Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Roshni wants to decide for her child

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the court hearing beginning. The lawyer says this is the first time in history that a custody case is fought before the child’s birth, both the parties want the child to live with them. Ishita’s lawyer says Ishita cares for the child and also the child’s mum, but Bhallas just want the child. Raman’s lawyer says Raman should get the custody, as Ishita isn’t capable of raising the child. He calls Ishita in witness box. He asks about her profession. She says I m a dentist. He asks is your clinic and home rented. She says yes, its on rent, but I m planning to own a house soon. He says I m not asking about future, how can you support Roshni financially, if she fails to go for job, how will you manage the expenses.

She says I can manage easily. He asks what about

medical expenses. She says if its a critical condition, I will take a loan. He says note this point, there is no such problem in Raman’s house, he is more stable financially than Ishita, Roshni’s child won’t have any problem. Ishita’s lawyer says Ishita has planned everything for child, there won’t be any financial problem. Raman’s lawyer says Raman has started a trust for the child, who will bear all his expenses and education till he turns 21, I don’t think Ishita is so capable. He asks Ishita didn’t she see Raman and Bhallas concern for Roshni. Ishita says I know they are concerned, Roshni was attacked there, she will be more safer with me. He asks you mean she will be safer at your house. Ishita says yes.

The lawyer calls Simmi. Simmi says Roshni was kidnapped, Ishita came to take help Raman, he found Roshni and got her home, Ishita can put Roshni and her baby’s life in danger, so Raman should get the custody, its our right, the baby is the heir of our family. The lawyer says thanks, you may go, Raman should get the custody. The judge says the hearing will continue tomorrow, the court is adjourned. They all go. Mrs. Bhalla thanks Simmi. Simmi says family members don’t need thanks, come we shall leave. Raman says I need to talk. Ishita refuses. Roshni asks Ishita to listen to him once. She goes. Raman asks Ishita to think again, Roshni’s child will be happy and safe with us, Roshni can start afresh and make her career, this will be good for their future. She asks shall I separate their future, sorry. He says think well, you will definitely lose tomorrow. She says its not good to be overconfident, anything can happen tomorrow.

She goes to Roshni. She says we will win this case. Her lawyer calls her for a talk. Roshni says its okay, I will just go. Simmi says I think I can do this work, which you couldn’t do. Raman looks on. Simmi goes after Roshni. Roshni sees her in washroom. Simmi says listen to me, I know you are worried, you are pregnant and you have to visit the court, Ishita would have asked you not to talk to me, I didn’t say anything wrong there, you are taking stress, we could have avoided this if Ishita accepted Raman’s offer to send you to London. Roshni asks what are you saying. Simmi asks didn’t Ishita tell you anything. Roshni says no. Ishita looks for Roshni. Simmi says if you hand over the child to Bhalla family, child will get everything which Adi wanted to give him, just think, you got a chance to start a new life, you shouldn’t miss this chance, else you will always be held responsible for Adi’s death, you will be called mum of an illegitimate child. Roshni gets shocked.

Ishita asks are you okay, what happened. Roshni says nothing. Raman asks what did she say. Simmi says I explained her well, my words affected her, she won’t refuse to your offer. He thanks her. She says anything for you. She goes. He sees Ruhi. Ruhi asks how can you do this, what’s wrong with you, why are you playing mind games with Roshni, you are using Simmi for this, this will make matter worse. He says I know what I m doing, I m using Simmi as she doesn’t have a conscience, I tried to talk to Ishita. She says separating mum and child is wrong. He says I m trying to make Aaliya and Roshni’s lives better, sometimes you talk this way, this isn’t right.

Ishita asks Roshni what happened. Roshni asks why did you hide about London offer, why didn’t you tell me. Ishita says I refused him. Roshni says its about me and my child’s future. Ishita says I m sorry, you are right, I should have discussed, but I felt you will refuse too. Roshni asks what’s wrong in it, my child will get a name and family, he will be financially secure, I will bear the separation for his good life. Ishita asks can you leave child and go to London. Roshni says yes, let me take this decision, if I knew about this, I would have accepted this before. Ishita says this is not you, did anyone tell something to you. Roshni says lets go home. Raman gives an envelope to Simmi and thanks her. She says we got differences between us, but we shouldn’t let that affect children, I can do anything for Adi’s child, I loved Adi a lot. Raman goes. She checks the money.

Parmeet says wow, its amazing, so much money for such a little effort, you said emotional dialogues, you are doing good acting. She says I m doing all this to hurt them, especially Ishita, I want to wreck her, I can forgive Raman, but not Ishita. Ishita and Roshni are on the way. Ishita says fine, I will call Raman and tell him that you want to accept the deal and give the child to him. Roshni thinks of Simmi’s words. Ishita says we shall do what you decided. Roshni cries. Ishita says I understand your confusion, you have to think it through. Roshni says I don’t know what I was thinking, I was going to sacrifice the child, I m a bad mother. Raman asks did you reach home, be with Roshni. Guard says we are still on the way. Ishita says you are a not a bad mum. A car comes in front. Roshni shouts Ishita…. Guard says madam’s car… Raman asks what happened to Ishita’s car.

Shantanu says the child is not of Adi, its my child, I m the father of Roshni’s child. Raman and everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shreya Shetty

    What in the world is actually happening to this serial?
    Simmi is indeed a cruel minded and sinisterly blooded woman and yes these P AND S can never leave a stone unturned behind to trouble the entire family and ruin their happiness
    Ramans decision to ensure a better and secured good future for roshni is a very good step to keep her happy instead of bearing all the insults from the society that she s responsible for adi’s death and also the mother of an illegimate child,but i just hope its not a fake one and i am sure Raman can never hurt anyone purposefully like that at all
    But even i am still confused whom to say is correct,its either Ishu or Raman?by their choices to keep roshni s baby financially secure and safe and give her a happy life,its hard to tell who will win this custody case now.And raman shouldn’t be so much goody that he might win,who knows that the result might be unexpected the next day,lets keep watching
    and one thing,this P AND S are growing much and more EVILER AND MONEY HUNGRY in order to instigate the whole family against ishita even including raman!!Simmi,let me just say u this according to the serial U will suffer the most than ur EVIL HUSBAND PARAM by following him and its not him whos gonna pay the price at ur defeat but BOTH OF U will certainly be most entertained when sent to prison after all ur crimes have been revealed sooner or later that too both of ur UGLY FACES shall be exposed one day or another coz for now,its complicated and hard to tell whether u both evil dogs be caught somehow but yes we will see what will happen next in this show at next part

  2. Anyone can tell how selfish Roshini is she believed Simmi’s words over Ishu she did not wait for an explanation Roshini can easily be mislead. All in all the Bhallas can take care of Roshini financially more than Ishu. Simmi on the other hand is a bad mother daughter aunt but thinks she is a good wife the fool does not realize she is being used by her so called husband Param. In the end she will lose badly cuz actually everyone is her enemy someone who can think ill of their own niece is a nobody. I read Roshini is going to die don’t know how true that is. Pre-cap looks interesting wonder whose idea is that now lol drama and more drama.

    1. Shreya Shetty

      Roshni was somewhat selfish in believing that evil Simmi’s words like that
      She could have given ishu the chance to explain her part but no,she didn’t
      And I think Bhallas know how to financially secure a child but can never ever give a good upbringing to children at all like how Mrs bhallas presently three kids are so corrupted in change including her venomous daughter Simran aka Simmi along with her evil hubby param
      She can never be a good mother,daughter,aunt or a wife and Dil in the family at all but remain corrupted always until she finds her own fate dying

  3. I don’t understand how Ishita has no money..if I recall correctly didn’t Ashok leave all his money/ property on her name? Where did it all go… suddenly she doesn’t have a penny.. lol

    1. Mona146

      i did not know this. why did ashok leave everything on ishita name. is he dead.

      1. he is dead few episodes back.. his eyes were donated to Ishita (if u remember she lost her eye sight some time back) that time he also donated his money to Ishita as he was suffering from cancer and may die any time

  4. Mona146

    i think bhalla’s are just obsessed to get their waaris. nothing else. they can never guive good uprbringing to childre. Raman most hyper reactive immature irresponsilble head of family. he always gets into fight, bursts like a volcano with no maturity without ishita he is nothing. Romi did all mistakes before that he doesnt have anything to do now. Simmi is most horrible. unki ek aur beti thi jo mihir ki wife thi woh bhi kuch kum nahi thi. she died in the hands of her secret affair. they were eager to get aadi but finally when he started going on wrong path none of them could bring him in right track. ruhi shuru se ishita ko chuna hai isliye woh ek matr normal insaan hain ghar mein even if she was a bit wrong in nikhil case. when they give good upbringing why are they obsessed in their blood line. I hate toshiji to the core.

    1. Shreya Shetty

      So true u have exactly mentioned!!
      The bhallas are truly so selfish and crazy in getting a heir that too Roshni s baby in the family!!
      They could just leave that girl aside and think about something else and then something positive would have happened to ishita and their relations but there’s no Hope or trust towards it at all in bringing them to normal
      Unlike ishu and Ruhi and some supportive characters looks like all of them have been butchered and violated to the core of hatredness so as to procceeed this long lasting pile of drama currently
      In this point of time it’s hard to tell that who might win and who will lose in this case but we also don’t want that stupid family of bhallas and p and s stealing away a child from its mother so ruthlessly like that.totally agreed

  5. I think the serial is going from bad to worse.. in which world is the serail running ? Does anybody has to show proof that they can maintain the kid until their studies ? It is better they stop this serial now..

  6. Idk what’s wrong with the writers lately.Not even a single scene’s making sense.just how can any1 provide proof of a stabilized job?is this making sense?What if Raman’s business go in losses becoz of some reason then?? business is more stabilized than that of dentist job ?…come on now,just what of shit is it?If they see around they’re dentists all around who are raising children & if I’m not wrong ishita’s working in a bigger hi-fi hospital.
    Coming to simmy’s offer ..If roshini is that scared of society, what was she doing all this time?she was chilled out with ishita acting all tough and pretending to be a different person
    I’m damn sure that even after this load of crap after 2/3 months again ishra will reunite,then seperate and again a leap

  7. if roshni child custody goes to bhallas, the child will be in problem, because all the bhallas are selfish.

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