Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita telling Raman about Ashok giving his numbers to girls and saying he will not marry Shagun. She says Shagun is Ruhi and Adi’s mum, and she is a woman, she does not deserve this. He says he knew Ashok is a dog, but did not he will do this with Shagun, I will not leave him. She asks him not to be angry and think being calm. Raman calls Shagun and asks Shagun to meet him. Suraj slaps Ashok and says you are idiot, you are drunk, and told everyone that your plans, you said you will not marry Shagun. Ashok says I was drunk, I just told Abhimanyu, he is our man, he gave me contract, whats the big deal. ………….

Ashok says nothing will happen. Suraj says he will manage everything. Ashok tells him about Mihika. He says just see, Shagun’s brother and Raman’s brother Mihir, he will be ruined. Shagun asks Raman what is the matter. Raman says about Ashok giving award winning performance. Ishita meets Mani at the same hotel. She asks what is the matter, is everything ok. Abhimanyu asks is everything fine. She says yes I have to go and pick Ruhi now. He says your husband’s daughter. She says my daughter, my existence is because of her. Raman asks Shagun is she happy with the marriage decision. Abhimanyu says you should be happy, as your husband is divorcee and you failed in love, if you don’t mind me asking, do you love her. She says he is good, he is very caring, he does unconditional love and can’t do anything wrong, its required for a good marriage.

Raman says marriage can be successful when people have strong bond, love ends in few days. Ishita says love is needed in marriage. Abhimanyu says you always kept me in friends category, first Subbu and now your husband. She says you will always be my best friend. He says your choice is always like this, Aainvi. She says he is not Aainvi, he is rude. Shagun asks Raman does he need certificate of Ashok’s character, you married and moved on, whats your problem when I m marrying/ Raman says as I know the truth.

Ishita and Abhimanyu see Raman. He says what is this lose Raman Bhalla doing here, he came late for meeting and second time he tried to bribe me. I heard he is very Sadu. Ishita says he is my husband. Abhimanyu says what? This Sadu. Raman tells everything to Shagun and says Ashok does not digest wine and told everything. Shagun says you don’t know him, he loves me. Raman says Ishita heard by her ears, he said he will leave you. Abhimanyu says lets meet your husband. Ishita says no, lets go. Shagun says if its Ishita’s plan….. Raman says if this will affect Adi, I won’t tolerate.

Shagun says lets go to Ashok and clear everything. Abhimanyu says he will drop Ishita. Ishita says no, I will go. He leaves. She waits to take an auto. Raman and Shagun see her. Shagun says what the hell is she doing here. Raman asks the same. Ishita says she came for coffee. Shagun does not believe them, and say you want to make me far from my Ashok. Ishita says no, I m going to pick up Ruhi. Shagun says anyone can pick her, lets go to Ashok and clear things.

Ashok shows the bedroom to a girl. He flirts with her and gets closer. Shagun comes home and asks the servant where is Ashok. The servant says upstairs. She goes to the room. Raman and Ishita follow. She opens the door and is shocked seeing Ashok with some girl. Ashok is tensed. Ashok says Shagun you here, its bad luck if we meet before marriage. Shagun slaps and beats him. She slaps the girl and asks who is she. She says she is living with him since 6 years, then he is with this girl. She beats him and kicks out the girl.

She says what do you think, I will leave you if you do this, you told everyone that you are bored of me and will not marry me. Ashok says no, who told you. She says stop lying, how could you do this, this is my house too. I did everything for you, I left Raman and my kids, sent Adi to hostel and you treated me like trophy, how can you cheat on me, is this your love, then why did you make me wait for marriage, disgusting, how dare you. She cries and says she will not leave him, you have to pay for this.

Ishita says lets go, its there personal matter. Raman says wait, I will end this matter today. Suraj comes and asks Ashok whats happening. Shagun asks him to come and see this drama, see your brother. Suraj asks Ashok to tell Shagun. Shagun says I know he is cheating on me. Ashok shows the card of that girl, she is our wedding planner. The girl says yes, I m wedding planner. Shagun asks did you get my bedroom to plan all this. He says I was planning about our wedding night, how would we decorate the room. He says I love you, we are together since 6 years and wanted to be more romantic. He says he got her many diamonds, he too did many things for her too, he is really disappointed. You have really hurt me.

Ashok turns and smiles. He says you and our relation are important, it should not be boring and unromantic. Raman and Ishita looks on. He says trust me, our month break and first wedding night, I m excited, but you spoiled everything, I m doing this for you, why don’t you trust me. Shagun says sorry. Suraj smiles. Ashok apologizes to Sherly and asks her to leave, as he will spend time with Shagun. She says fine and leaves. Ashok says Raman you lost, you can go, Shagun is mine. Shagun says sorry. Ashok says tell me you won’t doubt on me, else we will be separated. She says no, I trust you.

She cries and says she will punish herself. She beats herself. He says I was joking, stop it. She says I have beaten you a lot, I should have not come in Raman’s words, he can’t see me happy, he called me in coffee shop. Ashok asks her not to meet him, its ok with me as I trust you. Shagun asks Raman and Ishita is it over now. Ashok says he is your ex husband and won’t let you go off easily. Shagun says you show you care for me and burn my happiness, why don’t you understand, you moved on, let me marry now, no one can come between me and Ashok. Raman says you are a fool. Ashok is fooling you. Shagun shouts out. Suraj and Ashok smile.

Raman scolds Ishita bringing out his anger. He asks her not to interfere in other’s life. Mihika comes looking for Ishita. Ishita says I heard he will not marry Shagun, he is flirting with other girls. He says let them do anything, does your life has less problems, I m warning you, if you do such things, you will be out of my life. He leaves. Mihika hears everything. Ishita asks Mihika you here. Mihika holds her hand. Amma comes and says she was looking for Mihika. She says your mum in law is not here, so we will do it. Ishita says yes. Mr. Bhalla says you care so much. Amma says Ishita will celebrate both festivals. Mr. Bhalla says he will guide Ishita. Ishita says yes, I will ask mummy ji on email if needed. Everyone leave. Ishita gets upset.

Raman fools Ishita saying Maa used to be mute for nine days. She says she did not read this on net. He asks her to ask Romi and signs Romi to say the same. Ishita thinks as Raman asks her not to speak for nine days.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why Ishita became a dumb???

  2. Nice precap

  3. 1st………

  4. wow !!!!!!!
    fast update!!!!!!
    thanku thanku !! !! !! !! !!

  5. nice precap

  6. wow kamal ka precap hai boss.ishu u also do it yaar.then c raman will come to u himself and say to speak.and kaduos raven kumar when find out who is mani then c yaar aap band baja ka.cue ki mani is looking handsome too.u will get more jealous then.waiting for that moment guys.

  7. waise bein ishu when u defend raman infornt of mani it was awesome yaar.kya pyaar hai ishu handoff.

  8. Although I thoroughly enjoy reading the reviews of my favourite TV serials. It bothers me to great extents that the author is unable to write a review with proper syntax and grammar. The short comings in the writers control over the English language makes for a painful read at times. I applaud the effort but please refrain from continuing to propagate the notion and stereo type that even though India and Indians are mostly the largest “English” speaking population in world; our people despite their education still speak and type poorly.

    1. They write very fast or they’re school going kids.

  9. romi ka love story kya hua!!!

  10. If someone is going to dislike an opinion they should have the common decency to comment as to why. What is it about my comment that is worthy of a dislike. I did not in anyway disrespect the contributor, nor did I post a negative comment regarding the show itself. All I requested that if one is going to publish something online where hundreds or thousands or millions of people may read it, that one should take the necessary steps to present their work in the best possible manner.

  11. I agree with u R

  12. I appreciate that some people can understand my message. And see that my only intent is to encourage a bloggers to help improve the imagine of all Indians. As an Indian, I find nothing more disrespectful than when an English speaking person assume that my comprehension is below theirs. It is all because of the laziness or lack of care of our fellow brothers and sisters.

  13. u mean image of india and not imagine

  14. You are right, my mistake. That was a typo…oops.

  15. Is this the same person who had been writing the reviews a few months ago? I wonder if the writer has been changed. Because I found better fluency in previous write-ups. I only come here when I miss to watch on-screen. I love this serial. So, I can understand the write-ups, thus ignoring the grammatical errors.

  16. shagun such a stupied women and raman fool ishita but when raman saw mani then he will totally jealous and he will polite with ishita…………..

  17. audience and fans of YHM, u people r not understanding the big picture here. Ekta did the damage by bringing in the new character mani who loves ishu from so many years. now, a situation will arise where ishu will leave raman and marry mani. the routine story telling from balaji camp. ishu calling raman insensitive khadoos feelings ki kadar nahi karta is really not good. ishu shld understand the fact that raman is like this bcos of the past and he never tried to hurt ishu by any means. he did so much for her as a friend, lover nd husband just by understanding her heart. the rain dance is a fine example. wat did ishu do to raman so far. she loves him but is not ready to accept it. she never tried to make him understand that she loves him and cannot live without him. just staring at him for a few times nd when someone asks her does she love him, the only answer is waisa kuch bhi nahi hai. kyun nahi hai bhai, kya raman tumhare pyaar ke layak nahi hai tumhare subbu ki tarah. frustrated with this story. will stop watching this as the story of ishra wil come to an end now.

  18. Handsoff to 123

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