Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita stopping Mihika and seeing the trophy. Mihika shows the trophy. Raman asks Mihika to manage Ishita’s saree. Mihika says she looks pretty. Mihir pulls Raman’s leg and the ladies smile. Ishita and Mihir praise Mihika. Raman says I m sorry Ishita, you could not take part because of me. Ishita says its ok. Mihika says she won in this. Raman asks what. Mihika says you are also dumb like Mihir, understand. Raman says would I have married Ishita if I had sense. He leaves. Bala and Vandu also praise Mihika. Raman and Ishita too come home. Ishita asks Raman to come in Amma’s house. He asks why, did you smell idlis.

Amma asks Mihika to get married to Mihir. Mihika says first promotion then marriage. Amma says you got good guy, and you can get promoted after marriage, see Vandu got promoted after her marriage. Bala jokes. Appa says Mihika is right, let her achieve anything, let them enjoy engagement party. Amma asks him to come inside and discuss. Bala says its full freedom before marriage. Vandu says so you were eager to marry. Raman gets into the discussion and asks Mihir to marry Mihika. Ishita says you are saying this. Raman says first think in which family you are entering. Ishita looks on.

Ishita comes home and her hand is aching a lot. She applies the ointment. Raman comes and says let me apply it, give me your hand. He says I m sorry, you got hurt becasue of me. She says its paining a lot. He says what to do about her. He calls her doctor and asks what to do about Ishita’s pain. The doctor asks him to do some stiffness relieve exercise on her plan. He says fine and goes to Ishita to do it diverting her mind. He comes to her and holds her hand, talking to her.

He does the exercise like massage and says he has to say something, but thought to tell it. He says Ishita I love you. She is shocked and they have an eyelock. She forgets her pain. He says I think we are made for each other, that’s why no one stayed in our life, I don’t how will you react, but I really love you very much. She does the exercise moving her wrist and she shouts ayyo amma…………. He says check it, is the work less. She moves her wrist. He says tell me what happened. She says better now. He says your doctor told me to give a jerk to your hand and keep you diverted, so I did all this drama.

She looks at him. He says what did you think I really love you, did any mad dog bite me. She says no, I also know it, no mad dog bite me. we married for Ruhi. He asks her to go, as he gave his bed to her for two days and asks her to wind up her mess. Shagun is angry on Ashok thinking how he was praising Mihika and sticked to her. She says how dare he give her more marks than me. Ashok comes there and she argues with him. Ashok defends himself.

She says I got this marksheet to know whats going on, I lost because of you. He says you are with me all these years and did not learn anything. I know I have made Mihika win, but why. What would people say if I made you win, people would say I made you win, as you are my to be wife, it was such a small competition, you have to be queen of Khanna Empire. She says I know Mihika is your new challenge, right. She says don’t think I m dumb, I can see everything, I m always watching you. He says keep watching, but you are the winner for me, I got a surprise for you.

He gives her a diamond necklace set and she says wow, that’s beautiful. She gets busy in it and he messages Mihika, congrats, you really looked a winner. He says my elder brother is coming. She says finally we are getting married and hugs him. Its morning, Ishita tells Mrs. Bhalla that she has to go for important surgery. Raman jokes and Ishita takes it light. She says my junior doctor Dr. Anirudh will assist me. She gets Anirudh’s call and says what, don’t do this, manage something. Raman hears this.

Ishita says Anirudh has to go for his family problem. How will I do now. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman will help you. Raman says why me. Mrs. Bhalla says he will. He says I don’t have medical knowledge. Ishita says exactly, I will get someone. Raman says I will take Anirudh’s son to doctor and you ask him to come. He leaves. She says how will he manage other’s kids. Parmeet talks to Reena and flirts. Simmi is keeping on calling him. He sees Simmi’s call and says Reena he will talk to her later.

Ashok comes and sees Parmeet lying to Simmi and fooling her. Simmi gets glad knowing he is arranging a home for them. Ashok smiles and says great Parmeet, you control your wife a lot. Parmeet says I learnt from you, Shagun and Mihika both, so I m also trying, till when will I stay as bachelor. He asks did you say Mihika’s name to Murti for modeling. Ashok says yes. Parmeet says will she agree. Ashok says sure, I always made Raman agree to me, so who iss this Mihika to say no. Parmeet says great and smiles.

Raman knocks the door as he comes to meet Anirudh and sees him with many lipstick marks on his face. He says I m Ishita’s husband and come to take your son to hospital, so this is your emergence. Anirudh says my wife came to me after one month from her Maayka, please understand Sir, I did not tell Madam. Raman says I can understand, go back. Ishita calls Raman and Sarika asks her to relax. Raman says I have to solve her problem, she will eat my brain else, what to do.

Ishita says when will Anirudh come.Sarika says patient is coming in 10mins. Raman comes and Ishita asks where is he. Raman says you can’t bear it, if you want to know where is he and what is he doing. He tells her everything and says he has actually seen him. I m a good husband and came to help you. She says you can’t do this, you are not a dentist. He says this is not rocket sciences and shows his knowledge.xhe says yes, its easy to get dentist’s degree. He says come lets do the surgery. She says Ayyo Murugan, give peace to patient’s soul.

Raman says its all because of Amma. She asks what did Amma do in this. He says that an angry Punjabi became calm. They smile seeing each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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