Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Parmeet saying you wanted this right, only you and me. Ishita says stop. He saays fine, we have much time. She says what are you thinking, you are scaring me at my home, I m the bahu of this house, I m not like Sarika to bear injustice. He says you know about Sarika? She is a characterless woman, you are different. She says you are such a creep. He laughs and says I m your servant, you just tell me what to do. Ishita says I m warning you, you go from here. He holds her hand and gives her water. She says leave me. He walks towards her and she loves back. He says I care about your goodness, when I came in this house, you did a lot for me and this family, for Raman, for Ruhi, but I regret that Raman neglects you. He makes her sit and says I was saying I m very much hurt, Raman does not understand you, I will give you everything which you don’t get from Raman, come closer to me, you will know the pleasure to be in a man’s arms.

She says just shut up. He says nothing will happen, you can’t become a mum, so there won’t be any side effect. Raman might be in any hotel in Mumbai, and you should have someone to take care of you. She slaps him and says shut up, stay away from me. He says I m talking to you with love and you slapped me. She slaps him again. He gets angry and says I will show you the answer of your slap. He gets closer to her and she runs. He holds her and says I will not leave you so easily, I will do that thing so that you can’t show your face to anyone. She falls.She cries and gets back.

Raman arrives in Delhi and says the weather is unbelievable. Raman comes home and meets his family. Mrs. Bhalla asks him why did you stay with Shagun. She says Ashok called and taunted me, why did you give him a chance. Raman says I went for Adi, he was unwell, he had food poisoning, he is fine now, where is Ruhi and Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says Ruhi is with Vandu and Ishita is not at home, don’t know where is she, I think she is annoyed, maybe Ashok informed her about you and Shagun. Raman says she left home without telling anyone, this is the limit, does she care, she knows this marriage is a compromise, foolish woman. He says I called her many times, she will come back soon, I will not find her.

She says go and find in Iyer house. She says if Ishita is there, she may have told everyone, its your mistake, you go. Raman meets Trisha at Iyer house and Trisha says everyone went to Vandu’s house for Shravan’s birthday, Mihir saw Ishita tensed. Raman calls Romi and says I m going to find Ishita at her clinic. Romi tells this to everyone. Parmeet hears this. Simmi says is it Ishita’s plan against Parmeet. Parmeet calls someone and says I have taught her a lesson which she will remember all her life.

Raman tries calling Bala and his phone is off too. He calls Vandu and Ruhi talks to her. Ruhi asks are you and mum not coming. Raman says I came late, so we can’t come. Ruhi says I will bring cake for you. Raman says love you, good night. Raman comes to the clinic and asks for Ishita. The guard says she is not here, why is everyone finding her, she went with Sarika, I m her husband. The guard says there is something fishy. Raman says call me if you know something about Ishita. Raman says she is missing since 6-7 hours, file the police complaint. Raman comes in police station and files FIR.

He argues with the inspector. Raman gets angry and says shall I call your commissioner. He shows Ishita’s pic. He says is she a doctor. Raman looks and says how do you know. He says take him inside. Raman says where. The inspector says go in, you will know everything. Raman sees Ishita in the lockup and is shocked. Ishita looks at him and cries. He asks you in lockup? Bala comes there and says I came to free Ishita, she is a respected woman, there is a misunderstanding, we can sort it out, I m her elder brother. The inspector says her husband also came here, take him inside too.

Raman asks Ishita what did she do. He asks her to reply, how will I help you if you don’t tell me. Bala says you here Raman. He says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Raman says its good Bala came, ask her what she did. The inspector says she is here as she did a shameful act so her brother is quiet. Bala says nothing is proved on her, she is innocent. He says Ishita has harassed her employee Sarika and threatened her that she will kill her mum. Raman says she is an educated doctor, from a good family, how can you arrest her without any warrant. Inspector says Sarika gave the statement against her. He says I will not leave her before morning. Raman says I will make him right, till then Bala ask her what she did.

The lawyer comes and tells Raman that Ishita got the bail, don’t worry. Raman asks him to talk to the inspector. The inspector says yes, they are rich people, bring Ishita out. Raman says lets go. The inspector says we have some formalities. Bala says let them go, I will do that. Bala asks Raman to take Ishita home. Ishita signs and leaves with Raman. Raman asks Ishita who is Sarika and what is all this. Ishita says I won’t keep quiet. I will tell everything, but not here, at home infront of everyone. Raman says but…. She walks away.

Parmeet talks to Sarika on phone and says Ishita is coming home, Ishita will not be quiet now, don’t support her else I will not leave you. She says I did what you said, its not my mistake. He threatens her about her mum and says do what I say, think if you act smart, then I will not leave you. Parmeet ends the call and is worried. He says Ishita will create a big scene at home, think what to do now. Raman and Ishita are on the way. Raman asks Ishita to tell him. Ishita thinks about Parmeet molesting her. She cries.

Raman asks what is the matter in this house. Ishita says I will tell everything. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to be quiet. Ishita says no, I will tell and says Parmeet……….. Parmeet gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Faster pls

  2. parmeet is a creep…

  3. hurry up pls

  4. yup he is a creep, plz update faster….

  5. its like fooling the audience the act of ishitha today. she could have made done lot of things seeing parneet alone at home like yelling or hitting him. this is such a serial where educated persons are portrayed try to teach society the schemes of handling the situation intelligently.

    1. i agree with you
      i thought parmeet would misbehave with ishita and raman would come
      but no
      the complete opposite happened

  6. Disgusting how can ishitha b silent…. Please end this part soon. Not able to see that much drama….

  7. hey sandy… i’m too sandy! tihs is r8 ishita is not supposed to be silennt… she could have gone to her mum’s home screamed to bring in the society’s ppl etc… i am just reading the reviews… unable to see that socio drama any more

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