learns about Kolu festival. He gets all info on net. Raman says he has to know all this things, if Mani can do this, why can’t I. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays…………..

Mani comes in Punjabi kurta and Ishita compliments him. Ishita hugs Appa and introduces Simmi to Mani. Mani says Ananya went on you, can I play with her. Simmi gives him Ananya. Raman asks Mihir where is Mihika. Mihir says she had work in office. Ishita tells Neelu that she can’t taste as she is fastin. Ishita welcomes a neighbor aunty and asks about Pammi aunty. She says she is annoyed, she will be fine soon. Ishita looks for aarti plate and Ruhi calls her. Mani says you go, I will do. She asks can you do it. He says he read about it, he will do. He tells about everything. She says you are talented and leaves smiling. Raman says he has much knowledge, sometimes I doubt is he really a business, or does inauguration puja at everyone’s company. He frustrates.

Bala comes with Vandu and Ishita compliments his shirt. Vandu says his student gifted him. Mani says I also have this shirt, its good brand. Raman says I also wore this brand shirt, but Ishita does not like me being spendthrift so I stopped. Vandu praises Mani and Raman tells about his knowledge about Kolu. Bala says we came here for Navratri, tell anything about it. Raman says know about Kolu. Appa says how sweet Raman. Raman says I think if we have knowledge, we should distribute it. Mani tells about more festivals. Ishita says Mani is genius. Mani says its mahurat time, lets do puja. She says Mr punctual, come. Raman gets angry.

Ishita feels weak by her fast and faints. Raman says her nose is bleeding, I will take her to hospital. Mani looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow!

  2. @natasha do u watch airlines show.

  3. Nice episode

  4. Very nice episode. It’s so good that raman really cares for ishita

  5. THIS SERIAL IS GARBAGE AND A WASTE OF TIME. ishita is the ugliest woman I have ever seen .raman is an old man.WAT CRAP

    1. So y do u waste ur tym in reading the udates or watching these serial

    2. u must be a jerk

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  7. Saran u r sick. Nice episode.

  8. critic.. there is no need to watch it then!

  9. oh great!!!! ishita wants to give car keys to a person who is drunk!!! amazing!!! do these people even have a brain???

  10. Why r u seeing our fav serial u plz avoid this serial and dont irritate us by using thiz comment session i am so sry to tell this becoz i love ishra couple very much

  11. I’m a huge fan of Ishra and YHM but the show is losing it’s quotient. the love aspect is not there anymore. the time spent by ishita with mani is much more than wat she had spent with raman in the last 9 months or so. she is absolutely not concerned abt raman, wat wil he think if she is with mani. she makes no attempts to make raman realize that she loves him so much. this love story has nothing extra ordinary in it for the audience.

  12. Hi.. guyz cn any1 tel me where can v read airlines serial written updates???

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