Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Parmeet seeing Sarika and getting tensed thinking she came here to tell his truth. Ishita asks Sarika to come upstairs. Simmi brings lemon water for him. He says i will just come. Ishita welcomes Sarika and she is shocked to see Parmeet in her house. Ishita tells she is her new receptionist and came to meet her. She says she came to take the keys of my clinic. Ishita asks her to sit and she will come. Parmeet thinks she came here and may tell everyone, maybe she is playing a game. Ishita gives her the keys. Sarika says thanks Ishita for your help, for this job. Ishita says you got the job as you gave good interview, I really felt bad hearing her story.

Ishita says Sarika used to work in Dubai and the man troubled her and she lost the job. Ishita asks her to complaint about the man and she will help him. Simmi also asks her. Parmeet says woman’s respect is in her hands, its better if she is quiet. Ishita says no, she is not alone, we will help her. Sarika says I should go home now, its already late. Parmeet thinks of doing something. Simmi asks Parmeet to take her to the movie. Parmeet says not today, I have work. He leaves. Trisha comes to Amma’s house and meets Mihika. She hugs her and asks how are you, is this your house, Raman and Mihir has sent me to stay here, now I will be with you, I m your new PG.

Mihika is surprised. Trisha asks about Amma and Appa. She says they are Ishita’s parents right. Mihika thinks Raman did wrong this time, its not fair, why did he send her in her house and life. Raman comes to Ruhi and tries to talk to her. Ruhi is annoyed with him. Ruhi ignores him. Raman says stubborn girl, went on her father. He says I m thinking to give my cupboard to Ishita and lets keep her clothes here. He says I told her many times to arrange her clothes in the cupboard but she does not listen. Ishita comes. Raman says I asked you to share the cupboard and you forget. Ishita says when did you tell me that and understands he is acting infront of Ruhi.

Ishita sends Ruhi out. Ishita asks Raman why all this, do i have to apologize to someone. Raman says I m doing this for Ruhi and you are an unsatisfied soul. He leaves. Ishita is annoyed and says Ravan Kumar. Ruhi talks to Mrs. Bhalla and asks her to have bitter juice. Raman comes to talk to her again. He says Ishita wants icecream so I m going to bring it, will you also have. Ruhi says I will have with her. Mrs. Bhalla says bring kulfi for me. Ruhi says no, you are no dieting. Ruhi asks Raman to bring her fav flavor. Raman says what will it be.

Ishita arranges her clothes. Ruhi comes to her and says Papa gave you only this much space. Ishita says yes, he gave me the whole cupboard but I don’t need. She asks her to say her elocution speech. Raman comes to buy icecream and calls Ishita to know the flavor. Parmeet talks to Sarika. She says I need money and a job. He says leave this job else…… She says i need this job for my mum’s treatment. Ishita gets Raman’s call and he scolds her. Parmeet threatens the woman. Raman asks her fav flavor. He says I m helplessly asking you. She says thanks for taking so much care about me. He says message me infront of Ruhi. Ishita shows the message to Ruhi and sends him. Raman says chee, blackcurrent. Raman sees Parmeet with a woman and sees him leaving.

Vandu calls the meeting and talks about papers being leaked and students bribing the professors. She says I know who did this. She scolds the man for leaking the papers and says she wants to change the whole team. She asks the board to decide. The board decided Bala will take the responsibility. Bala is happy. Vandu thanks everyone. Vandu hugs Bala and says I m so happy. Bala says now I m no your junior. She says you are still my junior. The man sees them and says i will not leave them. Rumi gets that professor and asks whats all this. He says I can’t do anything. Rumi says you took money.

He says I m suspended. Rumi says we will see that HOD and bribe him. Rumi leaves. Raman asks everyone to have icecreams of Ishita’s fav flavor. Simmi says I won’t have. Raman serves Ruhi first. Ishita likes the icecream and makes Ruhi have it. Mrs. Bhalla says everyone are eating and I m seeing their faces. Everyone smiles. Mrs. Bhalla is dieting and says i will look your younger sister. Ruhi says no, you will look my younger sister and Simmi will look your mum. Raman asks Parmeet about the girl as he saw him with her. Parmeet says yes, she was a job agent. Raman asks Ruhi to have more icecream. Ruhi says lets go for revision now and leaves with Ishita. Raman thinks don’t know what else I have to do for making Ruhi happy.

Raman praises Ishita saying her initials. Ishita does the opposite. Ishita and Raman have a cute fight.

Update Credit to: Amena

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