Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kiran gets arrested

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bala saying what happened to Raman and Ishita, how can they question you, who is Sonakshi, how are you related to her. Kiran says I really don’t know, I heard it from Mihika, I didn’t know why Raman and Ishita behaved badly with me. He says don’t worry, you don’t need to answer them, I will make sure that Ishita apologizes to you. Kiran says no, I m glad that you trust me, I want to know who is this girl, what would be Amma and Appa thinking, they are hurt. She cries. He consoles her. He says they know your importance, we shall sleep you, we will talk to them in morning. She gets a message. She says why is she mailing me.

She sees Bala. He asks what happened. She says I want to stay alone for some time. He says I will come along. She says no, I want to go alone, I can’t trouble you all more, you sleep. He says fine, come back soon. She goes. Roshni does aid to Adi. He holds her hands. They have a moment. He holds her face. She turns away and says we are doing wrong. He says sorry, I shall leave. She calls him out. He leaves. Kiran comes to meet Neha and asks what was the urgency that you called me here to meet. Neha says its you who is sending me mails from Raman’s company name. Kiran says yes, I mailed you already, you didn’t need to call me here. Raman and Ishita come there.

Kiran says why are you after me. Ishita says we had to expose you. Neha asks can I go. She goes. Arushi comes and slaps Kiran. Kiran says you are Sonakshi. Arushi says she was my twin sister, she gave her life because of you. Ishita says yes, she committed suicide because of you. Aaliya asks Mani to listen, don’t be angry. Mani asks shall I worship your husband, you have seen him with Roshni, are you managing the matter this way, I can’t tolerate this, you won’t stay here. Aaliya says no, give me one last chance to talk to Adi, he has gone to drop Roshni. He says he is with Roshni. Amma hears them. He says if he was coming home, he should have come by now, I will talk to Raman and Ishita if he doesn’t come in 5mins. Amma comes home and says children are careless these days, if Adi is with Roshni, we have to stop him. Appa agrees.

Arushi holds Kiran and scolds her. She says you have sent Sonakshi to London illegally, she couldn’t do any job there, she couldn’t live there, she was helpless and wanted to work for me, you forced her to die. Raman says Kiran how could you do this, you ruined many lives, you forged me signs, for what, why. Ishita says you misused Raman’s name and company, you thought Raman will be caught up, how could you do this. Raman says you were my business partner, I made you family members, Bala married you because of Ishita, did you do this for money. Ishita asks her to answer. Police comes. He asks who called the police here. Inspector asks who is Kiran here. Arushi says I called police, I knew you won’t give Kiran to police. She asks inspector to arrest Kiran, she runs a fraud business to send people abroad illegally.

Kiran asks them to leave her. Raman asks Arushi to listen to him once. Amma says let Adi come, I will scold her, why is Roshni not answering, why did I send Roshni away, Adi reached there, why am I thinking so much, I will call land lady. She calls the lady and asks about Roshni. The lady says I was in tension, Roshni is fine, her husband is hurt, you would be knowing him. Amma says Adi is with Roshni, he is there as her husband, I will call Mihika. Mani hears this and asks is Adi with Roshni. She says no, Roshni shifted, he went to help. He says give me address, Amma give me that land lady’s number. She says I will message you number, calm down. He goes.

Aaliya asks where are you going. Mani says I m going to meet Adi. He leaves. She says I think Mani got to know where is Adi, just Raman and Ishita can handle this. Ishita asks Arushi why did she involve police. Arushi says I lost my sister, I know her pain, I will do anything to get Kiran punished. Raman says just listen to Kiran, maybe someone else is behind this, give us a chance to reach real culprit. She says I will get Kiran punished. Arushi asks Kiran to arrest her. Kiran says no one can arrest a woman post evening. Arushi gives the letter from magistrate. Kiran checks. Raman says we will come along. Kiran says I don’t need you, just inform Bala, I need his support. Arushi thanks Ishita and goes with police. Ishita says we have to tell Bala, Amma and Appa. Mihika comes and asks what happened. Amma says I m disturbed, Adi and Roshni….

Bala asks did you see Kiran. Amma says she isn’t here. Bala says Kiran was feeling restless, she went out and didn’t return, I will go and see. Appa says we will also come. Ruhi sees them and says where are they going in hurry. They all look for Kiran. Bala says I will go out and find. Raman and Ishita come. Ishita stops Bala and says she is in police custody. Bala gets shocked and holds Raman’s collar. He argues. Ishita says Arushi feels Kiran is responsible for Sonakshi’s death, sorry but Kiran was running a fraud company on Raman’s name. Bala asks what are you saying. He counts Kiran’s favors. Raman says we have proof. Bala asks what proof do you have. Raman says we asked Neha to call the person who is sending her fake emails, Kiran came here, Arushi was also there, she called police. Ishita says we aren’t involved in this. Bala says you did all this, I m warning you guys, stay away from my family. Raman says we are with you. Bala says thanks for sending her to jail and now offering help, I can get her bailed out. Amma says you didn’t do right Ishu.

Ishita says how can Kiran do this. Raman says maybe someone else is playing this game. Kiran talks to someone and threatens.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. oh finaly YHM is ending soon on 19th of May


  3. No its not going off air..instead the time is going to change from 7:30 to 10:30.

    1. Noo….why? When is it going to end?

  4. Then which show is going to replace it?

  5. Lala Lajpatrai

    theres a spin off serial in the making at the moment called YEH HAI CHAHATEIN. YHM finishes on the 19th of May 2018. the spin off will be starting shortly. its being handled by that stupid EKTA again. expect more and more bull crap.

  6. Lala Lajpatrai

    Suraj is the master mind behind the illegal racket supported by Kiran for the sake of money.Ramu kaka will be trapped as though he is supplying girls in the flesh trade (planned by kiran and Suraj). toshi will get killed and her character is finished as the actress is leaving the serial. Nikhil will come back as he has recovered from an accident (in real life). Ananya is alive and in coma and is being held by Param. Ishita will find out and expose him, but he in turn will kick everyone out of the house including Simmi as his motive is revenge against the entire bhalla family for insulting him.

  7. Lala Lajpatrai

    Roshini will manage to create a rift between adi and alia such that adi will hand over his divorce to Aliya only then to realise that roshini was playing a game and her main motive was revenge against the entire bhalla family. she is doing this with support from param and simmi.

  8. ha ha ha

  9. What does it mean a woman cant be arrested post evening?…sorry i live in the uk and we dont have such laws so am interested as to what this is?


  10. Oh god now the whole blame will come on ishra, all will blame them for sending kiran to jail.

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