Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla slapping Raman. She asks Raman is he not worried for them, does he think they are stone hearted and just he and Ishita have sorrow. She says you have hidden this from parents, you should know we are not so useless that we can’t keep your secret a secret, you had one year to tell us, but no, you thought just your heart broke and let others go to hell. Ishita says no, we could not contact each other, we did not talk to each other directly, Vidyut has sent the flowers from Raman’s side, we did not tell anyone.

Mrs. Bhalla says I m not anyone, I m a mother, you are also a mother and can understand my sorrow, I will not talk to you both, leave from here. They all cry. Simmi says this is bad, you know mumma loves secrets, how can you hide it. Mr. Bhalla asks Simmi to stop it. Mrs. Bhalla says let them joke on me. Mr. Bhalla asks Ishita why did you hide this when you were our daughter, and Raman is saying about hypocrisy to your mother, even you are a father, what happened to you at Adi and Aaliya’s time, you were right as father and son, when are you wrong.

Raman says I know I did mistake. Mr. Bhalla asks Ishita did Mrs. Bhalla’s sorrow less than her sorrow, we were with you and left Raman thinking he is doing injustice with you, and you did all this, we are happy you both came back, but you gave us wound and tried to apply ointment, we regret this. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, Ishita did not understand my longing for Raman, i used to cry every morning thinking when will my Raman come back, I cried for one year, Ishita did not pity on me. Amma consoles her. Ishita apologizes and says we did this for Pihu, if Pihu knew this, she would have not got close to Raman, news would have reached Shagun any way, sorry, I did not wish to hurt you.

Pihu comes and asks Mrs. Bhalla are you not happy with my coming. Mrs. Bhalla says how can this happen, I m happy, I m not crying, its tears of happiness. Pihu consoles her and asks Mrs. Bhalla to forgive them. Amma says don’t cry now, forgive everyone for my sake. Mrs. Bhalla cries and hugs Ishita.

Raman and Ishita apologize to Mr. Bhalla. Mr. Bhalla goes. Ishita says he is annoyed with me, he feels I cheated him. Simmi says Papa needs some time, he will agree. Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla to forgive him. She hugs him.

Ananya talks to her friend. Her friend invites Ananya and Pihu in her birthday. Ananya tells Pihu that the girl is new here, we will go and get your dress. Pihu says my clothes are at Mani uncle’s house. Raman tells Pihu that he will take her on shopping and get new dresses. Pihu says I bought new dresses in Bangkok, I want to get that, the dresses will get short, I have toys there also, I have to meet Shagun. Ishita thinks Pihu wants to meet Shagun. She asks who has to come for shopping, and sends Raman to get ready. Ishita tells Pihu that she will make her meet Shagun, as she promised to not keep her away from her mumma.

Pihu asks really, but Shagun never let me meet you. Ishita says there is a reason, when someone loves you a lot, they get possessive. Ruhi told you story of Krishna, both mummies loved him and he loves both of them, I know you will love Shagun and me, you are going there and will come to me also, I want you to spend time with Shagun, she will be missing you, go and get your things too. Pihu asks really. Ishita says yes, I will explain Raman. She asks Adi to take Pihu to Mani’s house, she will collect her things and meet Shagun, you also meet Aaliya. Adi agrees happily and takes Pihu.

Ishita thinks how to convince Raman. Raman asks why did you send Pihu to Shagun. She says Shagun can’t do anything, Pihu decided to leave Shagun and come to us, she has feelings for us, we should respect her feelings too, she loves Shagun, we should allow her to meet Shagun. She asks him not to get angry now, trust us and our love, I m sure Pihu will not go like that, Pihu has two mothers, just let her gather all the love. He fears to lose Pihu. She says she is our daughter, she won’t go. He says fine. She says I m proud of you.

Shagun asks Pihu what will you have. Pihu says nothing, I had much food, everyone made something for me. Shagun gets angry and says fine, you get everything there, I will not make anything, take your belongings, I will pack it. Pihu says no, I came to meet you, I told Ishi Maa. Shagun says you chose Ishita and Raman, not me, I will pack everything, just leave. Pihu says but mumma… Shagun calls her selfish to leave her and go to them. She says you get everyone’s love there, you don’t need me, you are going to leave me, just go, don’t show these tears to me, I can stay without you if you can stay without me. Pihu cries.

Mrs. Bhalla scolds Neelu. She talks to Ishita. She asks Ishita to check how much salt Neelu added. Ishita tastes the dish and says salt is fine, Pihu will come, don’t take tension. Mrs. Bhalla says no, I was thinking I made palak paneer for her and if she did not have it, its no use to make it. Ishita asks are you annoyed with me and Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says no, you did big thing to get Pihu, I felt if I lose you and Pihu, I was worried, when Raman said you are his wife by all rights, I got glad. Ishita says that’s why you are such a great mummy. Mrs. Bhalla says no, else I would have got best saas award, everyone feel I m modern and happening saas, I just get nominated and lose. Ishita gives her idea to get annoyed with Raman, then you will get award, we did not pull anyone’s leg, listen my idea. They smile.

Mani gives gifts to Pihu. Pihu thanks him and is sad. Mani thinks maybe Shagun did something, so Pihu is upset. He gives her chocolates. He asks her not to cry, you can call me and I will come to pick you, tell me if you want something. She says thanks, and tells about her fav teddy, she hugs it and sleeps, give this to Shagun, when she hugs it and sleeps, she will feel she is hugging Pihu. Shagun looks on and cries. She says Pihu you left me, why did you do this.

Mrs. Bhalla tells Raman that Ishita was shouting on me. Ishita says I will hold her hair plaits and drop her to Iyer house. Ishita asks what did you say, you will kick me out of house. He says no. Mrs. Bhalla asks you mean you will make me leave. He says when did I say. They both scold him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. A touch emotional epi good to see first time pihu support ishita in front of everyone and i am surprised how shagun is able to watch because her hair covered her eye’s totally never the less everything is fine between ishita and mrs bhalla and am sure every thing will be fine between me and some yhm friends who are angry with me haha
    by the way tommarow will be my BIRTHDAY and am feeling much said because i won’t be with my family due to my university rejected my request for go to home

    1. I am very happy that your uni rejected your request for go home and thank you to vc vice chanceler of centrel uni to cencel your request because if ishita deserve that slap than you also deserve it and VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MAGIC

    2. No worries dear … I understand your sadness … I wish they give you a surprised visit … to be with their darling son … Once children are gone to hostel … they are just paying guest like .. after studies … job then settling in life … life cycle has to move on Magic … I will remember you and pray for you …Make your day the best …

      1. Vp totally agree with you and feel v happy after read your comment

    3. It’s sad that you can’t go home. Hope you have a great year ahead. Happy Birthday Magic.

    4. Hap…hap…happy Birthday to you Magic. You could celebrate it with family on another day. Hope I made you feel better. Education is important so follow the rules and that will get you way head in life. Don’t feel sad.

      1. Yes norms are norms good comment

    5. Magic,happy birthday to u and I wish God bless u always and u have long life,u like my son,Cain and good heart.

    6. Happy birthday dear friend…..god bless you a lot….

      1. Hu shivani thanks my friend and saba thanks

    7. A very happy happy happy birthday to you magicccccccc!!!!!!!!!??????
      May you have a successful year ahead…………

  2. Very Good episode I am a very big fan of yhm can I join with u friends? Plz…

    1. Welcome to this can surely join us.

  3. And hello vp, appy, shivani, rithu, sindhu, mino, shreya, bhagya parichary, priya, marin, pinku, abhishek, susan, raghu and all new yhm fans

    1. Hello supergirl and madhu also

    2. Hi magic..thanks for remembering me

  4. The episode was good..Precape is very funny..But there is a mistake in Precape Amena..It’s Raman not ishita who says that ”I will hold her hair plaits and drop her to Iyer house”…..

  5. Hi Sindhu,Magic,Shivani,Shreya Shatty,Riya,Priya,Rithu,Super girl,Vp,Parichary,Nisha and all other yhm fans…..

    1. Hi marin. Thanks for remembering

  6. It’s good that pihu went back to ishita and did not listened to Shaggy…

  7. Shagun is a heartless insensitive human being. She should not treat Pihu like this. Then again it is also for the good so Pihu can see the difference between Ishimaa and Shagun mumma. I realize that the love element is missing between Ishita and Pihu. It is not like younger Ruhi and Ishimaa. Both Pihu and Ishita are communicating like they are strangers. I hope cvs do not develop this bond very gradually. They must try to bond them quickly with some of the and daughter scenes like Ishimaa helping Pihu in her work, feeding her, bringing her milk, telling bedtime stories, dropping her off school and picking her up and shopping together. There are many of such scenes that they can add to bring up the mother and daughter’s love element between Ishimaa and Pihu. I miss all those. Precap was nice. It brings back the old cute fight scenes of Ishita and Raman.

    The cvs have to develop the bond between Ishra and Pihu. Ishita and Pihu have been separated for too long. Even Ishra were separated for too long after the 7 year leap and with great difficulty viewers are able to see the chemistry returning slowly. They should not delay Ishimaa and Pihu’s bonding for too long if not it will fade away. I only see the closeness with Shagun and Pihu more than Ishimaa and Pihu.

    Raman is looking better in yesterday’s and today’s episode. I hope they maintain him in this manner.

  8. HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Magic, Bhagya, supergirl, Khushi, Monique, Ananthi, Kiran, Siddhi, Marin, Parichary, Priyamadhev and many YHM fans.

    Magic don’t worry. No one will be angry with you. You gave your opinions about Mrs Bhalla yesterday and there were some who gave differing opinions from you. It is good to see differing opinions. Not everyone can agree with everyone all the time. As long as we put across our differing opinion in good taste and positively without hurting anyone’s feelings that is what matters. Sometime it is nice to read different views so we can see which angle this person has analyzed the episode. Relax Magic and keep commenting.

  9. Episode was good . precap was funny . shagun is over acting too much .what happened to her when she was with vidhyut.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi padma Marin priya priyaroli parvathi and all yhm friends.

  10. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman, Romi and Adi head to the pub to party. While they go on the dance floor, a group challenges them for dance and show them down by the cool moves. The group is Ishita, Mihika and Aaliya dressed as stylish cool dudes. Bhalla house guys have come to have fun and chose the girls on theBut, Ishita and her female gang came with equal attitude and spoiled all the fun. They stop Raman, Romi and Adi from dancing with other girls, and take over the dance floor. Ishita asks the girl to dance with her. The ladies throw the challenge. Raman, Romi and Adi lose out in the Cute race by the Bhalla women. Ishita, Mihika and Aaliya do the guys’ dance moves and win the girls by their charm. floor to dance.

  11. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi krithu u can surely join to this site grand welcome to this site and yhm family

  12. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    pihu u r so cute pls accept your ishima like this .very funny precap.such a nice episode

  13. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman, Adi, Mr Bhalla, Vidyut along with Adi reach to club enjoying day in absence of their wives.

    They all get drunk and enjoy dances with girl but Ishita also reaches there disguising as men along with Aaliya and Mihika spying on their husbands.

    Raman, Romi and Adi get irks when the new boys interfere in dance so club girl asks them have dance competition.

    Raman, Romi and Adi do not recognize their wives in men attire while Ishita introduce herself to Raman as Ishaan.

    They get ready and start dancing in which Ishita and gang perform nicely on a rock music while Raman, Romi and Adi also try to compete them.
    Ishita taunts Raman’s married status

    Due to having alcohol, Raman finds difficult to dance and asks Romi-Adi to return from there which makes Ishita and gang happy.

    Ishita taunts Raman as his face show clearly as he is married that is why he gets defeated by him.

    Raman gets surprised and feels Ishita and other ladies out of house they try to reach home while Ishita also recah to home before Raman.

    How will Raman face Ishita post club incident?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

    1. I have seen the video in tube of Bhalla men and women. I was laughing so hard that Mihika was about to thrashed Romi but Romi want to slap unknown person (Mihika) but stuck. Bhalla women (in cool dude) fight with Bhalla men to get women attention but decided to get them into competition. Bhalla women win the dance. Shame on you Bhalla men for not thinking about his lady love as where they enjoyed with clubbing girls.

      Ishita will take Raman to class to teach him lesson. Raman scared of Ishita.

  14. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi rithu magic vp madhu sindhu shivani shreya marin khushi how r u guys?

    1. Hi bhagya…..m fyn…..hope you are also doing good ..

  15. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    wish u many more happy returns of d day

  16. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    wish u many more happy returns of d day magic

    1. Hello bhagya am fine and 100% sure you also fine and thank you v much

  17. I was happy for Magics birthday and forgot to pen my comments .Mr and Mrs Bhallas pain was understandable , justified . And they supported Ishitha to stay with them throwing their son out of the house without knowing the pain . For arents their children are always children they do anything for their children …but an emotional scene with Adi was expected .Dt was looking very beautiful … and the defference between Shaghun as mother and Ishitha as mother … today I felt Shaghun really loves Pihu but her ego make actions and speaks more . What is her hair style if her Sari is acceptable hair we cant …raman looks very nice in these shirts ..his emotions are well managed . To sum up watchable episode

  18. Hey Magic,, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to u…

  19. Really nice episode.

  20. Happy birthday magic and many more years. it was a nice episode just with shaggy normal attitude and pihu caught in the middle of good mom bad mom overall loved the episode and the precap

  21. Happy birthday magic. And I am happy to see that the is returning back to its old form. But I am sad that for the first time yrkkh has lost its track . And please bring some girl opposite to movie . Please do something of movie and Simi. I am also a big fan of the yhm , yrkkh and ishqbaaaz but I am commenting on yhm tellyupdates for the first time.

    1. ……that the *yhm* is returning…… . Sorry yhm galti se miss hogaya tha.

    2. Guys I am again sorry it’s mihir not movie. I mean in place of movie correct word is mihir. Galti se movie likha gaya.

  22. Hi all
    Happy Birthday Magic ?Many more birthdays to come
    Wonderful episode, beautiful, loving it
    I hope the Ekta mam & the cvs continue on this positive note
    VP you are right where is the emotional scene between Adi & his parents (he was so concerned for them) it would have been nice for them to have a heart to heart with him.
    Shagun problems: ego, low self esteem, selfishness & many more I rather not say (don’t want to upset Shagun’s fans.
    Where is Mihir?
    I hope the CVs don’t rush rush Ishima & Pihu’s bonding – it will be fun to watch
    Ishra’s love will melt all that hate in Pihus heart planted by Shagun
    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode

  23. Hi all yhm fans.happy birthday magic. Episode was nice.precap also.lets hope we have sum nice episode after long.

  24. Hay magic happy birthday, all the best to you,

  25. Hi yhm fans,Rithu,super girl,pat,magic,Rahul,swarm,sewwandi,Marin,vp,Bhagya,Sindhu,pri,sharya and ally’s family Ho I love most,today episode is very emotional and I love.have a nice day and God bless u all because yhm family is wandful.

    1. Hi Saba.. how are you?

  26. Hey all!! I know i m too late to comment .. Actually i was busy in studies …. But i m new here .. May i join ur grp

  27. Hey all!! I know i m too late to comment .. Actually i was busy in studies …. But i m new here .. May i join ur grp

  28. Nice episode as mother and daughter in law let go the mistake… Sad how Shagun treated Pihu because it looks like she truly love her but she used that time using her against her biological parents tan to show her real affection and love… Then the consequences are what she is feeling now.. Any ways everyone deserve to get what it gives… Ishita nd her MamaG are starting to do Raman’s headache again, that will be fun tomorrow!!!

  29. Affirmative and thank you very much to every single yhm fans vp, appy, shivani, bhagya, rithushree, sindhu, marin, mino, supergirl, parichary swara, pat, priya, ash and all yhm commentor’s at this site you all are very precious friends to each other and you all are imperious(excellent) ingenuous(honest) and impeccable(accurate) commentor’s of this site to each other and you all are very nice and humble persons

    1. Magic, you are so kind to say all these.I’m sure you’ll have a happy life ever after. And i’m happy because that you are so kind to thank everyone.

    2. Woe what a diction ! Really heart blessings to you Magic and Have a great birthday . Its sooo true the site is really friendly and concerned and I can see many genious brainy students here … and wish you many many more …

    3. Wow what a diction ! Really heart blessings to you Magic and Have a great birthday . Its sooo true the site is really friendly and concerned and I can see many genious brainy students here … and wish you many many more …

    4. Many many return on your precious day.

    5. Ha ha ha Thanks Magic.. Ur the MAGIC in this Site.. Luv..

  30. Hi rithushree, saba, magic, vp, marin, ananya, shreya shetty, sindhu and all fans . Today’s episode was better. Pihu is understanding little by little. Shagun will not keep quiet though. Mani is really kind. Poor Pihu. Ishu is soo good. Ruhi,, where are you?? Come back soon

  31. Yes Priya .. Shaghun will not keep quiet .. Mani was always cool and calm .cvs to concentrate more on Ishitha and Pihu … Instead of bringing this jail scenes and all they cud show more of their bondings with defferent situations .if you like or love someone , and if you really want them to be happy allow them to do what they enjoy the best .Here thats what Ishra is ..

  32. Hi Vp, Sindhu, ,Shivani, Rithu, Baghya, Magic, Khushi,Kiran, Jaz, Monique, Super girl, Shereya Cheers I remembered most of the names..& all the YHM Fans.
    Hi all I am Alive & kicking.. Very sorry couldn’t come for soo Long as i was very sick with a bad flu, Internet provider gave trouble, Now very busy in church for Christmas with carol practice & Many services. Wooow what’s happening in the show.. saw last night one at last they have got Pihu.. after all the drama. so how are u all i missed cmg to the site but had some visitors too. no internet made me soo mad. wondering more than the show how my YHM family was. whether there are fights, arguments, difference of opinions. ha ha ha hope it was peaceful. but have a few doubts. without fire works this site is boring.. he he he.missed u guys soooo much.
    Magic Many Happy returns Of The Day Sweetie.. May Gods abundant Blessings be with U Always.. So what next in the YHM ??? Since when has Shagun has that awful hair style.. her face is covered more than seen. saw Her crocodile tears. she has always loved herself not Pihu or any of her BF’s. Who is the new guy??? is he Simmi’s ? Oh looks like i have missed many parts. but very easy to follow as they take ages to finish one drama. he he. Is Mani & Shagun’s Marriage on the right path?? as a family? Hope next will be the down fall of Ashok, Shagun,& who ever who is against IsRa.. Happy to see at last they both look happy.. But for how long is the answer?? Now they must show how they both together face what ever in store for them..
    Anyway guys Love u all so Much & Take care Will Try to get in a word when time permits. Too Hot r Cold here lousy weather. All who are sitting for exams or waiting for Results All The Best..Hope u guys will come out with super results. God Bless U All.. Sorry if i have spelt the names wrong.. confusing some names are for me..

    1. You mean the new entry is Vidyut.

      He is Raman’s best friend and he want to reunion Raman and Ishita. Raman and Ishita do not contact each other but Vidyut is a messenger for Raman and Ishita. Adi and Ruhi think that Ishita is having an affair and moved on after Raman left her. Children did not know that Raman and Ishita are doing the drama to win Pihu trust.

      We do not know who is the stalker that is after Simmi but I think this stalker is none other her ex-husband and her daughter father Param. Shagun is in love with Vidyut and she feel that her marriage with Mani is boring because Mani is on business trip. In Bangkok, Shagun feel boring to take care of Pihu so she send Raman to take care of Pihu. Shagun did not tell Raman that she take Pihu to Australia. Adi contact Raman and informed about Ishita affair and Raman played that he did not know anything but decided to divorced and Adi get scared and plead not to divorced her and talk to her. Raman decided to go to Australia to meet Ishita and Vidyut then phone Pihu’s school to informed but get to know about Shagun and Pihu are moving to Australia and Raman fumed. Raman and Ishita arrived in Australia but did not meet. Raman goes to search for Shagun and Pihu. Pihu got lost so Vidyut help Pihu to find her mother but did not know that Pihu mother is Shagun. Vidyut speak to information clerk to announce for mother to find her daughter Pihu. Shagun surprised to see Vidyut and lied to him that Pihu is not her daughter that upset Pihu. Pihu wish that Raman had come with her but surprised to hear Raman voice and ran to hug him. Raman scold Shagun then tell Shagun to take care of Pihu. Vidyut take Ishita to the romantic place with beautiful beach. Vidyut and Ishita get shocked that Raman had arrived. Raman faked his angry and speak calmly and Ishita annoyed then Ishita was about to leave then Raman got Ishita hand and never let her go then hug her tight. Raman and Ishita spend time together at the beach and talking about what happen when Raman left Bhalla house. Raman and Ishita hear Ruhi calling Raman. Ishita hide while Raman and Ruhi chat. Raman act like angry and say badly about Ishita then Ishita hit Raman.

  33. Many many happy returns of the day magic

  34. Hi Mino nice to see you after a long gap .

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