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Romi is having stomach ache as he ate too much chicken. Ishita comes to him and asks why he had to eat so much chicken when it was so hard. He says it was first and last chicken made by his bhabhi, how he wouldn’t eat it. Ishita gives him a tablet and thanks him for supporting her.

Mihika is angry with Punjabis and she’s complaining to Mihir. Mihir says he was also there and he didn’t like what happened with Ishita, but Raman and Romi did support her. She says if anything like this happens with her, then she won’t stay quiet. Mihir suggests her to learn how to handle situations from Ishita. How she handles everything nicely and brings sweetness in every relationship. Mihika says she doesn’t like sweets. Mihir pulls her and says she is too spicy and he likes spicy things. Mihika asks him to leave her. He says he’s her fiance. She says Ishita is one in a million and no matter how much she tries, she can’t become like her. Mihir hugs her again and says, I love you. She asks him if he’s not getting late and asks him to leave now.

Raman praises Ishita’s acting and how she won bua’s heart. She says it was not acting, it was her genuine feelings and suggests him to try it sometime as well. Raman gets a call from Mr. Mehta. Ishita suddenly starts laughing. Raman tells Mr. Mehta there is someone mental in his house, he will call later. He asks Ishita if she’s gone mad. She shows him his pink mobile and asks since when he started liking pink things. Raman says it’s all thanks to her. She sent him that phone to his office. She asks that phone came out of the box? and laughs again. He says whatever she put would come out and on top of that she told his secretary to tell him to open right there. It’s good she didn’t bring it herself, else he would have thrown it on her face. Ishita says, Ruhi.. He asks her not to blame his daughter now. It’s her who likes to take revenge every time. He throws the phone on bed and leaves calling her “cheap Madrashan”. Ishita picks up the phone and laughs. She says, Ruhi you wanted to make your dad Shah Rukh Khan, but you made him Pinky Kumar.

Romi leaves to go to meet Bala. Shravan comes and tells Ruhi they are getting late. Raman comes out and Ishita is packing Ruhi’s lunchbox. He taunts her for waking up late. Ishita stares at him. He tells her not to stare, Ruhi is getting late. She gives lunchbox to Ruhi and she leaves with Shravan. Ishita goes to Raman and asks what was that comment for? He knows she had an emergency case in night and she went there. He says she is not only mother-dentist. He won’t take any carelessness in his daughter’s matters. Ruhi forgot her maths book. Ishita checks it and finds out that Ruhi is very bad in maths. She shows it Raman. Raman says, of course, if her mother is busy giving lecture to her dad instead being interested in her maths, then this is what will happen. Ishita reminds him that she looks after every single thing of Ruhi, and he can at least teach her maths. He says he goes to office and now she wants him to teach Ruhi when he comes home. What a life it will be for him. She reminds him that she is also a dentist and she manages house as well. It just requires a good time management. She also says she doesn’t like maths, it’s her weakness, so he can teach that to Ruhi. Raman says, thank God there is at least some weakness. They argue who will teach maths to Ruhi. Ishita tells him it’s final, it’s his responsibility to teach Ruhi. He will take out 2 hours every evening. He says he has so much work and asks her what’s 2+2. She says 4. He says she knows maths, she is just making excuses. Ruhi’s maths isn’t tough. In end, Raman says Ruhi’s maths responsibility will be his, and rest Ishita’s. He leaves.

He comes downstairs and says, he gave lecture and showed tashan to Ishita, but he has to think about Ruhi’s future too. He thinks what can be done.

Romi meets Bala. Other board members are hiding there. Bala asks him for his friends, but Romi came alone. Bala asks him to give question paper to him and he will give him new paper. Romi gives him and Bala catches him red-handed and tells him that his game is over. The board members check the question paper and it’s just a glossary list. They tell Bala that his game is over, he’s trying to trap innocent students. Bala is confused. He asks Romi about the question paper. Romi asks which question paper?

Ishita tells herself, mission maths is started from today. She is Tamilian, she can’t be behind in studies. Now Ruhi will come first in maths and that will be because of her.

She enters the house and is shocked to see Raman with a modern look girl, Sheila. Raman introduces her to Ishita. He then tells Ishita that he’s taking her interview, so if she could excuse them. Ishita says, sure, take your time. She comes on a side and is still hearing their conversation. Raman tells Sheila that her maths seems very good and he is sure she can teach it to Ruhi, but with teaching, she also needs to know how to take care of children. He tells her to teach maths to Ruhi the way so everyone says she’s Raman Bhalla’s daughter. Ishita comes back and asks she’s Ruhi’s tuition teacher? She tells him if he can’t teach to Ruhi, then she will. She tells Sheila, they don’t need her. Raman says, no, I need her. I mean, Ruhi needs you. He takes Ishita on a side and asks what’s her problem. Ishita says Ruhi doesn’t need a tuition teacher. She needs her parents attention. Raman says it’s final that sheila will teach Ruhi. Ishita says that Sheila won’t give attention to Ruhi, she will give attention to Raman. Raman says, because of Sheila, Ruhi won’t become a dentist at least whose maths will be weak. Ishita tells him to do whatever he wants. She will go to pick up Ruhi. He stops her and tells her to say bye to Sheila. Ishita doesn’t listen to him. Raman tells Sheila that Ishita is leaving. Sheila tells bye to Ishita. Ishita gives fake smile and tells her bye and to enjoy with Raman. Raman tells her to go carefully, they both will be fine at home. Ishita leaves.

Bala is shouting at Romi and asks him how he can lie so much. Romi accuses Bala for asking him for money. The board members ask him why he stayed quiet till now. Romi says because of his family. Bala is getting mad at Romi. Romi says he has proof and shows them video of Bala taking money from him. Bala sees the videos and says he gave saying Ishita gave it to him to give to Appa. Romi says Bala is bringing his family in this matter again. They live next door and Ishita could just go there and give money to her Appa on her own. Bala loses his cool and grabs Romi’s collar. Vandita comes and asks what’s going on. The board members ask Romi to leave. They tell Vandita that the real culprit was Bala. He was selling the exam papers. Vandita cannot believe it. Bala says he didn’t tell her anything because he wanted to catch the whole gang together. Vandita says, there must be a misunderstanding. The board members say, he’s her husband so she will say that, but they saw proof, and they have to believe the proof. They decide to put re-examination on the hold and say both Vandita and Bala can get suspended for this. Bala says he has given many years to this college, he can never do anything like this. They don’t listen and leave.

Ishita is waiting outside Ruhi’s school. Shagun also comes there and both see each other. Ishita goes to her and asks how’s her health now. Adi comes and asks Ishita to stay away from his mum. Ishita says she’s just asking about her health. Adi says, there’s no need for that because he knows Ishita doesn’t care. He tells shagun, she shouldn’t have come here. She should have rested at home. They leave. Ruhi comes to Ishita. Ishita asks about Shravan. Ruhi tells her that he left in middle.

Precap: Same as yesterday.

Update Credit to: Rahi

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    Tuesday 3rd June: Shravan comes to Ruhi’s place to complete his science project. Ruhi gets excited and says that she will get Romi’s laptop. Mrs Bhalla though stops Ruhi from entering Romi’s room and asks Shravan to leave. Later Ruhi goes to Iyer’s house, taking Romi’s laptop along with her. They both are surfing the net when Mrs Iyer comes there and sees them manhandling it. She asks them to stop using it and finish the project later when their parents are home. Mr Iyer observes Ruhi and Shravan getting disappointed so to pep them up, he takes them out for an ice-cream treat. Now, while closing the laptop Mrs. Iyer touches some button and all of a sudden Mihika’s MMS starts playing. She is shocked and furious to see that & she rushes to Bhalla’s house to catch hold of Romi. However, Romi is not there and she meets Simmi. Simmi is confused and also worried to see Mrs Iyer in such a state. She wonders why is she looking for Romi. Mrs Iyer leaves from there to reach Ishita’s clinic to tell her the truth. Simmi in the meanwhile, calls Romi and we see Romi is with his friend Bunty sitting in a white car. Romi takes the call and is seen shocked hearing whatever the caller said. He tells Bunty that he needs to settle this issue before Raman Bhai gets to know anything about it. Mrs Iyer is anxiously waiting for autos & in the meanwhile she also calls up Ishita’s clinic. Sarika picks up the phone and Mrs Iyer informs her that she is on her way to meet Ishita. Now while she was crossing the road , all of a sudden she gets hit by a white car. Mrs Iyer falls with blood all over and Romi’s laptop also falls somewhere on the side. At the same time, Raman was crossing the road and after a little hit & miss , he sees Mrs Iyer on the road. He takes her to the hospital & also informs Ishita about the same. Mrs Iyer is taken inside the OT ward & everyone has now reached the hospital. Raman gives Romi’s laptop to Ishita saying that it was found near her at the accident spot. Ishita looks at the laptop & wonders what was Mrs Iyer doing with it. Wednesday 4th June: Ishita is sitting with the laptop and was about to open it when she sees a few policemen walking in to find out all the details about the accident. They see Mrs Iyer and then take the details from Raman about the accident. By now Bhalla’s and Mihir have also reached the hospital. Mr Iyer gets emotional seeing Mrs Iyer all wounded. A nurse walks in and asks everyone to move out. Now it’s only Ishita and Mrs Bhalla in the room. Mrs Bhalla starts talking to Mrs Iyer , trying to excite her so that she responds. Mystically it works and we see Mrs Iyer gaining consciousness. The nurse sees the movement and goes out to call the doctor. Ishita comes closer to Mrs Iyer, who is trying to say something. Doctor walks in and looking at Mrs Iyer says that it seems like she wants to say something. Everyone is anxiously waiting for her to say & Mrs Iyer with great difficulty says ” Romi” and again slips into unconsciousness. Ishita & Mrs Bhalla are shocked to hear Romi’s name. Mrs Bhalla comes out and calls up Simmi. She tells her to call up Romi and find out where is he. Simmi tries calling Romi but he is not picking up the call. After checking Mrs Iyer, the doctor asks for her past medical report. Ishita says that she will go home and get it. Throughout her travel she keeps thinking what could be the link between her Amma’s accident & Romi. She reaches home and while she was searching the files sees Romi getting off from the white car. She remembers that Raman did mention that Amma was hit by a white car. She joins all the dots together and comes to the conclusion that it is Romi who has done the accident. Ishita confronts him & accuses him of the accident, but Romi keeps denying it. Ishita asks him that if he was not at the accident spot, then where was he but Romi doesn’t have any answer to it. Ishita leaves for the hospital, but warns him that she will not leave him. Thursday 5th June: Simmi asks Romi if he has done the accident & Romi says no. Simmi asks him run away from here otherwise Ishita will make him look like a culprit and then he will also be in jail. She tells him to go and stay in Bunty’s farmhouse. Here at the hospital Mr Iyer is in the accounts section for the payment and he gives his mediclaim card, but the receptionist tells him that the card has expired. While he was still struggling with his thoughts Raman comes there and makes a payment. Mr Iyer stops him but he tells him that this is his duty. Mr Iyer feels nice to hear that. Even Ishita notices this and is touched. Everyone has left the hospital except Raman and Ishita who stays back to look after Mrs Iyer. At home Mrs Bhalla asks Simmi where is Romi and if he is involved in this accident. Simmi defends Romi & says that she will not allow anyone to even come close to her brother. In the hospital Raman & Ishita share a beautiful moment by remembering their childhood days Friday 6th June:By now Raman has also enteredthe room . He asks what didshe say . Doctors have also cometo check Mrs Iyer & theytake her to do MRI test. Ramangoes with them. Ishita takesthe laptop and checks the clip. Sheis seething with anger.Raman comes there and asks heragain what is the matter.Ishita is silent and then she justturns the laptop and showshim the clip. Raman is shocked .Now Ishita tells him that itwas because of this that Romi hitMrs Iyer. Raman isabsolutely broken as he had neverever thought that Romicould ever do this. Raman reacheshome and is very angry .He is looking for Romi and he asksSimmi if he has any clueabout him. Simmi informs he didcome home, but after that heleft and she has no clue about it.Raman leaves for thehospital telling Mr Bhalla to keepan eye on this. Later MrsBhalla and Simmi were talkingwhen Simmi tells her that Romiis staying at Bunty’s farmhouse.Romi on the other hand is atthe farmhouse & he is sharing withBunty that how he is soscared of Raman to share all thetruth.Saturday 7th June:Mrs Iyer is not happy in thehospital and is complaining abouteverything. She wants to go backhome. The doctors are notagreeing to it, but Ramanmanages to convince them. WhenMrs Iyer comes back homeeveryone is surprised to see thatRaman has arranged a full-timenurse and a proper medicalroom set-up to monitor Mrs Iyer’shealth. Mrs Bhalla couldn’tcontrol herself and she calls upRomi. Romi tells her that he isfine, but scared. Simmi also joinsMrs Bhalla later & by theend of the conversation Ramanhears their talks and he getsto know that Romi is at Bunty’sfarmhouse. He tells Ishitathat he is going to get Romi home.In the farmhouse, Paramcomes to meet Romi. He tries tobe friendly with him & tellshim that he should join him asRaman will never understandhim. Romi rejects his proposal andtells him that he can neverjoin hands with the person whotried to malign the respect ofher Bhabhi. Romi asks him toleave. Raman, who has justreached the farmhouse hears thisand is happy to see thatRomi has not betrayed him. Paramfeels disrespected & heleaves from there. Raman slapsRomi and asks him the truth.Now Romi tells him that he wasnot responsible for Mrs Iyer’saccident as at that time he was notthere. Raman asks himabout the MMS and Romi acceptsthat he did that as hewanted to take revenge fromMihir.

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      1. Board members suspend Bala and warn Ishita, this is an absolute humiliation for both Bala & Vandita. When Ishita comes back home, she sees a super s*xy woman in her house with Raman. Raman later introduces her as Ruhi’s maths teacher- Sheila Kejwani. Vandita is tensed and shares her worry with Bala. She suggests him that they should talk to Ishita about it, but Bala stops her as that might affect her relationship. Romi comes back home and he is stopped by Simmi. She asks him if everything is ok & now Romi thinks that he must take Simmi on his side by telling her his side of story first and foremost. At Iyer’s house, Ishita coax her mom and then she gets to know about Bala. Simmi promises Romi that she will be by her side. Ishita after hearing everything wants to confront Romi but Simmi stops her. Later she tells everything to Raman & then Raman fires Romi infront of his family. Simmi interferes and takes Romi stand. Ishita notices that the fight is becoming very ugly, so stops Raman & asks him to calm down. Mrs Bhalla & Simmi are now very angry at Ishita as they feel that it’s because of her two brothers had a fight.Raman is very angry at Romi and later even fires Ishita for stopping him to slap him. Ishita tries to explain him that sometime hitting kids of this age can make them rebellious. Raman tells him if that’s the case, then you only handle him the way you like he is out if it. Simmi instigates Mrs Bhalla that it’s all because of Ishita that today Romi & Raman had a fight. Mrs Bhalla barges into Mrs Iyer’s house and creates a huge ruckus saying that how dare they blame Romi for this paper leak scam, rather it was Bala who wanted to sell those papers for money. In anger she is dragging Ruhi from there who was playing with Shravan, but Mr Bhalla comes there and stops him. Ishita also comes there and tries to pacify Bala and Vandita. She sees Romi going out of the building so rushes down to talk to him.
        Ishita tells Romi that she can help him out if he tells the truth and now Romi tells her that he is not guilty, but it’s high time that she decides on whose side she is- his or Bala. Romi drives off, Ishita sees that News reporter’s van entering the building compound. They are here to make a news clip on Bala- defaming his name. Ishita tries to stop them, but by then they have already created a clip. Ishita is worried that if this clip comes on air Bala and Vandita’s name will be spoiled. She rushes to Raman and asks for his help to stop it but then he says that I told you that I am out of it you think na you can handle everything, so handle this also. She calls up Mihir & he says he will try doing something. While Ishita is all tensed about this news telecast we see Shagun & Param sitting along with Tanushree. They are here to make sure that this news goes on air. Next morning everyone is sitting in anxiety to see if the clip will come on air and they are shocked when the clip doesn’t come, rather Ashok’s land scandal report is being aired. Ashok fires Shagun for this goof-up. Ishita wonders who could have stopped it and then Vandita tells her that maybe Raman as she had seen him talking to Bala. Ishita calls up Raman, who takes her calls & tells her that he is busy and then we see that he is with Tanushree and has made a deal with her. Bala and Vandita go to college and where she is told by the board committee that she has been demoted.
        Wow so much gonna happen in upcoming episodes.. are u excited?
        Keep following it to stay updated..

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