Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aaliya meeting Raman. She talks from Mani’s side and says I m his daughter, I know my Appa has worked hard after this company and wants Ruhaan as the brand ambassador. She tries convincing him to cancel contract with Ruhaan and says my dad does not know I came here to meet you. She asks him to back off. He says this is called business, its better if you let your dad decide this. She gets Mani’s call and says I came to have coffee, I will be there. She asks Raman to remember what she said and leaves. Raman says daughters always care for father and misses Ruhi. He says anyways, Ruhaan will be having contract with me.

Shravan recalls Bala’s words and is sad. He says you said right, no one believes Alia Bhatt is my friend, Amma and Appa feel I m liar, they don’t

like me as I look ugly, do I really look bad. He says Alia did friendship with me, she is my true friend. She says its better I message Alia. He packs his bag.

Raman gives cheque to Nupur and says Ruhaan will shoot for Pihu industries exclusively. Nupur asks him to come. Ruhaan thinks its good now Raman and Ishita won’t come infront of each other. Nancy asks about food. Ruhaan thinks to have butter chicken made by Mrs. Bhalla and asks Nancy to order chicken. Raman’s phone rings. Ruhaan answers and hears Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman are you annoyed with me…. Ruhaan gets emotional and cries. Mrs. Bhalla says you got saved from big hijack, come home once. Ruhaan says Dadi…..

Mrs. Bhalla thinks did she dial wrong number and asks is this Raman Bhalla’s number. Ruhaan says yes, he is in meeting with my manager and forgot phone here, I m Ruhaan. Mrs. Bhalla says the popstar, and gets very glad. She says everyone is big fan of you, how are you, sorry, I think you felt bad that I called you son. Ruhaan and Mrs. Bhalla have a talk. She tells about Raman’s daughter, Pihu, while Ruhaan was assuming Mrs. Bhalla was telling about Ruhi/Ruhaan. Ruhaan gets annoyed and says wait, I will give your phone to Raman Bhalla. He sends phone by Nancy and cries saying everyone forgot me, no one remembers me, how can this happen, but I will keep fast, I did not forget anything.

Aaliya asks Ishita not to go. Ishita says this is not done, no one can throw money and cancel our contract, I m going to talk to Ruhaan. She asks Mani to sign a cheque. Mani asks where is she going, first get fine and go for shopping. She says I have work, will you give me a cheque or not. He says fine, I m giving. Aaliya asks are you sure. Ishita says yes. Mani gives the cheque. She leaves.

Shravan is leaving home. Mrs. Bhalla asks him where is he going at night with this bag, is everything fine. She takes him along. Aaliya is worried. Mani asks what are you murmuring, what happened. She says I m sorry, I know I should have told you, Amma went to meet Ruhaan, she wants to offer same amount as other company, she feels contract is imp for us. He asks why did you not tell me before and calls Nupur. Nupur says I m in hotel, I m discussing about shoot changes, Raman is here. He says what, Raman is there. She says yes. Mani ends call and worries that Ishita can reach there anytime.

Ishita reaches hotel and asks for Ruhaan’s room number. The lady says I can’t give number. Ishita says he is doing shoot for me, just call his manager Nupur. Mihika comes and asks what are you doing here. Ishita says I came to meet Ruhaan. Mihika says you got shot, you had surgery, you should rest. Ishita tells what that person did, he signed Ruhaan exclusively, how can he do this. Mihika asks her to calm down, you are so angry, I don’t want you to talk to them in anger, talk to them once your anger calms down.

Nupur asks Raman to give her some time, Mam takes all decision about Ruhaan. Raman says fine, you have to make sure that decision is in my favor, I m paying double for this contract. She says I will make sure. He says fine, I will leave. Mihika tells Ishita that she thought to wear kanjivaram saree and called designer. She asks her to select saree for her. Ishita refuses. Mihika says please, just you can help me, please come. Raman comes downstairs.

Ishita says you are emotionally blackmailing me. Mihika says no. Ishita says you are right, no work gets right in work, I will help in your wedding planning. Mihika gets relieved. Raman goes and does not see Ishita. Adi gets glad seeing Ishita with Mihika, while a man shows bridal designs. Mihika asks Adi to come. She tells him that she will wear kanjivaram saree of Ishita’s choice in her marriage. Adi says I know her choice is good, I mean she is your sister. Mani calls Mihika and thanks her. Mihika says I should thank you for taking care of Akka, I will talk later. She goes. Ishita likes a saree and shows Mihika. Mihika says we will take this for you. Ishita says no, we are choosing for you. Adi asks the man to pack the pink saree. Ishita says I have to go, Mani will be waiting. Adi says I will drop you. Mihika says no, I will drop her. Adi gifts a saree to Ishita. Mihika asks Ishita to see it. Ishita likes the saree and says its that one which I liked, its my fav color. He says its my mom’s fav color, my mom is also south Indian. She thanks him and says I will surely wear this. She leaves. He says I really love you Ishi Maa, I will not let you go easily, I have to do something.

Raman scolds Adi and asks him not to take Ishita’s name. adi says I still love her, if you have problem, leave it. Raman gets angry on him. Adi argues. Mihir asks Adi to stop it. Adi says Raman did not deserve Ishita.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hey guys good afternoon to all.

  2. YHM MEGA Twist:First Time
    Ishita-Raman will meet Face to
    Face in white Saree!..

  3. Shivani …. Ramans love has turned to hatred ….towards Ishitha … thats all … when he was drunk he was calling her name rt ? … He did not expect Ishitha will commit suicide …. but even other wise also Ishitha would have committed suicide … Her world is nothing without Ruhi and for Raman nothing with out his JKR ….The truth of Ishitha was alive will make him upset … for him she is dead . He can think she knows he is alive and their daughter is alive … Ishitha cud have cone back …,but for Ishitha Ruhi is everything … our Adi knows how his Ishima transformed him from what he was with Shaghun to what now ..up bringing of Adi … he is saved from many instances … now he is the only one who can raise voice against Raman .., our Ishitha was like that to Raman … I feel its turning beautiful … we will wait Shivani , Rithu and Sindhu … hope only ghost …. shaghun will not come back … chances are slim … only if she emotionally blackmails Pihu … things can twist … but before that Adi will unite Raman Ishitha and Ruhin….Rithu always thank ful to you for your updates …. in fact waiting for your updates …. if I say thanks every day you will find it defficult to store …what are you all doing Shivani Rithu Sindhu Lavanya Reshma and all …. Are you all studying ? If you dont mind asking …

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  5. hey guys upcoming I ran hashmi come to yhm for promotion of his film azaher

  6. hey guys do u know mihika verma get married

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