Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman seeing the book and being annoyed on Mani, for sending romantic novel to his wife. He says and Ishita gives me second chance lecture. He gets angry. He comes to Amma and sees the idols and eight steps for eight days. Amma explains about the Katha characters. She says on 10th day, we celebrate Vijay Dashami. Raman asks Vandu how is she feeling now. Vandu says I m eating a lot by the craving. He smiles. He sees the idols and says interesting. He counts the steps and is about to dop an idol. He keeps it and other one falls. He is stunned and worries. He says it got broken, I will join it. He scratches his head and looks on getting an idea.

He sees no one around and keeps Ruhi’s Barbie doll there. Raman says they will not notice this. Sharavn sees this. Amma brings Paisam. Raman says he will share this with Romi and he has work at home. He leaves. Amma is proud of him as he works so much. Mihika comes to know by the girl that she went with Ashok to his home, and Shagun slapped her so much, and Ashok lied that I m the wedding planner. Mihika asks how can you go. She says don’t judge me, I did as Ashok said. She says she has to go and see what Ashok gives her today. Mihika says Ashok is disgusting.

She says false wedding card and then Monica, I don’t think he will marry Shagun, but how to tell her. Ruhi and Shravan fight. Everyone stop them. Ruhi says he has taken my doll. Shravan says I did not take it. Vandu asks where is it. Shravan says you also hate me. Raman comes and asks whats the matter. Raman says Ruhi’s doll is lost and she thinks Shravan stole it. Raman gets tensed and says see at our home. Amma sees the doll with the idols and scolds Shravan for keeping it there. Raman hides his face. Amma says you broke the idol and kept doll there, say sorry to Ruhi.

Raman says actually I broke it, and I kept Ruhi’s doll there. He says sorry, Shravan did not do anything. Amma says don’t take blame for him, he is naughty and will be punished. Amma asks Shravan to hold his ears and stand. Ishita says Vandu let it be. Vandu says no, let him be punished. Amma asks Ruhi to go and play with the doll. Raman says sorry to Shravan but he tried. Shravan scolds him and says you are my enemy, I thought you are my best friend. Raman says I m your friend.

Abhimanyu comes there with sweets and flowers and Raman says you. Abhimanyu says carry on, being scolded by a kid. Raman says you are the one whose son is beaten up by my daughter. Ishita comes and says Mani, thanks for coming and hugs him. Raman is shocked. Ishita introduces them. Abhimanyu says you can call me Abhi, I m Abhimanyu Raghav. Raman is double shocked. Amma comes and Abhimanyu touches her fete and hugs her. Amma is very happy.

Vandu comes and hugs him. Raman is fed up seeing their Mel Milaap. Amma welcomes Mani inside. Raman says so this is Abhimanyu Raghav, my wife leaves me and goes on dinner with me, my mum in law is treating me more well and he is getting hard on my business. Mihika gives the presentation. Suraj comes there and asks Ahok to come for two mins. He shows Shagun’s file and Ashok ends the meeting. Suraj shows the file. Mihika looks at them and says why is Shagun’s file win Suraj, whats in it. Ashok says great, you saved me, Shagun will sign it and will lose her legal rights too of being a live in partner for 6 years.

Suraj asks can you take her sign. Ashok says yes, she will sign with closed eyes. Mihika looks on and goes to them. She says she forgot the file and tries to know. Suraj asks her to leave. Suraj says take sign soon, you will get who you want. Ashok smiles. Mihika says this file is Shagun, they are talking about Shagun. Abhimanyu says Raman is a lucky man. Raman is annoyed. Appa says Mani you are a big man now, and tells Raman that Mani is Ishita’s classmate in school. Vandu says they used to go school cutely. The Iyers have a laugh. Vandu says Mani got much handsome now. Ramna says make him sit in your lap.

He thinks about Ishita praising Mani and the book. Bala sees him getting jealous and goes to him to taunt him. He says when there are two tigers in jungle, the real politics starts. He says Mani and Ishita studies in same school, everyone knew Mani loves her, but Ishita got engaged to Subbu when he was not here, and when he came back, you came in her life. Vandu teases Ishita about Mani and says will he get misunderstanding. Ishita says no, he knows I m married, he respects me. Raman hears their giggling. Amma asks them to come for puja. Ishita says Mani is very punctual. Raman says yes, maybe his mum gave him birth with alarm.

Amma does the puja. Shubham……………..plays……………..Raman is angry thinking about the card which had –with love Mani written…. Raman talks to his inner self replica in red kurta. The red one makes Raman makes more jealous. He praises Mani and says you are jealous, I think he is perfect match for Ishita. Raman says he does not care, its one side love. The red one says why do you care then. Raman says I don’t care. Raman asks him to leave. The red one says even if you don’t admit, you are jealous. Raman comes out of this imagination and goes to do the puja with Ishita.

His face turns into a red balloon type, with Abhimanyu posing as a sharp needle to blast him. Vandu tells Pammi about the new idols. The ladies see Abhimanyu and asks Ishita about him. Ishita says he is my school friend, who came India after many years. Pammi says he is so handsome, make me meet him. Ishita introduces her as Pammi aunty. Pammi says don’t call me aunty, you are my friend too. Abhimanyu says thanks. Raman is jealous. Pammi says I saw him on business magazine cover page, he is Abhimanyu Raghav, he is hot and bachelor.

She tells Ishita about a proposal for Abhimanyu, he is very cute. Ishita says I know Mani very well, he is very choosy, he does not like girls easily. Raman says his choice is bad, he liked her in school. Ishita makes faces. Pammi asks Ishita to fix the meeting. Raman asks Ishita will you decide now, choosy my foot, nonsense. He leaves. Ishita says whats his problem.

Raman asks Ishita if Mani is choosy, why do you care whom he chooses. She says he is my friend. He gets angry and asks her to choose anyone, as they don’t have any relation. She looks at him stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow!like the tag” may be his mom gave him birth with alarm”
    lol,feeling great to see raman jelous…
    epi is going nice
    love it

  2. So funny and cute epi

  3. Its vijay dashami,nt vijay darshini

    1. Amena

      thanks dear, changed….

  4. Btw nice epi, ravan kumar getting jealous

    1. any new updates on the next track..wat happens between ishita and raman now…raman asked such a bad question

  5. ohhhhh yeaaaaa precap is soooooo damnnnnnn intresssssting i’m waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  6. wow it was amazing yaar.raman kumar balla ka jealous.u guys really rocks.waiting to c more jealous of raman.

  7. dis epi iz sooo cute..

  8. Mani will end up with shagun I guess

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