Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni confronting Adi for proving her a thief. Adi asks what could I do, I did not wish to do this marriage, I love Aaliya a lot, you have to leave from my life. She says even I did not wish to marry you, you just see your sorrow, no one asked me my wish for marriage, they got me to mandap and made me sit for marriage, they did not find out about me after I left with you, after my dad’s death, I became burden on my mum, Gagan told me to marry Chandan, I agreed, then he asked me to marry you, they treat girls like goats and cows, my voice did not reach anyone, I have seen you in Khandpur, I saw your work, I thought you will get me to city and give me respect, I will be asked about my wish, you think my dreams will stop, no, I dreamt of a better life, I wanted to study and save my sister, I wanted to get out of that place, I got a hope that day, you also suppressed my voice, you said you love Aaliya, I did not say anything, I got this courage from your mum and Aaliya.

She says Ishita got me home and gave me love, she trusted me, Aaliya told me that we can’t make men rule our lives, we have equal rights, you are such mum’s son, you have no courage to say truth, I know you are afraid to lose your love, so I was quiet, you can marry that girl, I m not interested to become your wife, I can’t give you mangalsutra, I don’t want to go back to Khandpur, if my family knows this, they will take me back, I want to live with respect, maybe that’s why Lord made me meet your parents, they are good people, you can marry Aaliya, but don’t ask me to go back, don’t snatch new life’s hope from me. Adi gets speechless.

Its morning, Roshni goes to help Mihika in kitchen. Mihika asks her to taste the parathas. Roshni says I will make tea for Mr. Bhalla. Ishita likes the jewelry. Mrs. Bhalla says jewelry comes out just on such marriage occasions. Ishita says i wanted to gift this keychain to Aaliya, but what will she do of this. Mrs. Bhalla says this keychain will mean responsibility is given to Aaliya. Ishita says I will give this soon. Mrs. Bhalla says wait, Aaliya is young, let her set in this house first. Ishita says no, we are free now, we will go for morning walk. Amma jokes on Mrs. Bhalla. Roshni comes and smiles hearing this. Mrs. Bhalla says I m not old. Amma says Adi’s bride is coming, she wants to behave like teenager. Ishita says she is teenager from heart, its good, Aaliya will learn from her. Amma says Ishu will always be a girl for me. Roshni thinks here values and love is there, so maybe relations grow well, there were just values and no love in my home. She tells them breakfast is ready. Ishita thinks to talk to Roshni, as Adi behaved badly.

Roshni sees Adi and gets tea. Adi recalls her words. Romi says don’t take tension, I will make her out of house. Adi says no, there won’t be any problem, I will tell everything later. Adi asks what’s cooked for breakfast. Roshni says Mihika made breakfast, I just made tea. She serves tea. Adi sits calm and drinks tea. Ishita says I have to talk to Adi. Raman asks her to see. Adi says tea is nice, ginger tea is my fav. Ishita says he is talking to her nicely. Raman says maybe he realized his mistake. Ishita says its sangeet today. Raman says give me breakfast, we have to dance practice. Ruhi says we youngsters have to win, you oldies can’t win. Adi says correct. Romi says you kids can’t dance like us. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t worry, we remember all moves. Amma says I m ready for challenge. Adi says I m scared. Ruhi says me too, we will lose. Roshni thinks the bahu of this house will be lucky.

Shagun asks parlor lady to use good products on Aaliya, she is a bride. Mani does sangeet arrangements. Shagun asks him to come along, relax, everything will be fine. Aaliya asks him to relax, and get face pack applied. Mani says I never did this, let me go. They make him sit. Aaliya removes her rings and sits for manicure.

Gagan tells his mum about Adi. His mum says Adi married Roshni and has to keep the marriage. Roshni’s mum looks on. She says I heard you guys are going Delhi, how can you go empty handed, give this to her. Gagan says we can’t take shagun there. Gagan’s mum asks him to take it. Roshni’s mum says make me talk to Roshni after reaching there. Gagan and his men leave.

Raman attends a call and says we will reach soon. He asks Ishita and everyone to come soon. Ishita says my saree is just pressed, I was making everyone ready. He asks when will you get ready. Ruhi comes to them. Raman smiles seeing her. Ruhi asks how am I looking. Raman says very beautiful. Ishita compliments Ruhi. She asks Raman to see Amma. She goes.

Romi asks what, Roshni has no problem with your and Aaliya’s marriage, what nonsense. Adi says she wants to stay here in Delhi. Romi asks him to give divorce to her. Adi says how can I give divorce, everyone will know about it. Romi says you are right. Adi says if I did not give divorce to Roshni, how will I marry Aaliya, Roshni is my wife legally, if Ishita knows this then… Romi says Roshni understood you don’t love her, you got cheated, that marriage is not legal, you and Aaliya love each other, once you two get married, I will get your divorce done, if you think about this, you can’t enjoy, none from Khandpur can reach you, I will see to that. Adi asks what about Ishita’s values, our perception can’t be right always, I don’t love Roshni, but I married her, till my divorce happens, I can’t keep Aaliya happy, I will be worried. Romi asks are you mad. Adi says I think this is right. Romi says I don’t think so, its your decision, leave all this now, forget this, its your sangeet, make your mood fine.

Raman asks did Aaliya not come with you. Shagun says she went to salon to change her hairdo, she is on the way. Gagan sees Aaliya leaving in the car and follows her. Roshni says what to do, Adi is not seeing me, how to tell him about the problem, Gagan won’t be quiet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good to sse Roshni wants to achieve something. As i commented erlier that Roshni ko Adi ky wife nae balky kuch kr ky dekhna chahiye taky People will understand that Women are not less than boys so aj Roshni ny wohi kiaa today i love roshni for the 1st tume but eska mtlb yh nae ky i like adi roshni pair. Adi should marry aliya but roshni should aheive something so that People should not treat girlz like cow and goats ky bs kisi ky sth bhi bhannd dia. She should set an example.

  2. I don’t understand why everyone is supporting Roshini. Adi was forced to marry Roshini for a crime he didn’t commit. And when it came to saving his parents lives he couldn’t just say no. Roshini should understand that Adi only loves Aliya. Why would she would she want to be in a relationship with a man who has feelings for someone else? She is just hurting herself. Frankly, I don’t like the Adi-Roshini pair. I’m sorry if that offended anyone. And if Raman and Ishita support Roshini then Aliya would feel isolated. I’m supporting the Adi-Aliya pair.

    1. azuka nkwonta

      Not everybody is supporting roshni. Whether we support her or not we can’t change what the producers are going to show us.

    2. Angali i agree with you we should not support Roshni and adi pair but agr roshni adi ki wife nae bhna chahiti or kuch achieve krna chahti hai then we should definately support her but it doesnt mean ky Roshni ko hm support kr rahe hain tu wo or adi pair houn noo noo noo adi or aliya hi pair honay chahiye

  3. I don’t understand why everyone is supporting Roshini. Adi was forced to marry her for a crime he didn’t commit. How can we even call this a marriage? Roshini should understand that Adi just loves Aliya. Why would she want to be with a man who has deep feelings for someone else? She is just hurting herself. I’m sorry to those who support the Adi-Roshini pair. But I’m not seeing any love between them.

  4. Hi everyone hope you’re all well. I see some of you guys are supporting Roshini and want Adi to marry her. Which is completely your choice and opinion and there is nothing wrong with that. However, we should understand that Adi was forced to marry Roshini for a crime he didn’t commit. We can’t even call this a marriage. Roshini should understand Adi’s pain. And it’s for her own good as well. She shouldn’t be in a marriage where her husband loves someone else.

    1. What can we do Anjali ? Cvs way of twisting … Roshini looks like a big sister to Adi . Adi has to tell the truth to Ishima .She will not support the forced marriage and the situation led to it . Atleast I expect that much from Ishima . But Adi is very immature . And why should Alia go alone to Saloon ? all created problems .

  5. azuka nkwonta

    I have always thought that roshni has an agenda and that is why she does not want to go back to khandpur but I don’t completely trust what she explained to adi until she proves it. It will also be good if the produces of this serial will find a way to redeem the error of their forced marriage plot through their upcoming episodes otherwise this very track will remain shameful as it was from the beginning.

    1. Very true Anuka if cvs do that excellent !

  6. Radhika malhotra

    Good episode and precap was good

  7. Radhika malhotra

    Good episode

  8. Radhika malhotra

    Superb episode

  9. I also don’t like Adi and roshini pair.she can move on in her life with bhalla’s support. Adi loves aliya only.if this stopped means many people will affect on this this.wt abt aliya’s life.she cant come out from this easily like this marriage should happen. Viewers also like this only.

  10. Come on guys raman was in love with shagun when she cheated him at tHat time also he was in love with her but for he married ishita for his daughter sake now they love each other . I am just enjoying roshini and adi pair scene and dont sorry he will marry aliya coz soon roshinj will become a villian .

    1. Yes Raman was in love with Shagun’s and she left him for Ashok, who was very rich at the time.
      Shagun’s only wanted Raman after he married Ishita and she changed his life for the better. Raman stopped drinking badly and became more respectable. And Raman fell in love with Ishita and never loved Shagun’s like that. What you saw after the leap was Raman’s anger at Ishita for leaving him; so to make Ishita jealous he proclaimed false hope to Shagun for marriage.
      You cannot compare that with Adi and Roshini – if we accept this kind of storyline we are setting precedent that any man in India can just force any woman to marry anyone. Forced marriage is never acceptable, I am sorry. Please watch earlier episodes of this serial and you will see it is not the same.

  11. happy to see that roshni wants to be an independent women..i always wanted adiya’s pair but i really don’t know why but i am liking adishni’s pair whoever becomes adi’s pair i’ll support her////love yhm///

  12. I do agree with all comments except the pairing of Adi & Roshini
    I am suspecting that the CVs with their twisted minds are going to write that – Gangar and his men kidnap Aliya and use some lame thing to convinced her for a forced marriage with Gangar.
    Adi’s character has been butchered – he should have told his Ishimaa about this at least or his grandparents.
    I wrote a lot on this earlier but the website lost it. Now I can’t remember all what I said

  13. Since majority of the watchers r annoyed or not wanting Adishini pair, maybe or definitely the writers may turn Roshni a villain to keep Adilia 2gathe 2 plz the majority watchers. But sometimes it is good 2 listen 2 minority like me who never liked Adilia together, is it bad 2 give a chance to the new pair. Adi’s 1st love is Alia but ur 1st love isnt always ur last or the love of ur life. Plz watchers stop getting annoyed n give a chance 2 the new couple. Roshni is beautiful n mature n sensible n can make Adi a mature loving man. I mean who knows we got 2 give them a chance 2 c wat will happened

    1. Aurora
      It is not the fact that Adi and Roshini is bad it is the way it came about – forced marriage. I do agree some of us do not end up with our first love but in the case is it worth it to say the ends justify the means or vice versa. If Adi and Aliya had broken up and he fell in love with someone else then it would have been more acceptable. But in this case someone’s heart is being purposely broken for one, well let say 2. It is hard for a woman to deal with a broken engagement than a man. Let us put ourselves in Aliya’s shoes for a moment (even if we don’t like her for Adi) is it fair on her?

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